CPU testing review

So, to review CPU:

First of, a general problem.
Non-cpu compliant structures that were standing around cause lag. Also garage ships.
CPU compliant stuff is ok, but anything else causes major lags.

What do I mean by major?
Just visit the garage in ECC - you get the same FPS as in a heated battle on Eton

But the best example was our zanzibar attack: there was a class 7 hoover standing around, which was probably over all imaginable CPU limits. Each time it was shot, the game lagged. But not only for the guy shooting, and not even only for us on the planet, but even for people in ECC.
Each shot caused a pause of 3+ seconds and a disconnect, which ofc made our chat quite fun where everyone was shouting to stop hitting that hoover.
This could be easily exploited in the future - you are angry - you spawn this hoover close to a base, so it gets shot. Server down. I don’t want to imagine how this would be if not only RCS/thrusters were affected by over CPU limit.

But now to my testing:
I would like to do that for every type:
If you take into account the general HWS rules, then for Small Vessels not much changes:

You can still built a 3000 block sv, but it’s much harder (ofc T4 CPU). The main drawback is, now you have 5 “cores”. Meaning if any extension goes down, you are dead.

But anything above class 1 is not possible even with T4. So it’s a hard limit of class 1 with additional drawbacks.

Capitals with CPU can still be built above class 1 but you need to consider that they practically become bases, as they turn too slow. Even if you build them out of carbon.
This change might be good, might be bad per se. But considering that SVs are now really fast, you cannot keep up with turning anymore.
I did not manage to build a capital with which I was ok yet - not enough time. However, maybe this opens doors for different kinds of capitals - slow tanks for big battled and smaller faster CVs for hunting SVs.

Hoover’s got cut the most.
Even if you consider the lowest PvP settings (class 1, 5k blocks) you cannot use combat steel, thus reducing Hoover’s. You need to cut them by half (to hardened steel) or 3k blocks - and you cannot place a shield.
We saw a few Hoover’s battling us on Zanzibar, and I assume they had T4 CPUs (and not alien cores) as they went down too quickly.

Bases: no testing done.

To simplify it, no matter the hate, the current CPU limit would change PvP drastically, making Hoover’s weaker (aka not tanks anymore, aka nearly useless), for CVs it would add more possibilities, but make them alot weaker, and SVs would be overpowered compared to HV/CV. But this doesn’t mean they should be cut, I would rather suggest buffing HVs somehow and CVs a little too.

As Bases are missing it’s difficult to get a full picture, but I think bases wouldn’t be affected much (no thrusters no RCS, just generator, fuel, turrets) - so I believe bases would be overpowered then.

Garage ships would be a complete mess - or alien cores in general - I could put one in my old CV and destroy every CPU compliant ship with ease

So all in all, I don’t want to bash CPU per se. But eleon should increase the CPU limit for HV and CV somehow, or rebalance values - make weapons more expensive and thrusters less.

And I think this would be the major improvement - cheaper CPU values for thrusters, more expensive for weapons.

If this doesn’t change, PvP will become a mess - people will use only alien cores (in HV and CV), which will lead to new players have an even higher disadvantage, and leading to them not being in PvP anymore, and possibly quitting the game.


Taking into account the last rant about an SV winning against a CV, just imagine how bad it will be in the future when CVs have to be CPU compliant.


I agree with everything except for increasing CPU usage of turrets. With how current game mechanics works, there is very little reason to cut some weapons from the build. If players are to choose to either have a tanky CV with half of turrets or a kiting thruster chair with full arrange of weapons, they will always pick the latter.

Although it will work well for balancing SV manual weapons to make macro firing less of a problem.

As for performance part, sadly CPU won’t fix the problem with lag bombs. The reason for lag spikes to occur is continious calculation of thruster torque values. And it’s affected only by amount of thrusters, not their size. So it’s absolutely possible to make ships with 1x1x1 thrusters that lags the playfield as much as that class 7 HV.

Even my SV made out of 1x1x3 thrusters still lags a lot when changing it’s structure, Eleon has to fix their new flight model calculations to prevent horrible game performance.

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Alpha 11 - Cpu update

all were disconnected popup when i started shooting to that tank… before the update was all fine.

Cpu off must be all like before instead of this!!!

Anyway in my opinion cpu could be turned on only when:

  • Bases turrets get penalties for overshooting cpu (only rcs and trusters are affected atm)

  • Game doesnt allows spawning of structures that overshoot cpu by 100% - Since you could just spawn a big structure and destroy the game for everyone.

  • cpu values will be increased drastically. With actual numbers and mechanics pvp will be dead.

  • developers change the calculations that every single block does that affects cpu. Actually even class 1 cpu compliants ships will take a lot of calculations and lag to the game. (before was all fine within hws limits)

  • requires too much time to farm the components - (should be tied to normal containers instead of epic ones so the pve people can farm components to pvp ones and sell to them… since will be no more epic but normal spawn the price will be low) If not pvp will die more and more,

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Things that should be expensive should not be things that everyone needs all the time. What could f.e. be made more expensive (to fix market) are T3 autominers. F.e those could be made more rare and only craftable through diamonds. CPU extensions should be affordable by everyone, or only the rich will prevail. And i say this having masses of diamonds myself (too lazy to sell)

I can live with the T4 CPU cost but for low lvl players starting out it makes it hard to progress, or even get to the half descent poi’s that may give epic crates and cpu loot.
For me the cpu points cost needs looking at and rebalancing.
In effect the cpu points allocation “cost” seems to be an attempt to reduce the size of all craft in game by putting hard limitations in place. Ie with CV’s anything over the old class 3 would be to heavy to move or turn. The hv’s are around 4000 blocks anything over and its to heavy to move, and sv’s are almost forced to dich shield gens. I look back at old mid class size pre shield gen kit and much of it would be in game compatible lol

As for the cpu kit as it stands right now you can’t trade them on the market We can’t ocd any of the cpu components but we can store the extenders from a recycle.

With regards to performance, let’s go by the theory that we have the hard cpu points limits in place to help reduce the size of craft and help to put less strain on the servers we all play on, that being said the game now has some major memory leaks meaning if you play for more than say an hour without restarting you can watch your RAM usage drop significantly “I’ve not seen this this bad since playing back in 2.0.

I’m sure as Eleon address each of the coding issues the game will improve but it does feel like yet again just as we get the game running stable and see some optimisation we are back to where we was performance wise 3 years ago with the spawn-able craft being a quarter of the size

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To be fair you get CPU parts in red containers as well as epic and they are very easy to get from basically defenceless structures like unknown artifacts and unknown helixes.

I think the CPU cost of shields is the biggest issue in that you cannot fit a shield on a T2 ship. Ideally, new players should be able to just squeeze in a shield and small warp at T2 with a few weapons on a small ship with no frills (so no constructors etc.). This would allow them to attack all POIs in most of PVE and would mean they could venture into PVP space without risking what would be, to them, a very large resource inventment in bridges/extensions.

Beyond that, I think bridges they should remain rare and are fine at the current drop rate.

It seems, however, that the matrices no longer appear in loot and I would suggest that they should be in the loot table for ultra epic containers.

Finally, I would suggest allowing all the above parts to be both storable in OCD (I can store extensions but not matrices) and also allowed for sale on the marketplace this season. This would probably also help with the next CPU test (if there is one).

The PDA missions are a nice idea, but most new players did not seem to get involved or know about the new missions- for reach the start I was generally there with players from established and larger alliances.


I think a new poll should be made for cpu active or not.

Anyway i think actually is at too early, unpolished and unfinished stage to be activated on hws. Will create a huge hole between CpuTiered ships and alien cored ships.
Also pvp if i lose a cpu component ship will just stop and dont lose percentage of power because from tier 4 ship it will instantly turn in a tier 0 ship.
The cpu at this stage just affects only thrusters and rcs.
So weapons and other systems are fully functionals.

  • i can build a 10000000000000 cpu pvp base with tier 0 cpu and works normally
  • i can build static hovers with 500000 blocks, shield and full weapons and they are fully functionals since they dont need to be moved.

So actually is just too early stage to activate it since affects (badly) only 2 things and cpu tiers are too restrictive on building.


This basically sums up CPU in its current state! Can’t agree more.

I agree with most everything in this thread.

PVP is already basically dead as it is. If we engage CPU with its current values, it’ll be the nail in the coffin.

Dropping CPU cost for thrusters and RCS seems to be the most viable option i can think of. If increasing Tier limits for each vessel type, it should look something like this:
SV T4: 150,000 (thruster torque ships) or 200,000(RCS reliant builds)
HV T4: 150,000(viable class 1) or 200,000+++(if you want to be able to build above class 1)
CV T4: 100,000,000 (Up to class 5 thruster torque ships) or 200,000,000+ (Up to class 5 RCS reliant builds)
These numbers are of course based on PVP builds requirements.

I’m not sure which is the better option, but CPU values MUST be adjusted if HWS is to continue as a PVP server.

Changing these values would also allow alien cores and Garage Ships to STAY on HWS. These two things are part of the foundation of HWS and one of the reasons I fell in love with this server/game. Garage ships inspired me to push the limits of my creativity and design in ways I hadn’t thought of before. I’m not sure where all the hate for alien cores/garage ships has come from in these recent months…i sure don’t remember that 3-4 seasons ago. They are an integral part of this server and I see no reason for that to change. People who have brick-walled themselves with the idea that flying Garage ship/alien core=Invincible/OP/no point in trying are simply misinformed. I’ve been killed multiple times in a garage ship and lost multiple garage ships this season. Flying a Garage ship doesn’t make you good, experience makes you good. Everyone needs to remember that we are playing a modded server. There are plenty of vanilla servers out there. Please stop trying to make HWS another one of those.

That’s all I have for now. Big thanks to @RexXxuS @Jascha @Ju and crew for all the hard work and keeping this machine running!

Long live HWS


I like T4 CPU values for all structure types, this system incentivizes to build smart cost effective ships (placing steel/carbon blocks where ship is less likely to get shot, etc.). With current values it’s possible to make a 20 000-30 000 block CV at T4 to fly at max speed. Plenty of room in my opinion.

However, there are many flaws that prevent normal gameplay flow, some of which are not possible to fix server side.

  1. CPU only affects thrusters and RCS. It’s ridiculous that system is released at the state when it completely doesn’t affect bases and sentry type HVs.
  2. Destroying at least one extender will completely immobilize the ship because it will fall to T1/2/3. The tier it falls to doesn’t matter becase in any case the ship won’t be able to move since the difference between T4 and other tiers is so huge. T3 CV is 1.5 mil. T4 CV is 10 mil.
  3. New thruster torque calculations make game lag, freeze or completely crash the server if structure has many thrusters because every time said structure is changed (multitooled blocks, damage, etc.), game calculates all ship characteristics again. This is a game breaking bug and if not fixed by developers in time (rollback to RCS torque system or major optimization of new formula), the game will die. It’s currently possible to crash majority of Empyrion servers with class 1 CPU compilant ship.
  4. Because the difference between T3 and T4 is so huge, T4 extenders are a necessity for any combat ship. Values either need to be adjusted for T3 and T2 to be a good alternative to T4, or CPU bridges need to be craftable from rare ores. Not from diamonds as it is now, it’s too expensive for mid game players, 16 diamonds for CV = 4 mil. credits. Alien core is ~7 mil.

I can’t say a lot about garage ships, never was a fan of SVs having CV weapons while flying at insane speeds. Some old players remember the drama around Slazer, it didn’t get much better in my opinion since it still has absurd acceleration.

I have nothing against SV miners, and they are absolutely doable with CPU, so I don’t think it’s a problem.


Yeah. More vulnerabilities for sure. I just retrofitted an SV to T3 and a question came up - Will all previous engines become obsolete? There are some major performance benefits to having both CPU compliant and non-compliant engines.

Maybe to summarize all constructiv feedback:

  1. Without turret fire rate beeing affected by CPU it should not be implemented
    Same goes for small thrusters - they can crash a server even if CPU compliant. Generally saying, once CPU is implemented, no BPs should be spawnable exceeding the CPU (or again you could just spawn a non- movable, non shooting HV with thrusters only, and crash server)
    If eleon cannot fix that, I only see one way: limit amount of thrusters, so people are forced to use bigger ones. This is NOT a good solution, but I prefer it to the server crashing.
  2. I do believe it would be good to have one more testing weekend when turret fire rate is also online.
  3. this is more an issue for eleon I believe but stil:
    T1-T3 should be definitely buffed compared to T4. The difference is just too big and T1 is a joke right now. If RexXxus could present this issue to eleon would be best.
  4. to maybe remove the problem with 1 extension down you are dead, it would be good to be able to place more then 4 extensions. If you could place f.e. 6, you could afford to loose 2. Ofc this comes with a higher cost, which is fair.
  5. Another point to consider would be maybe, instead of changing CPU values, one might change the hitpoints/weight of blocks (for Hoover’s) and thrusters in general (thrust and weight accordingly)

I agree with your points in general, but RCS are not part of the game with CPU anymore - and I like it. Now you need to think where to place thrusters, and you can achieve immense results by just moving one thruster. That’s why I would not consider thrusters when agjusting CPU values (because people then can build class 7 ships with only thrusters and still be CPU compliant, and RCS builds will be at a disadvantage anyways)

we had a game that was working before cpu extensions and now its broken devs need to focus on quality not quantity Adding sheids,solar pannels,no red/green barrier,new block types etc
focus on quality fixing lag shots orbit hopping north pole bouncing rubber banding focus on fixing exploits in general

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This is the wrong forum and wrong topic to post this complaint. I don’t believe Rexxxus can fix lagshots or anything like this. Try the empyrion forum.
And generally my topic is meant to give constructive feedback about CPU. It’s there and we need to make the best out of it, if possible


There has been a lot of discussion on this topic. I don’t really see many cheering this “feature” on. Not many posts on how great it is. We have been flying many complex ships ranging from quick hoppers to decent utility vessels to massive warships. This “feature” has put us all back to the drawing board rebuilding what seems like lunar landers from the early Apollo missions to the moon.

This is in no way fun for me anymore and i do not plan to spend much more time in this game as it continues to consistently move in a backwards direction. It is very disheartening to see such a wonderful universe the HWS team has created turn to a ghost town of useless designs. It just seems like the developers are trying to make the game less appealing so they don’t have to keep working on it. I really want to love this game again but that is seemingly less likely with each patch :frowning:


that is feedback cpu extensions is wasted effort of emp dev time and you are trolling shadace im not complaining i am saying cpu extension reminds me of all the past stupid crap the devs push on us lets add sweet rims to a car that barely runs in my testing of CPU EXTENSIONs it breaks the game more that is my opinion on this cpu TESTING review

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The secretive nature of builds is a big problem. I suggest a colaboration that ends with a hws pvp prefab sv, hv & cv. Give everyone a basic but effective pvp ship to work through wtf is going on with CPU. Give a quest/mission that ends in a basic but working pvp ship, or just put some on the Garage. PvP will be dead otherwise.

Will never happen of course. Sirknumbskull is the only hws player to EVER post decent pvp ships on the workshop, and i learnt a lot from his ships. I would say his Pugio is the ONLY pvp sv on the workshop ( that isnt a brick at least, like mine) We need a starting point to build from, and analysing a prefab pvp ship is the way forward. We need some similar inspiration for A11

edit. just looked at Zackey_TNTs supposed SV pvp from the guide on here. Oh dear. Designed to give vets insta easy kill and nothing more. 20 thrusters clustered together with zero spacing…amazing design ! not.


i like that idea @thedevilfrog of a universal pvp ship to test this nonsense on so we can give accurate feedback. the issue im constantly running into is building an effective ship for battle that can move and turn. if the CPU limitation is the bleak future we have to look forward to, there needs to be MAJOR changes. it needs to hard coded into the ships and adjustable for server admins, tested with q variety of build types, and really needs to NOT be several ship disabling blocks. not that i like the idea of cpu limits in any form, the extensions should not be several destroyable blocks to place on the ship, it should be a cost of sorts that be paid on the cpu page of the control panel.

as the garbage 3d map they keep trying to cram down our throats keeps failing, so shall this metric. that is my prediction.

Noob here, just my 2 cents.

As stated before, I think that the CPU could be

  • a more lienear progression,
  • be less restrictive if shoot (why can’t we have redundancy on this seriously),
  • do something to base & static HV and,
  • not allow non compliant BP to be spawned (as suggested by paxxo).

But I also think that a lot of people make the confusion between fly model issues and CPU issues. IMO the new fly model is the real problem here. It explains the lag you have and the complete freeze when shooting big structure. It creates motivation to make ship mega mega large with non connected block to add more rotation to your ship. RCS wasnt perfect (subjective) but I am confident that CPU will be a lot more OK for everyone if RCS value was much lower and we didnt have this fly model update.

PS : I hate that 3D map.
PS2 : devilfrog, there is other alpha 10 PVP ships on the workshop.

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