Closing topics all the time

So i see topics after topics that give constructive critics to RexXxus and the HWS community keep getting closed down, i dont know how many threads i see disappear into thin air, if you cant take both negative and positive feedback from the community and ignore it all, this wont be a long lived community no more, I have been fighting for better pvp since 1 year back, and what have we seen after evry freaking season? more pve planets, more buffs to PVE! and while pvp grows smaller and smaller, maybe return to the old roots and let it all be pvp? see how it goes for an season.

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Maybe do a half season able to be extended to a full season if numbers stay strong. Keep the RP planets PVE. Rearrange RP so its easier to get to 100 and then those will be the only pve planets. Remove pvp tax in certain areas so pve just have to live in space until enough rp

Well Im being killed by bugs as always.
And im being killed by something i would name to much rush. As ill never fly to planets like Ju, new ones, Peacekeepers, nebulas above Penthouses, all those overcrowded slums I exiled to Sanctuary going to EU only for PvP. Then i discovered not everything is ok with Sanctuary so i guess ill give it some time.
Conclusion: EU server has 3 systems, ECC, Homeworld and BH, While BH I dont like wipe at 5 as i have to stop with all and move CV away. It takes time.
But also i think its current state of game most of all. Last CV fight was laggy as usuall, i was doing well until i disconected. RED was raping me there for good 5 minutes and 1 of my RCS took 5% dmg. Then i managed to connect finaly, made my way from 1km away to CV and warped out. Not going to disconnect and lag around again. And I think there should be tunnel in my CV not one layer gone. Not that i complain as only way how to die in fight is being disconected or frozen and thats anoying.
Conclusion: I was never fan of CV fight and theres no reson why to change this opinion so far.

My 2 cents.

BTW @Thranir I hope you remeber us minign all gold on Hoard, with CV constructor right in middle of hole converting credits on the fly while SWP was circling around like hungry vultures. Sadly i cant use any CV stuff in most of situations now. And yeah, I cant even cruise anymore. But well half of my problems is nothing HWS can improve.

Also to keep in the mind. Going full pvp or close to it will drastically change the meta. Right now im sure every pvp faction has a pve base loaded with autominers to mine the iron they need. These ships are 160k ingots. Going pvp is gonna make it hard for a large percentage of people to build the larger cvs and sustain them after fights. Which will likely lead to 1-2 groups holding down planets and autominers with big cvs. In retrospect I dont think itd be as easy as you say it was prior to 3.0 the game has changed a lot.

FYI the threads are not being closed because of the feedback. Rex actually does value the feedback, and reads it. In general, they are being closed because they go wildly off topic and inflammatory. Check the last comments of some of them. I’ll be the first to admit that I am some of the last bits of input on several threads, but its generally because I have a nasty habit of calling people out when they are being ridiculous, or lying through their teeth.


Well why isn’t he making any change? like activating the OP? to encourage more people in pvp, so what if it has no timer? evryone is super rich anyways, i only care of good pvp and not needing to go to elemental market place evryday to refill ammo, and materials. to build a new base evry 24 hours

In general, the restart of the season 6 failed, PVP is dead ( worse than before the restart season 6)

I remember your pvp in season 2, and more)):grinning:
plasma and undermining our database)):wink:

Because there is a difference in valuing the feedback, and changing based on the whim of individual players who may or may not have a full understanding of the situation or side effects of a change.

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There are some mistakes, let me point one in my opinion.

Rexx: We tried origin planets, not succes.
Elfias: Opens map, checks Hunter Origin, no i really dont need silicon. Ahh its rotating, sadly i cant be online whole weekend, i will need to sleep too.

Better solution in my opinion: Ahh this is nice planet full of resources but only for hunters, so it will probably not get overcrovded so fast. Nice its also rotating, going PvP for dayhours on weekend, well lets settle there to have some weekend fun. We can also make alliances with other Hunters like Blackwing and Thranir to defend together.

Haha Salty Thread, please Rexxx dont hate us, you know we love you :slight_smile: its just what i would like to see. Yeah and i know, fucking performance…Im desperate, its unplayable for me, you saw CV with SV bug i sent you, so i can fly with all SVs on warp sled or with empty CV…no fun

Yes but have you seen the latest topics? it hasen’t been positive feedback, it has mostly been about “pvp” my friend Blackwing started such an topic but it got quickly shutdown, there are many cases like this one, when this new universe was made, we the community never got any say in it, whats the point to have an forum if the owners cant listen to its members, it displays being selfish and not giving any crap about the people that makes the universe living and fearing, who cares about some guy that logins in one time per day to collect his autominers then logoff, while people who tries to hold planets, make outposts in hostile places, there was this time when i was looking another extra time behind my back for enemy players, io could see massive ships and bases from far distance, now you only see em if you are super close, the universe is so dead and boring, if i could go back to the first season of HWS i would not hesitate, empyrion was much better back then.


OP…>Thran it was us complaining about OP wanting to switch it off. You know how problematic it is, its unsolved problem for year now. Probably its too hard to make combat log timer for Eleon.

The thing is that the timer for OP is super easy to make, they just need to take the fuel timers and have OP as an simply fuel cell that you refill over the night and when its out the the forcefield will disappear since it has no power.

All went to hell with Invisible Update…you cant see a shit from 2m. Sadly everyone accepted it, beliving that its for better performance. SO why i have 30 FPS instead of 140 in Xeno Slum while i dont see any ship around.

I really try but it’s hard…

The fact alone this Thranir baits me all the time alone is non-stoppable.
I see it is really unhealthy for me to read it.
I realize why some admins of massssive servers are just have their moderators doing it for them or just don’t care.
It is really life draining.

I mean…

wtf? You didn’t READ that a new big meta change is coming next week?
I am doing most of it alone now. 24/7. Ah, really… why I even try. People will never realize.

The Eleon OP is not good for PvP. Never for PvE guys nor for PvP guys. I don’t take that bait at least after hundreds of time again.

We had it partially in 6.0. Failed.

Again READ WHY they got closed. Really.

Guys I know that surveys are not your best mechanic to output hate but you saw the overall satisfaction.
So even with so many AWESOME feedbacks we STILL change HWS big time next week.
We listen to everything but also try to babysit and what not.

So many of you have such a little view. Only seing what is good for them. We try to make much more happy.
It’s not easy, you know.

But again, I see just hateful people and bashing me, demanding from me and what not.
Seriously I will step back from this now and focus on good things.

In the end all of what I write does not get listend anyways.
Only if the patchnotes or full wipe is coming some people wake up.
So pff, go on.

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Yeah but you know all that crap which was going on around OP, like you being locked inside as enemy combat logged. But at least we could use drone that time. Drone should be deleted and forgoten, it has no use now.

Damn i miss good old times

Again there is drama,RexXxus we have had these pvp nerfs for months, why would it just change now? when its been degrading evry season.
I bet i will see atleast 5 pve planets in next season anyways…

Yeah i know Thranir :slight_smile:

Rexx really dont hate us, you know its from passionate area of our hearts :slight_smile: And i know how hard it must be as whatever you do is wasted by Alpha state of game.

For me…most of all i miss freedom, to land on planets, whatever planets, and so many other things which are turned off, liek drone i mentioned, as it was exploitable. So as I said, its insane and i hope i see at least a bit of big picture.

Problem is, you cant make my CV fight smooth, and i ahve some problem there, i went through whole computer, im not going to uninstall stuff for 3dmax and tablet and all shit i need, and rest is ok, i even turned all i dont need and i think game should work, others do…nothing of your fault in this…attack on OP4 …3 fps, i had ship with 20 rails, one shot one turret down, i wasnt able to aim as i moved mouse and it took seconds to see change.

Thats what wasting PvP for me.

Thran slow down a bit…i know you mean it a bit like fun but there might be some border which is good to not cross

Not for nothing, but you’re on the short list of people who rarely if ever posts constructively… so I think you are going to find a distinct lack of sympathy.

I’m honestly a bit confused about how you think the world works. Rexx isn’t being paid to run HWS - he does it because he loves it. He’s not an Eleon employee, he’s not some faceless community manager who is the mouthpiece for a World of Whatever gaming company. He’s just one dude, doing this largely by himself (with some help!) He also demonstrates a level of patience with the special snowflake crowd that is frankly amazing, considering he is literally under no obligation whatsoever to deal with the level of crap he gets from a small vocal minority.

So cut the man some slack. Sure, there’s going to be ups and downs - the biggest part of being successful is realizing when something isn’t working right and making changes. I haven’t been playing long, but I’ve already seen him make more changes in a month than a lot of big titles get in a year. The magic of gaming is that if you’re unhappy, there are other places to take a break to.