CB Destroy (Good or Bad?)

so here we are the CB Destroy Has finaly been tainted by forum tennis, so what will it mean?

so it means you carnt CB Destroy any structure if you have non faction entitie/s in its proximity
i am led to belive. this is good and bad in my opinion, fantatic now we can grab loot before people get
rid of there stucture (big pluss).

Bad points, you could lose your BP of your struture if you desink or you are lagshoted out of your ship!
there is a problem again with lag also once a playfeild is littered with dead structures.

Its bigest flaw is if you have for example 7 dead HVs on GG for with there cores intact
it means you can only spawn in another 4 before you reach your limit ?..

i Sugest this is a verry good idea however atention to detail lacking again, changing this rule efects major parts of the game play and i find at the moment is more part of the problem than a soulution. a idea min regards the CB Destroy you may still want to alow to remove HVs and SVs?.

This rule would be more suitable i feel once the desink/Lagshot problem is 100% fixed.

Like i said at the start, it really is a good idea but so much more needs sorting out first!.

Could just disable the command altogether. It’s too convenient.


if you get lagshot and lose your bp thats part of pvp, deal with it :smiley:

There are a lot pros and cons when it comes to cb:destroy.

On one hand it helps keep playfields clean (Less lag & DC’s) on the other hand it can rob someone of loot for a base they have taken down.
The system needs some work done, it didn’t work if your around allies but no enemies are within range when i last tried to use it.

I believe the system has a place in the game, but with the current major issues lagshots, disconnects, desyncs you can loose something that the enemy hasn’t earned.

A single lagshot or dc at the right moment could leave a perfectly preserved copy for an enemy to blueprint which is just ridiculous.

Chaz brings up a good point about not being able to spawn in new vehicles if some are left disabled while still cored which could put one side with an extreme disadvantage.

I suggest the following changes for now, which should be a good middle ground.

Keep the cb:destroy range limit for BA’s & CV’s while removing it for HV’s & SV’s.
The bases and capital vessels and are the ones to carry any kind of valuable loot anyhow.

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Can I make a suggestion: just disable using cb:destroy and egs:recycle on PvP play fields.

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Im literally over here no enemies, and im trying to cb:destroy a downed base… i cant… this isnt working out guys


So are lagshots part of the game or a bug? im confused?..

and look there is no need to be agresive its just constuctive critisism.

It’s a feature until Eleon fixes the netcode.


So it’s not a bug it’s a feature? :joy:


squirrels reasoning is for blunt pvp rules… but as ive stated with my current problem, it is disrupting my ability to destroy a base out of the pvp aspect as well… im sure in time more people will notice this

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My suggestion is either set it public, remove the core or set it private so it gets repossessed.

Jascha is working on this feature by the day first pass will always have bugs Feedback - cb:destroy should have a range limit the same as egs recycle is where the original discussion and ongoing dialogue is.

More fun here.

I can see the benefits of both cb:destroy in cleaning up the battlefield and also the ability to take the spoils of war from the playfield. What I’m suggesting is the ability to destroy/remove say HV’s and SV’s to remove lag but disable it from bases so we have spoils of war and a target to fight/defend.
The ability to remove bases ie spawn pads will still be needed so I can see the cb:destroy distance from enemy still being needed or we end up with a lag cluster.

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But what is the point of having it on a PvP play field if it means an easy cleanup?

I’ll give some on PvP use of cb:destroy but using egs:recycle should be an only PvE command.

Or turn them off and make people bust out a damn multi tool. It’s PvP, it’s difficult and dangerous and someone can come up and kill me at any time while doing so.

the whole system was fine until it was abused

Please do the same enemy-range-blocking thing for Warp Drives … o_O

Then we can have Interdictions like Elite : Dangerous :rofl:


Hey @everyone,

thanks for your feedback overall.
Interesting how crucial this feature is we implemented in the first place.

Three points to mention:

  1. maybe you have some time and think about specifications for prevent players from blueprinting captured structures. Then I can ask Eleon to implement it code wise. Either for certain playfields or globally. Like PreventBlueprinting: True / False in the playfield.yaml. Then we could say for example no blueprinting allowed on Golden Globe.

  2. cb:destroy was implemented in the past to give people a chance to destroy bugged ships like the ones in the red pole or glitched inside planets. Nowadays these bugs do not occur or under different conditions. But what you did instead was to use it as “self destruction” method to prevent others stealing your blueprint / prevent loot. For free. Yolo.
    But TWO major things here I have decided:

    1. In human history every war had these stories were technology and weapons got stolen. (for example in WW2 or Amys took rather the AK-47 in Vietnam than their own one). Good or bad doesn’t mater. I want to have this kind of feeling that you either protect it or don’t use it at all in PvP. Up to you.
    2. Looting the others is part of PvP and taking this away by a “magical vacuum self destruction bomb” is not what I want!
  3. EGS Recycle level 5 should give you the special feeling of having a super global power following you (Elemental Galactic Services) you can call for help in any situation. It cost you but it helps you (like Lester in GTA 5).
    So my consideration is to remove the restriction for EGS recycle. Letting you recycle always and everywhere no matter who is near. (regarding disconnects…)

Feedback on those points? (rather the first and third one)


Just that 2.2 and 3 are conflicting.

I have recycle 5 and I would rather it not work while an enemy is around. I prefer 2.2 whether I am losing or winning.

I just wish it was real time :frowning:

I know… I’ve added the above quote because of that.

So yes, it would be in conflict with 2.2 but since disconnects can really bother some very good PvP builder they have at least a goal to achieve EGS level 5 and pay for each recycle