CSW not working for me. I arrived with no jetpack and ship did not belong to me

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: CSW from NA to EU. Arrived with no spacesuit and ship was not mine.

Player(s) with issue:Redbeard

Server:currently dieing on EU

Time (cb:time):


Structure Name(s):AmmitTheDevourer

Structure ID(s):506171

How can we help you now:put me in a suit and make sure my ship is now mine please


Sorry for the inconvenience.
CSW takes a minute to complete. Your ship seems to belong to you already.
I warped you closer to/in it.
I restored also your backpack

Please try again.

ok - trying now

yes I had backback - thanks. BUT still no spacesuit - so no jetpack to get to my ship.

This is a different issue (which should be fixed by now) but maybe you did CSW before?

I teleport you to your ship for now

Ah I see you are at your ship already?
We can’t equip players with an armor unfortunately

have not done CSW in v11.

previously you would get a heavy armour when CSW’ing - is that not the case anymore??

strange :frowning: will retest then

still appear outside ship with no suit

In HWS 11 we wanted to teach players how to put their armor on.
Since you probably have chosen Pirate Tutorial or so, you had no armor at the beginning.
And before you could finish the Tutorial to put it actually on, you got already warped to your CSW stuff.

Just an oversight from me regarding Tutorial <> CSW.
We changed it now that everyone, even on Tutorial has an armor at the start.
I just have to test if this is reflected afterwards now or not.
If not, like in your case maybe, it would mean I have to wipe the whole planet. Which would be not good.
A bigger issue overall.

We can’t fix this as I said.
Just hop in your ship, do CSW back, put an armor locker on your SV/CV, put an armor in your container, do CSW over again, put the armor on yourself.

died again
had heavy armor on BEFORE I csw’ed

cant hop in ship - no jetpack to reach it - still appear outside ship - and now that I died again I will appear further away

ok, then you have to read the guide again.
Armor isn’t transferred on CSW since 3 years by now.

I will warp you to your ship and help

ok thanks - logging in again

died again


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