Clarification about Origins / Guide

Hey @everyone

the title sounds bigger than it is. Basically the day was hard enough for me but one specific hater enjoys to make it even harder.

However this sad example showed us that either people don’t give a shit about reading our guide or even worse they picking information they want even though it is obvious that they are wrong.

For example he still thought that there were the IFF “rules” ( Faction IFF Rules ) but checking the date and even my last comment in that post would clarify the situation by itself.

Origins are now a self managed system by you - the players. The time where we dictate your play style is more or less over. If you can’t play alone ask for alliances or merging factions together. It is up to you.
The less we are involved in your gameplay the more we can do to increase your experience with events, custom pois, features and more.

Anyways yes it is not cool to lose stuff in PvP and yes if you got unlucky by a warp then try it next time. Warping in general is something very risky, at least if the destination area is PvP. It is not a walk in a supermarket and even there something bad can happen.

We increased already the randomness of the possible warp jump entrance point but still we have following in the rules:

Do not warp camp. The warp entrance area is about 3km big (randomness +/- 1,5km. Everything in that area must stay out.
If you just warped you have 3 minutes to leave that area. If you stay longer we see this and counting as warp camp. -> Your ship will be taken.

And as we checked no camping was done, just a simultaneously warp.

At the current state this server is difficult for beginner and veterans either don’t read the (updated) rules or generally don’t care.
With 5.1 we improve this in both ways - game wise.
But we can’t improve ignorant people or worse. Hater gonna hate.


P.S.: this is a closed statement. Just spread the word and clear people up if they get lost in accusations and worse.