Commodity trader, what is not working?

The real problem with commodity trader is this:
The commodity traders that sells commodity for pvp sectors are in pve and they are camped h24 by some players so i cannot buy commodity or i need luck of finding them on the trader.
My suggestion is to enable pvp sellers in pvp only sectors or enable pvp traders also in pvp stations.
Or i need to stay h24 in pve to have luck on buying commodities? Probably thats why a lot of people are complaining that hws is switched in pve mode right now. Is way more profitable.

Problem number 2: Pvp poi giving in personal cargo box only statues (pve commodity) and not pvp commodities how it should be.


Just a random guess: tried to buy from the market ?
If those items sell at a higher price in the marketplace you can skip the NPC trader and those people who are always in the area will make a profit from being a seller in the middle.

70% of the times I check the market, I find the trader with all the items available. 30% rest is already bought or trader is gone.

Chances are, if one of those traders would be in PVP, there would be 1 class 7 BA and 20 class 7 HVs right in the door, so, no thanks.

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Good points. Keep them coming.

As I said: not 100% satisfied yet and a lot of potential left.
At the moment I’m just in a workflow for HWS Connect 4.0.
Once I’m ready I will boost the NPC Trader to a much better level.

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I’d love some limits in the PVP planets involved in the trading. Most players here doing the PVP trading is just PVE players with a cargo ship, enough armament to take down a POI, and ready to warp out the moment they get attacked by pirates, effectively playing the role of a Trader.

Thing is, the limits in those PVP planets are way too big:

So some factions are basically posting huge countless BAs and HVs right in the POI, barring the entrance of the POI. Even for PVP factions, taking down this kind of defenses is typically a huge waste of ammo and resources. And Traders definitely don’t come with sieging capabilities.

If this kind of practice keep spreading, PVP trading is gonna be basically the new GG, with factions bunkering into the area (a POI, instead of an entire planet!), while everyone else is kicked out of this.

Maybe a higher no-grief range so people can’t build near the POIs would be all that is needed.

Just a random guess: tried to buy from the market ?
If those items sell at a higher price in the marketplace you can skip the NPC trader and those people who are always in the area will make a profit from being a seller in the middle.

Also this, some players will buy the items, but won’t risk their skin to sell to the PVP traders, so they sell to players instead for a mid range price. Maybe being more friendly with the community so people sell stuff to you would be a nice idea? :wink:

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The problem with PVP is not just trader related, it’s the game and the way PVP turns with alliances.

The game is made for something like 20 players, we’ve sometimes more than 100 playing and a large part seems to be in PVP areas.
The game typically has factions of 1-5 players, that’s a normal group.
The faction limits per planet also encourage small factions…

Now if we have alliances that circumvent that completely.
I’m not sure if huge alliances are in any way benefitial to gameplay, fun, longterm playerbase.
It just stalls the game and forces anyone to join one of those factions or stay out of the area.

That’s fine in EVE Online where we’ve 200k players and alliances of up to a thousand players in a gigantic playfield. But on Empyrion it’s destroying the dynamics completely.

I know my opionion won’t be liked by anyone in such an alliance but I think that by limiting alliances down to a specific number of max players (let’s say 8) it would benefit the gameplay a lot.
That’s still 8 HVs swarming around on top times.

That would also mean you can’t control a NPC trader as an alliance, more competition means harder to hold an area.

You want a max of 8 players in an alliance? Thatd not a good idea. My faction for example is ~11 members. Then we would have to kick 3 or split faction up??

Based on what I thought you could stay a 11 member faction Dark but you were not permitted to enter alliances with your faction.

Factions are balanced already, you have usually a limit per plant of 2SV, 2HV so even if you had 30 members, only 2 of them could be in a vehicle.

So my limit would only apply on alliances, to stop these zerg masses. All going into the same alliance or splitting up into max 2 blocks.

I completly disagree. Alliances are very important on HWS. Your limits would be an advandage for tiny factions, and a extreme loss for bigger factions/alliances.

No win or loss to big factions at all but from probably 100 factions on the server 90% of them have less then 5 members. I don’t have statistics on that, just guessing.

It’s a nerf for alliances.
Do you really like that everyone is split up into europeans and russians on EU ?
On NA I think it’s even worse, they just all joined the same ally :wink:

How does that make the game better ?

I do enjoy that it’s EU Vs RU. And yea there’s a lot of tiny factions. But there still needs to be the bigger factions and alliances. Without them anyone could go to PvP and feel no risk. And even though the main fight is EU Vs RU, there’s still a LOT of fighting between everyone else.

In the real world, when that happens with companies the government splits them up, it doesn’t work here either.

Why would it be less risky to go into PVP ?
It would be MORE risky, for everyone in that case.
It means you can hide behind 90% of the EU or RU players anymore, it means you need to fight for yourself.

Why should a normal faction go into PVP like it is now ? They will not do that, they will join one of the mega-alliances because otherwise they have no chance.
That’s not how it should be but that’s how those mega-alliances came to be and the dynamics are killed by it, they feed itself that way as anyone is limited in choice…

I don’t think the alliance discussion is gonna help much. Pretty sure Rexxxus already said he can’t enforce any kind of alliance limits. Even more when alliances can be in word-only and not reflected in anyway in game mechanics.

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I can’t keep this discussion up since i gotta go in RL. If you don’t like having other players, in groups, there’s a mode in empyrion called Singleplayer

@Dark: that was an extremely poor response.

I think you can easily enforce that.
It’s a simple rule, doesn’t need ingame mechanics.

Just like “no warpspawn camping” “no underearth turrets”
Just define the size, the factions will obey it.

Violations in small numbers can’t be easily spotted, but in the big case it would end.
If 2 groups of 10 people each don’t shoot each other it’s obvious they teamed up.

They won’t.

You find 70% of the times all the items avaible because YOU are one of the PVE campers.
Pvp stuff need to be in pvp sectors.

I just go, buy, and leave. Is that camping for you? Hell, I haven’t ever seen you around the traders ever.

Well a sentence of someone that is always there :slight_smile:

I can’t hear you over the sounds of my gold-filled pockets.