Community Content Contest III | Results & Winners

Hi HWS Community

as I said today, the whole day Ju and I spent for reviewing 24 CCC submissions for you (20 players).
That is an incredible amount of players for that kind of a contest!!

We can’t stress out enough what awesome stuff you built but also how difficult it was for us to judge winners! Overall all of you are winners but well, a contest is a contest, right?!

Last but not least, because we got so many players participating and saw how much time you spent for it and how really really difficult it was for us to decide the 1-3 ranks we decided to split the prizes per category! That means we have Rank 1-3 for the Space Trader Station and Rank 1-3 for the Space Alien Station — inclusive the rewards of course!
As I said, even if some submitted two blueprints per category they are not able to win for both categories

Additionally we upped the Prize for all other submissions for Rank 4+ by giving you also a Penthouse for the HWS 8.X season!

So let’s get started!

Please keep in mind that neither the spare words nor the few images can show all details and criteria we had to judge the winner. If you are interested this is just a snippet to get the idea:

Space Trading Station Critera snippet

submission in time: y/n
comply with copyright: y/n
build only for CCC: y/n
only legal items & devices: y/n
Signals used: y/n

Shapes: 1-10
Colors: 1-10
Textures: 1-10
Accents: 1-10
Fun & Comfortable: 1-10
Shapes: 1-10
Colors: 1-10
Textures: 1-10
Accents: 1-10
Fun & Comfortable: 1-10

Alien Turrets: y/n
Class size <= 50: y/n
Performance: 1-10
Lights Count: 1-10
1 empty Teleporter: y/n
1 NPC Trader at cool Location: y/n
CV Dock: y/n
SV Pad: y/n
Oxygen: y/n
Gravity: y/n
Blue Admin Core: y/n
Overall Look&Feel: 1-10

Puplic Constructors & Co: y/n
Puplic Gardens/Farms: y/n
Futuristic / Organic Look: 1-10
Special Idea:

Space Trading Station

1st Prize goes to @Riptose: Saturn Five

This Space Trading Station has not only a lot of creative approaches & designs but we really like the diversity and infrastructure to make happy Customers.
You can either spent a lot of time in there to enjoy the space view, use all the services or make great trades on a lot of places.
Make sure to check it out in HWS 8.X to see all the goodies waiting for you!

2nd Prize goes to @Slainalot: Hawking

This Station has catched our attention by it’s clean shape, clear infrastructure inside & outside and organized layout choices. The idea to utilize the full potential of a Trading Station with a Cargo Bay (you all will like in the next season)

3rd Prize goes to @Dermerzel: Sanctuary

A very stylish but still unique and very nice Space Station. The colors are used very good, the details for the docks and the hidden secrets you will find in the station will make a trip worth for sure!

Space Alien Station

1st Prize goes to @Paxxo1985: The Prism

First things first: this Alien Station can’t be raided alone. You need a good team and good ships to start your adventure inside. Not much easier you have to solve puzzles and sections full of Aliens to collect a great loot at the end. The shape, the colors, the difficulty and overall composition is what makes this Alien Station a great addition in the next season.

2nd Prize goes to @CHAR: Computer Station

Not only the shape looks dangerous but the turrets and the challenges inside will probably cost you not only one death. We liked the progression throughout the stages, the high risk = high reward approach and looking who might be able to “finish” this POI!

3rd Prize goes to @Ironclad: Derelict

This Alien Station took the “Story” approach on a next level and fits nicely in our sub intention to have “Singleplayer / COOP” also in Multiplayer. We liked the way how the Station difficulty and design progresses further into the ship.

As I said, the decision was very hard and while Ju is currently working on all submissions again to make them “ready” and fix some things some missed, we liked really all submissions!
Hence, you will find all of the submissions around the universe in the next season :slight_smile:

Note: The 1-3 rank winners should contact me please to discuss custom requests or wishes regarding the prizes, if desired.

Note: I decided to include ALL submissions to the universe. That means all creators get the “Thank You” package, you can find here again.

Thanks again for all submissions!

Your HWS Team

Blown away by how epic this is. Never seen a community put so much into a game. 10/10 job everyone who built these!!!


Wow great work everyone!



I’m so curious to see all other people work!!! Looks fantastic!!! Will be a WOONDERFUL SEASON 9!!!

HWS BEST EMPYRION SERVER!!! Ty so much for all your time and dedication you put here giving us so much entertainment!!!


Is 1st place winner a modified version of the Aegis Anchor station from workshop? Looks very similar.

Thank you @Upgrade!
Indeed this looks very very similar and parts of it are too similar which would lead in disqualification.
Waiting for the response but the trading station result is on hold for now.

We don’t know the whole workshop so we appreciate cautious players here!

Such amazing builds. It might take a few seasons to visit all of these and master the Alien stations :wink:

@RexXxuS @Ju (?) Will there be any teasers of the other builds? They must all be pretty amazing for you to include all of them in the new Universe.

Also, will there be any feedback or constructive criticism for our builds? I know we all worked very hard but personally I am curious what aspects could be improved upon or what was missing from my build and what things to consider if I were to submit a future build (competition or not). :wink:

! Maybe this will bring some more action to these planets :wink:

If you look at the Aegis and the Saturn they are not similar at all. Just because they have two towers and have a circular design does not make them similar. Both towers and internals do not even match and the design is completely different. Upgrade I think you are way off on this and not in any way correct.

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Rex, though there are similarities they are not really close. We are limited to block shape option and even looking at both station I cant see where they are even close other then the twin tower 3/4 ring concept. but from what I can see that’s it. I mean I built a CV from the ground up and once I spawned it several people asked me if it was one of many workshop ships I had never even heard of or seen. There will be similarities in designs mostly caused by the limited block shapes we builders have to work with. Any ways that’s just my two cents on the matter. BIG way to go to all the builders who submitted and to the winners, very sweet looking builds.

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Wow I can’t believe this!! So happy right now I can hardly wait to see the other submissions that won as well!


I should have done more wood grain, lol. Some cool interior shots tho!

A big CONGRATS to all the winners and to all players who entered the contest! HWS is the best server online right now and has many amazing players. Everyone keep up the great work/play and looking forward to an awesome season!


So cool tho! Congrats

We should do a Contest for HWS CV :smiley:

nExt season tho okay :stuck_out_tongue:

Woo! I’m glad you liked it. I hope everyone can enjoy it next season.

What were your class sizes for each of the winners?

this is the image I used to get inspiration from. I can only assume that he used the same image cause his looks more like that pic than mine does. I ran into a problem building mine and the game only allows us to build 256 in height so as you can tell my top and bottom got cut off when I spawned it in when I was done. I had some major rework to do of the base structure. Good thing for copy/paste was able to move it around and salvage what was left. What you see now is that result.


46 was my final class size

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35 on the Hawking.