Confusion on the 6.0 NA server restart poll

For reference: [POLL] Restart / Backup / Wipe times in HWS 6.0+

short version: 2 daily restart/backup times were going to be picked, one day time and one night time (with I believe the night time being the reset for ‘temp’ playfields like blackhole, etc or whatever it will be its equivalent in 6.0 as night is server primetime).

And from Rexxus in that poll:

Remember: only ONE AM time is going to win and ONE PM time.
And not crazy things like 12AM and 1PM :wink:

For the NA restarts I see the poll was just closed with Rexxus saying times at 8 AM and 12 PM. Just an FYI as I think there is some confusion as these two times are only 4 hours apart, both basically in the morning as 12 PM is actually noon, not midnight. I think this confusion was probably caused as the poll was a multi vote poll vs having two separate polls with different times for day restart i.e. (6 AM to 5 PM?) and night reset (6 PM - 5 AM).

Just wanting some clarification on this, hoping the options were misread as 8 PM was the next time voted…noon has never been close to prime time on NA, 4 hours apart vs 12 hrs apart with an 8 pm reset just think about it as you look at what EU players voted for similiar times (9 AM/11 PM)…otherwise there was no real point of the poll as a noon reset doesn’t help the majority of the playerbase in primetime.



ehm… oh… I understood it as:

8AM in the morning and 12PM = 0:00 midnight. So 8 hours are in between. No?

Think it was a typo maybe… as the poll itself at the top shows the two 8 am and 8pm times in blue… assuming those are the winners, which would make since. Yes the 12pm time is top, but as you mentioned that is a 4 hour window and stupid really… mid day… the restarts are suppose to be morning, evening… so here is to hoping the blue bars are the real times… can you confirm rexxus?

Military time FTW!

Ah yeah… sorry… now I got it. 8AM and 8PM will be the times!

yeah mil time ftw, I know this issue used to confuse me but hrs go from 00-59 minutes not 01-00 minutes. The easy way I remember is:
12:00 PM = noon because
12:01 PM
12:02 PM

12:58 PM
12:59 PM
1:00 PM - obviously this is in the afternoon :slight_smile:
1:01 PM

AKA, 08:00 - 20:00

did we get a timezone to attach to this?

Actually, its kind of neither lol. PM indicates “post meridian” and AM means Ante-Meridian. The meridian here is a term for mid point, aka noon. So 12 before noon and 12 after noon are kind of non sensical. Its a pet peeve of mine lol.