Created first CV when spawned dissapeared!

I just managed to get My first CV built from template (1st on list of templates) It was manufactured in factory. I found clear spot near my base and spawned/placed build icon. And nothing happened! I tried dead hard to get done before wipe!
But no ship!!! tried relogging etc Just not there!!!

Hey monk1,

since these posts come up quite often I will be more generic now.
In the end it helps everyone better and solves the problem fast if the spirit of bug tickets are well known.

So please read this topic here and come back with the answers you can read at the bottom:

  • Server: EU/NA?
  • Time it happend
  • Name of the ship(s)/Base
  • From where to where you warped
  • What exactly happend. What did you do before?
  • etc…
  • If Structures are involved, please allways give us ID and Name and best a screenshot from HWS Connect.


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