Cheating/Exploiting by SWP on EU server, Saturday 8pm GMT

This is what happened to me today: I noticed as I logged in that HWS EU was not running EAC, but didn’t think much of it. I was leaving Alliance planet in my 100k plus iron bar 25 turret 10 cannon CV that has 9 combat block layers of armor on all sides, the Colonial Dreadnaught. I had a nice 3 seat SV docked, Colonial Raptor as well. As I entered orbit I was immediately disconnected from the server, zero combat, zero visibility on any enemies. I logged back in to find myself falling to the planet. I managed to land next to my base in water. I then jumped in another SV within 30 seconds and flew back to orbit. When I reached orbit, my CV, which has a waypoint was nowhere to be found, and space above alliance planet WAS EMPTY; zero pings. Both my CV and SV were delisted from my registry. I requested help from admin and was told to wait to see if my ship would show up. I went back to planet then back into orbit and was then told by admin that my CV was on planet, so I re-entered and my CV was on the ground with significant battle damage. I landed my SV on the damaged CV and exited, only have my CV disappear and fall through the CV, begin falling in place before reaching 300m/sec before dying. I then respawned at current location and began falling in place a few meters above the ground, reaching 300 m/sec and dying. I tried respawning at my CV med bay and again fell standing still and then died. I relogged and I was then dead on the ground and was able to run back to my base. Admin was mucking about with who knows what and I see him message SWP to get out of Alliance planet. I recovered my SV and am told my CV is in orbit by admin. I enter orbit to see my CV completely hulled out along with the docked SV. My PC is powerful and did not crash, I have high speed internet connection with a 10ms ping, 5MBPS up 60down. I have heard multiple complaints over the last month of the same thing happening to others who run into SWP. It is clear to me that SWP were in orbit of Alliance planet and used a cheat or exploit to disconnect me from the server so they could easily destroy my ship. I have seen others report this as well and every time Admin does nothing. It should be fairly trivial to see how often SWP kills ships with owners who are DC/offline. If the % spikes or they are much more active when EAC is off, there is your smoking gun. You are the admins of the game, you have the best odds of catching cheaters and hackers. Players who get DC have no way to document the hack, so your rule about screenshots/videos is absolutely useless and irrelevant to whatever SWP is using.

I donated $10 last month, and I was planning on donating $10/month, because I like Empyrion and the concept of HWS and have enjoyed in the past playing on your server. However, I will not be making any more donations and I will not be playing on your server anymore unless and until SWP are permanently banned. There was a previous incident where they attacked and killed an admin while she was helping me with a bug and at that time they were told they were permanently banned, but they are back. Games are supposed to be fun and fair. Cheaters (hack/exploit/whatever) ruin the experience for everyone for their own enjoyment. If you wonder why people don’t want to engage in PVP, most people are like me. They would like to do PVP, but it is just a huge waste of time and effort if the playing field is not fair. I put in 122 hours on HWS EU, but no more. So you have lost $10/month plus an active player, I wonder how many others, all due to your unwillingness to ban a few cheaters. I wish the best of luck to the server team, and I hope that at some point you get this under control, but neither I nor my money will be seen again on HWS while SWP is allowed to cheat at will.

I will nopt go so far to accuse SWP for cheating.

But i have talked about this for weeks.

Everytime you fight SWP something strange happends. You loose ships not to fighting but to bugs. and it alwasy happends when fighting them. Not other factions… only them.

But i dontr accuse anyone of anything. I cant prove anything. But that is why PKA as a faction wont fight on GF against SWP.

We had alot of fun fighting U-H and others but those where fair fights and also on GF space… Still we didnt have the same problems as we always have with swp.


I am also in the process of notifying the Empyrion dev team. We will see what they can see from whatever log files I can send them. I am sure SWP are not the only ones playing Empyrion who are doing this, especially considering how hard it is for the HWS server admins to catch them.

And then they used an exploit or cheat to fry your computer, kill your dog and steal your girlfriend…

You’re lucky really. Last guy SWP fought - they used a hack to kill him in real life!


So one interesting tidbit that I have found so far is that if they have figured out how to find the IP address of all players on the server, they could potentially DDOS a player and cause you to lose connection. This could be done completely outside of the Empyrion game, except for finding the players IP address in game. Once you are offline, because HWS does not use offline protection, they can swoop in and nuke you with impunity.

And there is the smoking gun. At exactly the time that I was DC and attacked, my router recorded a spike from around 250kbps incoming traffic to 4200kbps for a short period of time. That is how they are doing it, they somehow find your IP address and then burst a DDOS at you when they see your ship, disconnecting you from the server long enough to kill you.

Yeah and then they steal your bank account information and sell it for bitcoins to buy star citizen packages so they can hack in that game as well.


First the DNC

Then the RNC

And now Empyrion.


cool story bro.

(I think some guys wonna believe in unreal things. But let them do this…)



I love dat. If u always loose - than its bug/cheats/etc. Last fight vs LLH and U-H - I was dc for 5 times. I watch load screen for 1.5 hours in sum. And what now? I must write - LLH and U-H CHEATERS!!11111 Bugers!!!11111 Why not?

Ur logic - poor. Thats problems of game mechanic, not of some faction. Haters - will hate. Loosers - will loose. And ofc some guys, gonna catch dat random dc from “nothing”.

@RexXxuS btw, if this is NOT cheating, we wonna see some Punishment for such accusations. Its rly boring and annoying.

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Untrue. We know you managed to find the ip for some random player in a non peer to peer game then managed to launch an attack to reliability knock them off the server.

My point is that with hacking skills like that you should be punished for wasting them.

Also not borring. Kinda funny really.


I remember dat story. There were NO bans… That was something like misunderstanding between moders and us. Moder came to help u on ACTIVE CV, with active turrets. So there was little fight, and after few minutes everything got alright. We stop dat fight, Adm help u - and all live happy.

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@RexXxuS, feel free to punish me all you want, I am not returning to or supporting HWS while SWP cheats with impunity. The requirement to provide in game screenshots or video of cheating is impossible with the method of cheat they have been employing, namely a brief DDOS to DC enemy players. The only evidence of such a cheat is what I provided, a giant spike in network activity at the exact time in which I was attacked. Not anywhere near my bandwidth cap, but apparently sufficient to knock me out of the game. The jig is up on these cheaters, now we just have to see what you will do with them.

You have no idea what you are talking about. Please watch fewer hacking shows.

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Couldnt agree. We know only Zappe’s IP, and use HACKS/CHEATS/ICECREAM to kill him in hells bugs/lags. Thats for sure.


Another cool story. But again - go cry to devs. Everyone got such problems once or more in PvP. But only u transform it in mass-cry. boring. As for me - u got 0 (!!!) experience in PvP, that why u burn so loud.


Nonsense. Bugs and flaws in games you define as somebody cheating.I fight many times against the SWP in HWS 3.0 and 4.0. Yes they know very well how game mechanics works - but i never see some strange action from they. And there was no disconnect. I think your chair is blow up. Just relax and play. This is alpha game. And now with these AM’s - 200k iron it is not a problems. I played before blueprint factory engage (all ships you assembled manualy on only pvp playfields) - and i still here.

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you cried last week also and made a super long i quit post on the forums, it happens its frustrating.

Thank you laugh.
So each of my departure from the game is an attack on my ip?
I have a lot of video to departures, I blame the whole server!
You can also watch our video on YouTube, often not cut off during the fight, so that it was visible - the problem is not just you.

Oh soo this was it !!! my girlfriend was angry with me today and I never founded why…