Connect Suggestion: Care Package

For the connect integration idea, could we possibly save a package of items that we would like to get from OCD (for example, one ration from slot x, 300 pent from Slot Y, and 100 Fusion from slot z) and be able to send them all as a single pre-formatted care package from Connect? This would be a neat feature, I think, particularly for those that are getting a common withdrawal package regularly, and are hit by the 10 second ocd get delay, on top of having to type a half dozen commands.


Nice idea

That’s actually a good idea. I’ve played around on some other servers that have something similar to this. New players can type cb:survival and receive an allotment of resources and items so maybe this could be set up as well.

That was made by this server btw xD

cb:survival is our feature for the public EAH to give people hand made packages. Same to the cb:getmestarted on the EXP server.
HWS has it too, it’s called fa:supply

I am not talking about free stuff though, but rather a “frequently used” group. So people can use it to ocd:get exactly what they normally put into a single Ammo box, or supplies for a journey, etc., without having to go through and pick and choose what they need, then type it in type by type.

I see what I can do.
Quite advanced for the beginning but def. possible in the future.

advanced indeed. but what advantages!
I believe semicolon is ideal for the separator.
ocd:get:30:1;ocd:get:22:380;ocd:get:1:1 and am:buy:go;cb:yes;am:fuel:go:1;am:buy:iron;cb:yes;am:fuel:iron:10 etc etc etc
then just split the string by “;” and that is it.
I believe this can dramatically reduce number of requests.

I will also implement it ingame.
but that might be even cooler to do over web directly with a few clicks :wink: @RexXxuS ?


I was thinking something like ocd:pack:1, using the web interface to set pack one to a series of options, say up to ten, selecting slot and quantity from slot. It is an extra layer, but the call itself would be procedural, and no different from a macro. But with the added sexiness of having configured it ourselves to do what we want, and bring our stuff to us in a meaningful way. Also could cut down on the immersion breaking of either tabbing out or shift tab to steam overlay to check which slot held what.

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