Get hyped to play, come in and play 10 sec, gets fatal error as soon as i land on the planet and reload the bio fuel into the the rock miner, reinstall game same problem…

Didn’t the devs test these patches before making it out to the public?

Try posting here. If you checked discord yesterday, you would have seen a lot of people having similar issues. Here is the thing though, no matter how much you test before releasing something, there are some issues that only present in large scale play. Hence why this game is in early release, can you imagine finding all of the bugs we have found only in large scale real world testing… on release day of an official game?

Welcome back and well,

the new meteorites are the root of the problem.
Hotfix patch coming in 1 hour.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

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i also crash … i played yesterday on pirate pvp starter and had no problem … reset today into pve so i can get things from ocd and as soon as i spawned my client froze with a ops message on the side then after that every time i log in i am outside freezing and falling down a hill and when i move my mouse crash again … hope the hotfix fixes things … i really want to play

On district it is the same one connects and one minute after the screen freezes

yes guys, just bare with the time a little longer.
Hotfix is coming any moment.

Then we can get rid of those meteorites which causing this monster problem.
They will then fall moderate

Maybe i can get an small token for this horrible bug ;)? instant level 20? :sweat_smile:

Me and a few friends having the same problem on pirate p1 snow planet. as soon as try to move the game crash

Can confirm it’s still happening on P1. Just 5 min ago it was raining meteors like crazy before I crashed. Now if I look around with my character the game crashes instantly.

Was this after the hotfix patch or before?

This would be before the patch. 3 hours back. I’ve been on P1 and p2 with no issues.

Yes I think everybody who lost pretty much 24hrs of play due to the big bug should be given a boost to level 20.

I lost a days holiday

Welcome to alpha. Sorry, no can do on that request.

Early birds get the worm. And all the other bugs too.

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