Combatting Inflation through the Garage

I was wondering if it would be possible to enable Portals on garage ships for an exorbitant price, like 25m credits. Specifically I would only allow this on utility class CVs. Script could be written to automatically link the portal with, say, the astral teleporter on EGS HQ, when a new iteration of the ship is spawned in.
Personally, I would purchase a ship like this even without personal destination setting like the support teleporters, and with personal destination options I think there could be a huge market for this. Albeit, personal destination setting just adds more workload to our already taxed Devs, so I’m just wondering if this is a possibility.

to my understanding, the portals only work with one point of ‘static’ point to the other… and that the constant change of positions wont work with portals

I can see that. So at best this would be a one way trip to the destination portal. I’ll try and think of other ideas.

As far as i know we already had Portal Ships and there was a massive abuse of this. But i dont have any further informations about this.

i think this would be a great idea if the coding was possible. making it an expensive garage ship only option is a great way to avoid excessive abuse.