Cross Server Warp Update

Is in NA CSW Orbit
Could not do “Ore for Red”. Did you just create it there?

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CSW is fixed again. Still one thing that private ships will be set to csw initiater. But will fix that tomorrow. But lost ships should be fixed now.

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yes I made it in there and fill it with ores for our donor planet that we need to make ammo and parts. What now with that sv?
And thanks you for other sv!

That SV sadly did not make it into any backup, since it was too short in time :frowning:

I had an usual experience with CSW last night (but I think understandable), that I want to report/share.

  1. Approached EU CSW for the first time (1 CV, 1SV,1HV all set Private)
  2. Arrived in CSW playfield, just as another Faction member was completing a CSW command.
  3. My player character was immediately pulled through with the other faction member - but not my ships
  4. I had not entered any commands!
  5. After the brief stay in the SA Freelancer lobby. My character appeared alone in SA space.
  6. I logged out and logged back to EU and my character was placed in my ships
  7. Then proceeded to perform CSW as normal transitioning with my ships.

The net result was that I lost my player character personal inventory, which in hindsight, was due to me not performing a CSW back to the EU when my player character was first pulled through with my faction team mate.

Q: Is it possible/OK to perform a CSW as a floating ship less player? (I am sure it must be)

- I assume the advice to give others for now is to check that other faction members are not in the CSW as you enter or to make sure all you vessels are set to faction when you enter - just in case they are warping?


thanks a lot for the detailed explanation.
the real problem is: When he did CSW you were recognised but your ship (takes a few minutes or the csw:start command) was not yet known. Therefore you warped as supposed, but your ship stayed. Going without csw back to eu of course caused the loss of your inventory.
I will implement a shipless warp in a minute.But be aware… you doing CSW again when you entered without your ship, might csw also your partner again ;).

OK Thanks!

Done. Enjoy

I also updated CSW to fix the RP loss when you had to first start on the other server.
Also Now all your friends private ships stay private for him.

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So is it better to only have 1 person enter csw zone at a time from your faction? not sure from above feedback if there’s bug when doing multiple ppl at once. If I want to bring several passengers with me, will they get spawned next to my ship?

All is ok.
The problem was he warped from A to B but in B his factionmate Warped to A again when he just arrived. Should not happen that often. And CSW only works in 2000 meter distance.

so rep is 100% fixed currently now? I warped last night noticed I went from 15 to 3 rep today.

Will check that. From where to where did you warp? And when?

Honestly don’t understand why I keep reading “CSW is fixed” … It’s never once been “fixed” it’s been improved but not fixed. I CSW daily and a lot at times, I go to EU to PVP and I’m from NA. I’ve lost loads of stuff due to CSW over the time that I’ve played on HWS. Seeing “it’s fixed” is aggrivating when you have to deal with random problems with CSW daily, today was new one… My SV was inside my CV. My friend was in a CV fight at the time and it caused me to NOT be able to help him or get to him. I had to literally multitool a GIANT hole out of my CV to get my SV out. Now my CV is just going to be scrapped and I’ll spawn a new one. That’s how bad the hole was. Being frustrated when ripping your own ship apart isn’t fun either. I’m just asking to stop seeing “it’s fixed” until it’s working at 100% no problems. Thank you. Appreciate all you guys do, I’m not saying it hasn’t been improved. I’m just saying it’s NOT fixed as of right now.

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To add to that, My faction mate Cent lost 100’s of thousands of ore due to CSW just the other day and admin says “sorry it wasn’t backed up” … Well start backing it up maybe? Would be good idea. Maybe I’m just raging still … but the name of the SV was “Ore for Red” who is the guy making our whole faction ammo. Should be some kind of compensation offered but I don’t think there was any at all.

If you read closely you see its not CSW is fixed but the points mentioned were fixed.

So why don’t you post more about your problems? If you want it fixed, then we need to know it.

Can you explain please. After CSW it was “in” your ship? How big (Height) was your CV?

Ok will do an extra backup for that.

You never told me what you lost. So what do you expect?


HWS took my cv and 3 sv so I paid 7.6mil to get them back then I warp back to san and I lose all 3 sv after one h I csw to na server to pull ore from OCD and I pulled like 100k of each (ignots) (cobalt, copper and silicon) and 300k of each (ore) (mag, and iron) and I csw back and that sv disappear. So what I spent 7 mil for nothing and loost ore worth like 2-3mmil?? I did CSW from NA to SAN!

I told what did I lost in Ore for RED ship and rexx saw it.

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He didn’t say anything because you responded with, “It was not backed up” So I’m sure he took that as. “I can’t do anything”… It’s not a big deal I was just mentioning it. I am sorry if I sounded like a jerk, I was stressed from not being able to get to my guy and help him. My ship is only 12k blocks, not big. If you want to see it it’s on our planet. I will start reporting my problems that I have more often. My SV docked was only 5.5k blocks… I usually fly a 10.5k block SV and it never happened before, So idk if the size matters. I today am being put inside my CV my person not my SV this time. So I have to multitool my way out everytime now.

no problem.
About spawning in your ship/or your sv after CSW: CSW puts the ships in 30-50 meter distance above each other. Thats why I ask about the height. If its very high then that could happen. In that case i might have to increase the distance again.

its back in your ocd


Then why implement new mechanics into the server that do not work well, cause unnecessary aggravation, loss of items and limit players to what they can build? Was this before or after the, in my opinion, poor choice of server changes?
Just an FYI, let it be understood that I am not angry at the HWS staff, maybe a little irritated, but not angry. I understand the staff has the right to implement whatever changes they like to the server and I do appreciate the work they put in. With that, if I were apart of the team (not that I would want to be. Been an Empyrion admin before and wouldn’t want to do it again) I would have straight up said these changes are not a great idea…

Thanks for that, Yes it’s kinda tall that makes sense I understand. No problem besides having to re color and texture the blocks I rip out to get out lol. I will start telling you anytime CSW does something wild.