6.0 - HWS Season I (S1:17) - Post Bugs Here

Team, please post your season 1, 2017 BUGS only here.

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When entering the EU server, the game crashes
Location District P1
error.log (33.1 KB)

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Thanks Raven. The Meterorite Bug is back and its causing playfield crashes.

You may be able to wait for the playfield to UNLOAD after some time, and then log in. Before it blows its massive load of meteorites, get out to space if you can. That should allow you to stay in game… Please report back if you try.

I Think anyone that has used any bugs to level up should have there level reduced to 1/2 of what they have… you used a a bug insted of just taking it out and reporting it, then they should have some kind of consicuence to there action!
you are not helping the admins by cheating in this way your making there game unfair as you miss used a bug to level up and theere for all there hard work that they have done to make the game harder and more fun has been thrown out the window by u using it. Dont be ungreatfull and show some respect to the admins help them not hinder them!

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In 5.0 a lot of players including some really old veterans completely exploited xp-bug (that enter/leave planet exploit) and players even said so in public chat to be using it and recommended it to others but (at least most if not all) of those players got away with it. Probably too much work to go through the logs of each player and then manually punish each one I guess.
I haven’t seen nor know about an xp exploit in 6.0 though but perhaps the admins know it. But even if there is one there will probably be nothing done about it because admins have their hands full with more serious stuff.

some has been reported to admins allready. that have been reported

Regarding bugs:

  • Aliens shooting through terrain.
  • Troop transports landing inside the planet and their troops shooting through the planet. Can’t shoot back.
  • My ship lost collision (yes wtf) and I fell through my own ship, collision did not come back. RIP.
  • Server is so overloaded that aliens often don’t spawn at all inside POI, sentries having large delays (free kills) and drones sometimes just laying on the ground everywhere and not taking off. Also slow in response.
  • Server restart this morning to fix the login issue also reset my blueprint in factory.
  • Not sure if lag but sometimes I get hit around a corner by a ranged alien.

Not a bug but still: After server restart you suddenly have a meteor shower upon login. You die (@Gareth).

Overall still the most stable major patch in Empyrion so still very nice.

Not a bug as such but should hopefully be an easy fix. The freelancer fa:supply is not giving the origin epic laser rifle. Its giving epic plasma cannon instead and a non epic laser rifle. That means we still cant get RP for warping.

game crashing seconds after login…
3 ppl from my team have the same problem ( freelancer T1 )
Game was working fine before the reboot

any solution plz ?
here my log :

error.log (15.5 KB)

game crashing when loading G1

Lost all cradits. Both bank and player. Somewhere around 1.3 to 1.5 m from last night.

Any ide on how this happend ?

Bendy Person Bug:
Client specific, will get specs for computer that this was observed on. I was in same room and did not see it happen, but I have seen it on my session before. At random times, specific other players will appear to turn into playdough in a blender.

Possibly related to Generator animation?

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placing adv constructors on base - they immediately disappear (on donor planet)- happened 3 times in a row but not after relog - all well

SI is still bugged… 4 patches later:

The roof is even worse, roof is green, floor is green, but objects in between and on top of roof are fully red:

I hope I won’t lose any stuff due to this. Adding more pillars does not fix it.

Also when I mount a cannon turret on my base (BA) and it’s far away from my player, I don’t hear the SFX when it shoots.

I am in District P1, i reset from P2 specially cause it was pve so i can get ocd items but when i type the command to get something it says it wont fly into pvp zone untill lvl 7 like its pvp but the planet says pve

No OCD on any starter planets, even if it is PvP. Bit confusing, sorry. Will add it to the starter choosing text maybe

Don’t need support, but just wanted to let you know.

I tried out the PvE server (while the PvP was down for a restart). I joined as a Trader on PvE, but got a msg that I was not allowed on the planet as my origin was not correct (I am Freelancer on PvP). And it kicked me out into space.

When I came back to PvP there was a msg that the original playfield was corrupt and I was warped away (something in that direction, not sure anymore about the text). It was repeated at least 10-20x, but it was visible to all, so could have been something completely unrelated to what happened to me on PvE.

Hi HWS team,

Wanted to summarize a few bugs / issues I found for you to look at:

1- [High Priority] Whoever had Fuel charges before the wipe (in 5), these seem to be counting as AM Cores now, since my AMs have been working fine and eating at the fuel, even though I didn’t fuel em up
2- [High Priority] I retrieved my AM resources at EGS HQ, didn’t get a notification saying it will cost money, yet still took 500K from me
3- [I’m pissed Priority] why can’t freelancers buy their epic at the gun HQ, is it by design :slight_smile: ?
4- [Low priority] I got RP even though I didn’t have Epic, my understanding was you have to have Epic for RP to be earned, might be mistaken on this one.
5- [Probably High Priority] AM Cores are toooo low. teams have been getting less than 4 after hours of raiding POIs.
6- [Not High Priority] OCD Moving items between large stacks and small stacks: I initially thought OCD was randomly eating away my Ores, but then noticed it’s just transferring some from my over 50K stack to my less than 50K stack. It did this for Ores only, not refined stuff.

thank you again for all the help and support, you guys are awesome!!

Hmm, that would be strange

Maybe you were too early. The zones are now setup everywhere

Well they don’t have a dedicated section but if you enter the building and go straight to the first trader you can buy it

Can you explain more? That should not happen and for what you got RP?

This will be addressed today!

Can’t say here either… we will look into it