HWS Community Content Contest (CCC) III | Space Stations | Big Prizes

Hey @everyone!

It’s finally time again! The big CCC part III. This time a bit more special though!
(previous CCC II)

Let’s make Spaces / Orbits in a Space game great!

Empyrion: some like the building part, some like the pewpew part but for me the biggest loss is the empty, boring, not attractive Space / Orbit.
At the moment it is just a boring waste of time to travel from A to B or hope for some pewpew action or Asteroids.

I want to change this dramatically in the next updates!
Do you have ever played (the new) No Mans Sky? Do you have ever played the still untouched Freelancer game? Then you know that there is so much potential left…

2 Categories to participate

In HWS 8.X+ I want to have 4 main categories while you can help me with 2!

1: Trading Stations

Since I want to push the Trading aspect by over 9000 we need proper buildings for that!
In HWS 8.X I will integrate items you can only trade. Buy it at Trader A for very cheap and sell it at Trader B for a lot of credits.

Criteria for participants

  1. Look & Feel is awesome! You want to go inside only because it looks already so cool! (Outside and inside of course)
  2. It has Alien Turrets. That way I can decide to turn them on or off to have them in PvE or PvP for a challenge (exotic Trader)
  3. Max Class size is 50 but it needs to be a smooth experience for players => the less lights the better!
  4. YOU built it! No copy paste or lazy adaption from the workshop!
  5. It has at least 1 room with at least 1 Teleporter (empty destination; I will set myself)
  6. It has at least 1 NPC Trader at a cool location inside (I will configure the NPC Trader myself)
  7. It has either a docking mechanism for CVs or Landing pads for SVs (outside or inside)
  8. It has all common requirements such as Oxygen, gravity, Signal logic, blue Admin Core and so on.

Bonus: try to integrate public Constructor rooms, Garden, etc.
Bonus: the more futuristic / organic the building looks, the better! Be creative!

Regarding Look & Feel again:
You can choose any architectural style that you enjoy. The main thing is, that the building looks uniform and attractive in the end. As well as inside as well as outside. It should be fun to enter the building and to be inside the rooms. So please not too small rooms or winding paths. Please design the interior with textures and furnishings so that you feel comfortable there.

2: Alien Stations

The Orbital Spire is still one of the best in the game and already boring. We need more of them. More cool and badass Alien POIs in space! Some are a challenge for ships - SVs or/and CVs. Some are a challenge for intruders inside where you need a long time to capture room by room.

Criteria for participants

  1. Look & Feel is also important for Alien Space POIs! The better it looks the better the reward must be, right!? (outside and inside)
  2. It has the Alien Admin Core and all relevant Doors, Spawner, Turrets, etc. are damaged by ~1% so the player can destroy them. (you achieve this in creative mode or with godmode invisible and shooting with a Pistol to that device)
  3. It has a theme / purpose a player needs to prepare for it. Either it requires a very good ship to destroy the outer defense or good shooting skills inside or both
  4. Max Class size is 50 but it needs to be a smooth experience for players => the less lights the better!
  5. YOU built it! No copy paste or lazy adaption from the workshop!
  6. It has Alien Turrets, mostly the big ones such as Artillery + Rockets
  7. It has different Aliens inside (not only Minigun Zirax)
  8. It has a Boss Room with a heavy PvE challenge where I can place a Commander you have to kill for special missions for example
  9. It has all common requirements such as Oxygen, gravity, Signal logic and so on. Keep in mind that you can be creative with some of them though. Some rooms have no gravity for example or no oxygen.

Bonus: you can create Satellites for your Space POI to protect it
Bonus: implement your own little story inside the Station. (for example rescue hostages or solve a puzzle to progress)


  1. We accept submissions until 07.09.2018 - 11:59 PM. Any submission after that day don’t win prizes but may be included nevertheless
  2. The Submission must be up-to-date, best built only for this competition. We don’t accept your “old goodies”
  3. Ju and I will be the Jury for all submissions. Ju will check the Look & Feel (very strict) and I will check the technical + gameplay aspect
  4. We only accept your own creations. Any copy paste of others work will disqualify you.
  5. After we checked your submissions your prizes will be handout with HWS 8.X season start
  6. You can submit your blueprint for both categories but in 4 weeks we rather suggest you concentrate on one and make it awesome.
  7. Obviously you are not allowed to place illegale items or devices in your blueprint! By that I mean you put 999 Auto Miner Cores in a hidden Cargo Box only you will know where and loot this all the time. This will cause you a ban.
  8. You can work with multiple people on it but you have to decide who of you get some specific prizes
  9. Again: you must use Signals. Automatic lighting for rooms for example. Also great for implementing puzzles etc.
  10. If you have questions ask as soon as possible!
  11. As soon as you are ready, just send me your .epb file(s) via Forum PM or Discord PM (drag and drop in the chat window).


As some know, blueprints are very important for me. I value them very high and so I hope the prizes will motivate you to sacrifice your time for HWS, making the server better with it and giving thousands of players the chance to see your work!

Even if you submit for two or more blueprints and for multiple categories - the prize just counts for one of your accepted submission!

1st Prize | Donator Planet

Your Faction will receive a Donator Planet for one season - decide who should live on!


  • 1 HWS Garage Ship of your choice

  • 1000 RP

  • 10 000 000 million credits

  • the coordinates to that implemented Station

  • mention you in our Guide

2nd Prize | OCD Level 7

You ever dreamed of it but building is way better than mining and trading!? We got you!


  • 1 HWS Garage Ship of your choice

  • 500 RP

  • 5 000 000 million credits

  • the coordinates to that implemented Station

  • mention you in our Guide

3rd Prize | HWS NPC Trader

You will receive a HWS NPC Trader - get a solid passive income!


  • 1 HWS Garage Ship of your choice

  • 300 RP

  • 3 000 000 million credits

  • the coordinates to that implemented Station

  • mention you in our Guide

Note: It’s a top-down prize system. If you got 1st for example you have the option to claim the prize for place 2 or 3 instead. The whole prize though, not part of it.

All other accepted submissions | Thank You package

Maybe only few things were missing for a higher prize, nevertheless your time is valuable as well!
The Thank You package contains:

  • HWS Donator package

  • 1 Alien Core

  • 100 RP

  • 1 000 000 million credits

  • the coordinates to that implemented Station

  • mention you in our Guide

Note: Of course we can’t take everything. We still check each submission very carefully and decide if we integrate it or not.

We hope to see awesome blueprints we will integrate into HWS 8.X! It would enhance the gameplay for thousands!

Thank you so much in advance!
Your HWS Team

Can’t wait to get started on this!!! However, the due date is saying it’s due no later than Janruary of this year. I think we’re a little bit past that already :stuck_out_tongue: What is the actual deadline?


A thousand likes! I’ll throw my hat into the ring although as everyone knows i mostly build boxes. :stuck_out_tongue:

Only one quick question:

That means people have approx one day to build something. Is this intentional?

Best regards

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First of September in the Year 2018 :smiley:

August 31, 2018 3:00 PM (America: Los Angeles), August 31, 2018 2:00 PM (Pacific: Pitcairn), August 31, 2018 11:00 PM (Europe: London), September 1, 2018 1:00 AM (Europe: Moscow), August 31, 2018 6:00 PM (America: Toronto), September 1, 2018 12:00 AM (Europe: Berlin)


Oh that’s right, you Europeans are weird and put the month second :stuck_out_tongue: I forgot about that haha.
Ok so the deadline is September 1st then?


Don’t come me with that :laughing:
It is absolute logical to go from semantic low to high.
Second > Minute > Hour > Day > Week > Month > Year :stuck_out_tongue:

Not even talking about your imperial units or Farenheit. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, if Builders have questions, feel free to ask :slight_smile:


If you’re not using Kelvin for temperature measurements, you’re doing it wrong anyways :wink:

Are strip clubs allowed in these POIs? :slight_smile:

Trading Station: until we don’t have the option to sell Zirax Hot panties, nope

Alien Station: if they are protected heavily with Bodyguard Zirax, why not. Must be an awesome club though…


Sounds like fun.

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WOOT! designing a station next!

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What I have been playing with inside my brain for awhile is Space Station bunkers or Space Station Pent houses. Thoughts?

Oh, another question. In terms of rewards, does 1st place also get OCD 7 and an NPC trader or does 1st place only get the donator planet?

I mentioned at the top 4 categories. Such things are one of them which are not 100% formed in my head though, since I didn’t offer them as category for the CCC :wink:

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The higher your rank, the more decisions you have. It does not stack though, if it’s what you mean.

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Oooh Thank you RexXxuS. I look forward to giving this a shot. I can’t wait to see other’s submissions too.

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OMG I’ve thought a lot about why don’t you create any building contest. And why no extra large shipyard in HWS space, because large shipyards always looks awesome in every movie.

I was a little sad I couldn’t blow up The Deathstar in Black Hole

I feel OCD 7 should be first place prize… just saying.

I had it first prize first but realized then a loop in the system where it would be possible to get 2 Donator planets. Hence I switched it.

If I read right the 1st place winner can choose which prize they want too. :wink: