Complaint non english in main chat long time ignoring requests to go english or private or faction

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened:
=> Russians kept talking russian, typing in cyrilic after i kindly asked them multiple times to keep it english. They could joke in English once and talk back but after just ignored me in chat.
This kept going for at least 60 min an i felt like i left the eu server and went to russian one.

Player(s) with issue:

=> EU

Time (cb:time):
=> 20:40 amsterdam time


Structure Name(s):

Structure ID(s):

How can we help you now:
=> Look i said i didnt want to be an ashole and report them, then they again ignored me, so here i am asking if you can look into it, i saw in the forums it was not the first time this happened.

i leave it up to admin discretion if he wants to make a point of it, its anoying not life altering.


Good Morning @Denniedarko

thanks for the report.
I am currently busy with Alpha 12 and some (Veterans) abuse this I guess and ignoring our rules.
I spent almost 1 hour now to scroll back in history and translate everything one by one in the Google Translator. Waste of time I will never get back again.

At the beginning it was about helping someone and writing cyrillic, which is OK.
But then it got more and more, PvP, something about raping woman, etc.

The involved players and factions got punished as a warning.
I won’t waste my time next time to translate everything and just start with temp bans or resetting their OCD to Level 1. Let’s see what is more effective.

Don’t hesitate to keep reporting such behavior.


Nothing i said was offensive, just explaining the situation to a guy who was upset about dying in pvp. How to avoid spawn killing etc. Can be easily counted as helping someone. And then -200 mil credits and 3k rp? Really?

Santifik was the one using bad language in Cyrillic (that faction RED is raping women, etc.) and nobody from you stopped him or the whole russian conversation to stop.
You know about Private Chat, yet, you keep taunting the rules.
I expected especially from you two that you are Idols to your russian friends and point them to the rules. Most importantly though, don’t ignore the wish of players like @Denniedarko and keep writing unknown letters in global - it doesn’t matter what.

How often do I have to spam announcements / “Warnings” in Discord and Forum about it:

By now, I guess those punishments have a better learning curve.
That is all I have and want to say.