CSW is NOT fixed what so ever

It needs a lot of work, it’s getting worse not better. @CenturionOp4 has lost 2 SV’s now 1 being a garage very expensive ship and 1 FULL of ore. He has asked for help multiple times and he as well as other faction members of mine have been ignored. So thank you once again, for making all the donators who own a planet go through CSW everyday. This should be a main priority and I hope it is. Quite rediculous I bought a 2 mill $ ride last night and on my way home it bugged out after CSW and I had to multitool half of it just to get it to dock. Now after hearing Cent has lost more Vessles I felt it was needed to post this. I would direct message you guys but I wouldn’t get a response. Thank you. The fuel and 02 is bad enough considering I like to be prepared… Now I just waste fuel and O2 all day long… Losing backpack happens but not so often… Not a huge deal… Losing GARAGE ships and ships full of cargo is a big deal.

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Please do not comment on this unless you actually have to put up it like we do.

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Actually wasnt gonna comment, til ya said that. I just wanna say I am seeing what yall are saying, fortunately have not seen it ourselves. Due to the grouping issue, we only take designated sleds through the CSW, and disposable SV’s. I do know that most of the losses seem to be stemming from faction vs private ships? perhaps factioning all before warping might help. Just a thought.

HWS took my cv and 3 sv so I paid 7.6mil to get them back then I warp back to san and I lose all 3 sv after one h I csw to na server to pull ore from OCD and I pulled like 100k of each (ignots) (cobalt, copper and silicon) and 300k of each (ore) (mag, and iron) and I csw back and that sv disappear. So what I spent 7 mil for nothing and loost ore worth like 2-3mmil??

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This is what we get for living on donator planet I guess. Punished.

We been doing CSW for a long time now, yes we faction everything before we go through.

We are at the stage where this game is becoming unplayable.
We have to use the csw to access our ocd’s but keep losing stuff when we jump, players are getting stranded. We have made sure all cv’s sv’s ect are faction but it still keeps happening.

Can we please have clarification that the items lost will be returned asap.

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As stated couple of times. Provide better information so we can fix it. Nothing is perfect since the beginning