Connect Issues

I’m having a few issues with HWS Connect of late.

  1. My structures have been showing as undefined for a number of days now.

  2. My eb account is showing as empty instead of 1.7-1.8 mill credits.

  3. The intruder log for a number of days now is taking many minutes to load.


for 1) Sorry, thats a bug and will be fixed tonight.

for 2 and 3 @RexXxuS? We will look into that.

had the same issue here as well…

One other thing i notices… column sorting is weird… if i switch it to sort by date… you will see the up/down arrows alternate very fast as its generating the list… and it takes a LONG time…

Other ideas for improvements / issues…

Can we add a filter option in intruder log… so that we can check our name and filter out any entry where your own character is the intruder… i dont care… i only want to see how came close to me…

I have watched the videos and found the “Settings” option to show the quick pop up for up to 3 things… problem is… they do not save ever… i have to redo it each time i log in… kinda defeats the purpose of setting it as its easier to click player stats instead.

I’ll have to check again shortly but my intruder log ha not worked well since 5.2. Usually get an error and it doesn’t pull. Others in my faction had no issues though.

Ho? They should save for sure… I will look into it.

About Intruder Log… yes I try to limit / boost it client wise.

Hello everybody!
I do not want to open a new topic,but want to refer at connection.I has some problem some time ago,and a while the game functioned properly.But the problem which has been debated here was appeared little changed. I have this message from server :“cannot send to dedicated server anymore”.Can not access “P” and “F” command,can not write on chat,but can move,can see what happen on the game,can see players,and so on.I tested UDP packets,connection from Internet provider,windows,game,IPV4 and IPV6 protocol,all are fine!From two days,I can not play,this issue appear from two in two minutes.Only on this server have this issue.Today,some players confirm me that has this problem,but not all the time( Big_jL and others).I think that the problem it is from server.What is strange it is that some players with a very big ping haven’t problem to play,only some lag,of course…It is not a Eleonore game problem!.Why this problem appear only at some players,I don’t know.I insisted on this issue because I love this server,and I hope that can help with good work.
Liviu Dan

Hey, can you please send us your latest logs again?
When did it work and when did it stop working again?
Where do you live? You can also just PM us.

Last night the server itself had really bad connect issues I was DC’d 3x 's just logging in. NA server ping was approaching 300ms from Arizona. After about 10 min it dropped back to 100’s I can shoot you those logs if you want em Jascha.

Just looked and despite having at least 3 DC’s on login, i only see one error:

04-06:31:31.193 23_31 -LOG- Got disconnected from server: Disconnected
04-06:31:31.194 23_31 -LOG- Steam: CancelAuthTicket 15, disconnect reason: Disconnected
04-06:31:31.483 23_31 -LOG- Disconnected from server [ConnRes]
04-06:31:31.484 23_31 -LOG- Playfield saving
04-06:31:31.492 23_31 -LOG- PDA: Player 295225 activates: False
04-06:31:31.589 23_31 -LOG- Unloading playfield 'Lucifer'
04-06:31:32.890 23_31 -LOG- [NET] Kicked from server: You were disconnected becaue of connection problems. To contiune please try to reconnect

Let me keep looking – On this DC i got booted out of my CV and tossed 800m to the ground. I remember one where i was in EM with the same behavior.

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