Coming soon: New HWS Support Packages

Dear HWS Community,

After years of feedback from you, we will finally release a new type of Support Package next month: HWS Ingots.

Those packages are in couple of ways special.
First of all you obviously can’t buy them with HWS Ingots.
Second, there is no discount applied to them, no matter if Christmas or as Patron. (because of too many loop scenarios for now)
Third, there is an internal discount applied on them as you can see - the more expensive the more HWS Ingots you get out of it.
In the future the idea was to also sell Elemental Garage ships with HWS Ingots.

Last but not least please note that the rate will change from 1:10 to 1:12 because the bought HWS Ingots packages have some discounts and cheaper package combination abilities included.

HWS Ingots, in case you don’t know, is the free-to-play currency on HWS. Everything you can buy with real money (except Patron benefits), you can also buy with HWS Ingots - making HWS free-to-play in its core.
You get HWS Ingots by converting your Origin XP into them - or sometimes during Events and soon by special Quests.

Learn more about it here:

I think this will complete our types of packages and we can build from here on.
If a math guru finds a loop hole in the amount of HWS Ingots vs Euro price vs discounts, please let me know :see_no_evil:
Other than that we hope it gives you a better way of supporting us, which we really really appreciate and couldn’t do all of that without your help.
Thank you.

Your HWS Team


will it be possible to trade it with other players?

Would it also be possible to get a function that could change the bars back xp. It would be nice if you could use these ingots that you have collected over many seasons, for example, when raising the levels. The conversion table could be degressive, of course :slight_smile

Too many loopholes.

Too many loopholes.

How is Origin XP converted to Ingots? Is that done on the Website?

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What’s the point of buying it then?

I mean, all you can do with it is spend it to buy something that can be bought with real money. If you already have real money, why do you need to buy Ingots, when you can immediately buy what you need? (also at a discount)

Check the link I have given in the post to learn more about it.

This is something you have to find out yourself.
The answer is too long for me to give.

Can we start converting our xp now or after the wipe coming up??

Now. Origin XP is wiped on full wipe.