Cheater item? AssaultRifleT3

Hi , my server keep warning for a cheat item (player) that loot this item from an NPC, any fix for that?

Item ID: 5653
Item Name: AssultRifleT3
Ammo: 1/38

(found another cheater item with same issue but got it from loot normally)
Item ID: 4896
Item Name: ZiraxAssaultRiflePlayer
Ammo: 1/50

Same issue with:

Running the latest version os EAH and game.



EAH reads the item from the item config. Is the item in there?
What is flagged about the item?, does it maybe have more ammo then allowed in the item config? If so you might have to change the POIs

Do you run EAH Full on the server, or Full as master/slave constellation? Or do you run EAH lite?

Hi Jascha,

Thanks for your reply. I run Master/Slave Full version at the moment. I didn’t change anything to this two item and run on RE1.5. this two item automatically marked “cheat item” when getting loots from poi. Thanks:)

I found the first item Max ammo =1 , and the second max ammo =40 (which the user holding 50) , I guess this cause the cheating issue. But I cannot change it via EmpAdminHelper Item, should I fix it via the config file or somewhere? please advise too. thanks.


yes it would have to be changed in the items.config and if possible reported to the creator of that POI or of the RE scenario.
Sadly I cannot tell you exactly where you have to change that setting. Maybe just search for that item dev name in the item.config inside of the scenario folder.

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I found the issue from itemsConfig.ecf.

for item: AssaultRifleT3, there are TWO child class suck like:

 { Child 0
    Class: Ranged
    AmmoCapacity: 38, display: true
  { Child 1
    Class: LauncherSS
    AmmoCapacity: 1, display: true

EAH only reads the later chile which is ammocapacity: 1. That caused the cheat false alarm. I thing it’s needed to improve EAH to read varies child when a weapon have different mode.

For item ZiraxAssaultRiflePlayer, I just changed the max ammo capacity to 50 and see if it works.


yes that is true. But at the moment EAH can only deal with one type of child since its only 1 item. Have to see, maybe I at least implement that it takes the highest number or so.

Thank you for finding this. I heard about the issue a couple times, but this explains it.

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Yeah:) glad I can help to find the caused and help to improve EAH too :slight_smile: