CSW removed all reputation points

As the title says. CSW removed all my reputation points. On NA server, same name in game.

I did a CSW a few days ago and it removed all my reputation. I have earned 8 more since then but all the rep I had is gone.

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So are we supposed to lose all our reputation points every time we use CSW? That doesn’t seem right.


Jascha is gone this week so we need to find out together what happened. I spent some time to understand what happened and tried to visualize the timeframe

It makes no sense. The only legit thing what happened is that the tool had a problem in that moment. Our big optimizations came later online

But as already said:
Reputation Points DO carry over to the other server. After dozens of jumps I had never a problem with that.
Again see here what gets transferred:

We will refund the RP before the wipe then.

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