Cross Server Warp Update

This coming week I will try to update CSW as much as possible to fix all bugs that are tool-related.
Hopefully with the next Game-Update we also can fix the remaining things.

###To get the tool as safe as possible I need your help. So please post here when something went wrong with CSW. Always let me know when and from where to where you warped please! Also what worked and what not.
Especially if a ship is not warped it would be good to know more details.

I just updated CSW and fixed 3 things:

  • Reputations not warped when fresh start on destination server
  • Experience and Upgrade points not warped
  • Far away from Ship

for the 3rd point: Well I just added another later Warp. So after 10 seconds being ingame you might notice another “warp” with your player. If that does not work either and you spawn far away from your ship, then you can use:
That way you can warp to that ship again. If he does not see your ship yet, then try it 30 seconds later again.

So lets get CSW run smoothly!


Only issue I have is that device groupings, names, and signals get blasted away. Which means we cannot take anything we like over to our donor planet, without spending 30 minutes each time renaming and grouping.


@Jascha a csw matter happened on second day of release i informed @hopskotch but will posted here as well :

a faction member warped while i was in zone and took me with him by mistake . without ship and inventory was reset lost 70k credit and 16 core and other mats that are not significant . the csw was from eu to sa .

hm ok. but thats not a “bug”… depending what happend to the ship. I would need much more details.

So 2 mates an me warped from eu to sa around 23 pm yesterday and we lost 1 hv “Bodengleiter” and 1 sv"Wasp" in the process including their inventory which included 10 am cores 596 gold ingots at least 1 epic minigun and other valuable stuff.

Both where on private docked on a faction cv. There where other ships docked on private too ( 1 hv an 1 sv ) which belonged to the player who piloted the cv (which was on faction) and constructed the the cv and the hv and sv which didn’t disappear.

I checked my registry on eu and saand my sv “Wasp” is gone. So am right now stuck on my factions planet on sa without any building materials and no way to get back to eu on my own, which sucks.

I would like to get my stuff and my sv back.

Saddly we got no screenshots or videos, however my mates and some other faction members that moved their stuff earlier and later to sa can confirm what we lost.

Info on my Wasp copied from structure commander

Wasp 270210 Cross Server Warp -5041 1188 7703 2 3336 1 False 6715 0 20:50 90 458 True

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ship stayed in eu and i managed to get back there and pick it up but without anything in inventory still . as if inventory was wiped /glitched during warp . not even in slots all was empty. i wondering if that bugged my bank account that u fixed few hours ago as well . @Jascha

@Jascha @hopskotch i think i know what happened the mistake i made " i didnt pay attention that i warped when it disconnected i thought connectivity issue since i wasnt aware that any faction member can suck u in that warp. and i reconnected on eu instead of sa . then disconnected and connected on sa . i think that what might have triggered the inventory vanishing . if its not recoverable im cool with that . but trying to assist in defining what might happen . if.

Going to be honest. I REALLY hate this new CSW system. I am very apprehensive to even play on HWS because of this system. I do not want to risk moving supplies, sending warships, etc. just to be eaten due to a CSW bug and as Mcpouty stated, having the ship device groupings, turret setups, etc. being removed is f***ing annoying. I do not care about how much time and effort anyone puts into trying to fix the system, at some point it will fail because it’s a fundemntaly flawed system made for a game that’s not even finished. Additionally, just an observation here, correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems to me instead of spending more money to buy another server, that money could have been put towards servers that actually perform well so that we all could enjoy (hopefully) decent PvP experiences and have a galaxy setup that’s interesting, instead of having to put up with a galaxy that’s less interesting than a piece of stale white bread.

That makes sence.

The devs will fix that. Lets keep this discussion here to the non-game related issues for now.

I guess you missed the last couple weeks or?? We bought a high high end server for 600€ just to find out it does not make any difference. Its the game that needs some performance updates. A new server sadly does not bring anything. Thats why we decided to do that. But all is written down in forum already. No need to talk about that here again. No one likes it, neither we. But to get more performance we had to do this. Its the only thing WE CAN DO.

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Still not my name.


R O L M F A O -
CSW is buggy as fuck just like I said it was prior to most recent wipe.

Admins should listen less to the echochamber who only ever agree with them.
Plenty of people were warning the CSW system was not ready only to be troll spammed
by the the servers fanbois.

Its not a discussion about CSW here. Please stick to the goal of the topic to fix existing bugs.


@Jascha any update on my problem?

Thanks a lot! Sorry I somehow did not see your post.
Your post is very helpful. Its indeed a problem: Docked private ships (of another player then the one initiating the warp) on a Faction ship.
I will fix that.

I will also give you your ships back. I put them close to you base. You will see in registry

Should be fixed now.

Ids of ships:
SV: Cent 726137 Cross Server Warp
SV: Small Vessel (SV) 721346 Cross Server Warp
SV: Ore for RED 1034171 Cross Server Warp
and for 4sv I don’t know id

@Jascha I haven’t lost much from CSW but I was forced to multitool my garage ship I purchased after having to CSW my ship had CV thrust all over it… The thrust from inside my capital vessel were all over the SV I had bought. I then had to rip up my CV until I could find the parts attached to the SV. Just wanted to let you know, I think ships are transforming during CSW and some are running away

You checked a relog I am assuming? Might be related to one of the two “ship on other ship” bugs, both of which were related to damage. Though how a ship takes damage in pve csw zone is beyond me…

Yeah I relogged and closed game… The thrust were CV LARGE thrust on my tiny 21 rockets SV… Had 500 m/s going forwards lol. I could have done some things with that if I would have left them on there. My first thought was “quick multitool this crap off before I get accused of transforming ships or something lmao”