Changes to EGS Recycle and destroy ship ID commands

I’ve been having alot of trouble since the end of last season regarding players who will get their ship disabled in PVP and then delete or recycle the ship.

Granted, there are (a few) balance measures against this already, you cant recycle a ship if enemies are within a certain distance BUT as many enemies have already shown, they can still delete the ship in structure commander or with a chat command.

Last night some allies shot the core out of a ship, and managed to replace their own core.
The enemy was STILL able to delete the ship!
Basically we figure that the 2 minute server tick was mid-cycle and the core didnt get a tick to register new ownership before they deleted it.

The way I want this fixed would prevent such things from occurring - This takes the reward out of PVP and really makes us feel like the enemy is bad sports. This in turn inspires us to be bad sports as well (such as shooting their ship if they disconnect-so we can loot it before they delete it)

You shouldnt be able to recycle OR delete a ship in PVP space if an enemy is within render distance.


Said it already here and there but officially again:

A “silent” change with HWS 8.X was that we flipped the egs:Recycle and cb:destroy logic around.

Now you can’t egs:recycle anymore if enemies are around you but can use cb:destroy instead.

Because as in real life there should be a self destruction timer available, so nobody gets anything out of it.
And because the game is still very buggy and you could get a disconnect and lose your ship at almost 100% health.

But I see your point about a guaranteed reward for your time investment.
For now I think the solution might be our automated events coming soon.
Events like Deathmatches, Capture the Base and more.

Rexxxus is intentional that allies are marked as enemies? I cannot recycle my ships if RED are near me.

In real life, a self destruct timer would maybe blow up the critical components but would still leave debris and armor or other explosion resistant pieces.

I respect your stance on this but please fix it to where you cannot destroy your ship in this manner if it has already been re-cored. Please find a way to fix the command so that it waits one server tick before determining ownership and etc.

(A one tick delay between command entry and command execution that would only proceed with the deletion if the core was still theirs)


ABN/TCB is telling us that you can cb:destroy your ship when there is an enemy nearby. Is this true?

We’ve noticed twice where they have deleted their ships after we have dearmed them. If this is true, it takes the point of CV PvP - as you’ll never get loot. Looking for some insight here, because it’s frustrating to see your enemy destroy his ship right in front of you.

Yeah I mean space piracy is what i find fun in the game and if they can just deny me loot even when they lose what is the point? I spend tons of resources on a big ship, ammo, etc and when i try to be a pirate I just get nothing for my efforts anymore. Either people use a super gate to escape even though i shot out their warp core, or they cb destroy their ship when i disable it and combat log so i cant get RP. At ther very least cb:destroy should not function in pvp playfields.

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Server Time for this was around 4:15 - 5:00

I remember when we had to deal with that in 7.2ish it was a bummer when our enemies recycled the bases sv hv cv to deny us everything it was poor sport back then and a fix was implemented in the code to check for players nearby. Either the system is being exploited again or a perfectly good fix was reverted for unknown reasons.

@RexXxuS Sorry to tag you but can we get and idea whats going on ?

p.s. If it was exploited can we get the 2 ships back ?


Agreed. CB:DESTROY is poor form by the vanguished.

I too would like to see a return of the piece of code that prevented this.

Best regards

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Hello guys,

I merged it to the other topic which was created already and linked my response to it already:

To recap again:

Before HWS 8.X season it was like this

cb:destroy didn’t work if enemies were near you

egs:recycle worked always (you just need lvl 5)

So the same happened: you lost your “trophy” but additionally the enemy got 90% resources back.

That brought a lot of complain.

So we switched it around for HWS 8.X.

cb:destroy always now but egs:recycle without enemies nearby.
Making it like a self destruct logic.

As I said, it is not perfect but the overall community feedback was that in this buggy alpha game you can even lose a ship in 100% full health condition. It would not be fair to get your blueprint + insights stolen because of that.

If this attitude changed in the meantime let us know and you can’t destroy and recycle if enemies are around at all anymore.

This current setup removes any reason to pvp really, everyone spend tons of resources and never recoup losses because people just delete their ships. PVP is a mutual consent to potential loss but with no chance of loot to recoup your loss there is no reason to do it.


hmm this is pandora’s box, no matter what will be cahnged, ppl will get upset…
i tend to agree that recycle command should be taken away from pvp fights, but how about a timer with cb:destroy, if u set the command u have to stay alive for a set amount of time… not sure if this would work with dc’s…, so saying that, yeh delecate subject, my 2 cents would be no recycle in pvp and destroy command aswell, but perhaps a 3rd option for the future, a component in your cv you have to flick for s/d to happen, this would kill the core and a percentage of components in the ship…set to a default timer of course

So if you would lose your ship you made in creative with 100+ hours by a disconnect to an enemy this should be part of PvP (which isn’t I know)?

Any suggestion towards that?

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I think it is fair because both people risk their loss. Going into PVP is a mutual consent to risk.


Disabling the ability to blueprint a ship you didnt create (within the live game client) would be a thing that would improve it. Because the reward is not the blueprint it is the resources and loot. (though we have caught a lot of people with hacked ships by bluprinting them)

I for one also delete my ship on defeat. This is not to deny the winners mats, my reason is for keeping the bp out of enemy hands as it is not my bp.

Could it be set so if you use the eb destroy command with enemies around that a small base with cargo boxes is spawned with the mats from the structure in them?

I feel like that could be a win win.

Ps I am willing to meet anyone who has taken me out in ECC and give them the mats they would have received had I not deleted.

Thats actually a good idea Im not sure how easy that would be to achieve though.

Neither disabling blueprinting, nor dropping a generic or percentage of inside loot is possible guys, sorry.

Any other ideas?

I don’t want to be so “soft” and hold the hands of PvP guys. If you enter PvP, it’s all or nothing - bugs + disconnects included.

But I want a big community feedback on that.
If I would run HWS as I would play PvP you all would be dead and sweating all over the place already :joy_cat:

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well from day 1 there will be lagg and dc’s in fights… in pvp u risk loosing all and that it how it should be… your own bp or not, besides it would be shot up to hell, if someone wants to save the shot up to hell bp’s yeh go for it, part of the risk,this is why i would suggest disabling recycle and destroy in pvp playfields


I actually think its a fair discussion to bring up with Eleon, if people are mostly concerned with their intellectual property rights then the ability for someone else to copy it “In game” would have to be addressed to keep that camp happy. Because any bug that would let someone steal a clean blueprint will not be prevented with cb:destroy. What happens often in practice is people cb:destroy their ship or base even after a long fair battle and then the person who “won” gets nothing. The ship is gone and they cb:gohome or combat log so no RP either. What is your average lawless space pirate to do? Stop wasting their time most likely. (Not ranting or mad just want to help HWS improve with constructive criticism)

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