Introducing Priority Support for HWS Patrons

Good day HWS Community,
I have added a Ticket system for Discord (for those that have issues to register at our HWS Forum e.g.).
Note 1: We still prefer the forum for better readability.
Note 2: Without filling out the questions within the ticket, we might close your ticket*.
Note 3: Only You, Jascha, me and the HWS Police are able to read and process your tickets.
Note 4: Most of the time you can try asking in #get-help before you make a ticket, as the community will often be able to help you, and sometimes even faster than admins/police.
Note 5: Our goal is it to help everyone as good as we can to make your life on our server an amazing experience. However with over 9 800 solved tickets in the Forum and now tracking tickets in Discord as well, we decided to give HWS Patrons ( priority support.
Again, we still help everyone but HWS Patrons became the backbone of HWS and we think it’s only fair if we show our gratitude that way.

:information_source: What does Priority Support means?

  • faster resolve times
  • faster triage
  • *follow up if you have any questions or if we have questions (e.g. you did not fill out the help template)

So in Discord #get-help or #brauche-hilfe channels you
Type ?hws to get support in the HWS Forum.
Type ~ticket open “title of ticket” to get support here in Discord.
Otherwise ask the community there for help to resolve common issues.