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A new “Currency” for every HWS Player to be able to check with “eb:info”.
HWS Ingots will give you the possibility to “pay” for HWS Supporter Packages — with the ingame currency HWS Ingots, which you have to convert from your Reputation Points.

How does it work?

  • You can not buy HWS Ingots or Reputation Points with real money

  • HWS Ingots are basically a conversion* of your Reputation Points:

    • 1 HWS Ingot = 100 RP
      10 HWS Ingots = 1000 RP
      100 HWS Ingots = 10000 RP
      1000 HWS Ingots = 100000 RP

    • 1000 HWS Ingots = 100 Euro
      100 HWS Ingots = 10 Euro
      10 HWS Ingots = 1 Euro
      1 HWS Ingot = 10 Cent

  • With the command “eb:convert:rp” or “eb:convert:rp:xx” you can either convert all of your RP to HWS Ingots or only XX amount of it.

  • HWS Ingots will be put then in your Elemental Bank - persistent without limits and kept throughout wipes.**

  • In HWS Connect you have a button which allows you to either pay with real money or with HWS Ingots for the Supporter Packages.

  • If you choose HWS Ingots, the amount will get taken and you unlock that Support Package, as you would do with real money***

Meaning of HWS Ingots

So as you can see not only Reputation Points have a real meaning but your ingame progress you make is much more valuable in terms of Role Play / hunting the Alien Containers for example.

Overall you can see you can play on HWS totally free and get everything with ingame progress. But if you liked this feature here, HWS Connect, or in general what we are doing we would really appreciate if you could support us on Patreon, even if it’s just $1. It will be worth it also for you :wink:
  • *Please note that the conversion is based on current values. In any way the HWS Ingots stack per season so with ingame progress you can “buy” your own Supporter Planets in future seasons for example.

  • **Please keep in mind that we are still working on that feature and not everything is 100% settled yet. We might change some specifications depending on your feedback or more thoughts spend into it. It also can mean some Support Packages might change.

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