Current State of Game Changes

If a nerf is coming for the Trader Faction can We as Traders keep our Rep if when switch factions ?
Seems like it would only be fair.


hmm don’t know yet. See first how the nerf will affect you and we decide then together again.
Changes can always happen :wink:


So pirates just get 777 gold bars before 9AM and then put them back in the OCD again? Or won’t that work?

For now this can work… somehow…
But later maybe not…

Fake Traders should not be able to keep their rep when changing factions. Anybody that changes factions after this nerf is exposed as a fraud.

Could we have two types of alliance faction like red and blue? They both protect trader, fight pirates, hire hunters.

Could you code POI ownership to switch PvE/PvP state of a planet and giving tax incomes to the owner?

For example: the alliance faction capture the orbit POI controlling the PvP state of a planet, switching it to PvE, anyone building a base there must pay the planet owner.
For anyone to attack the planet they must remove the core of the orbit POI.

Faction planet wouldn’t be required anymore. Players won’t hide at 250 k in space because they have big income to defend near planet.

After just 32 reputation you can already move to faction planets for free because… The tax cost of even a 1000 devices can not beat the reputation income + tax reduction. After that you only make profit.
Just make sure you don’t lose any rep. BUT this discourages PVP because in PVP you may lose reputation, and the resources you gain after a victory are next to none. The reputation loss is much much more severe than the possible loot now that people use OCD’s.
On top of that yesterday I calculated that my 96 autominers yielded roughly 500.000 ore per day + rep income.

PVP: possible rp penalties, no real rewards, ammo costs, unfair combat, offline raiding, bugs/disconnects.
PVE: lots of resources, steady rep income, 100% safe on ‘free’ faction planet.

One thing I’m not sure about are the donator planets. So donators get an extra PVE planet where they can automine?

  • Can you have multiple donator planets?
  • Can you share the cost of a donator planet with 17 people so you only pay 10$ each?
  • Can donator planets be obtained without paying real money? If not, is this pay-to-win? People who have a donator planet can mine on the trader planet, then warp to the donator one and mine another free planet. This is an advantage over people who do not pay with real money right? And if Jaggal is in PVE rota then you got 3 planets. Making it even better than the starter zone at the cost of pentaxit. But ONLY if you donate.

i Agree with you Tiny, they are really trying to get rid of pvp completly, when i raided an base the other day, i lost over 14 rep points for dieing a few times trying to take the base, and the loot i got from the base was noway near the loss i had…

and i am starting to see this donators of planets inviting more and more factions, will we ever have anyone in pvp anymore? evryone will be living in pve, this map is the worst yet…

on the other hand people should be losing rep points for living in pve.

Not sure what Rexxus meant back to the roots with this map… if we really were going back to the roots we would have one pve planet with event switching to pvp sometimes evry month, now i can count up to 10 planets with perma pve, and like 7 planets with switching pve, and the same amount on orbits…

i had this talk before aswell and then we pvpers were promised some bonus for living pvp, which we didn’t get… not suprised.

The answer to everything would be easy:
Jascha is on a business trip so the whole HWS patches are on HOLD right now.

The longer answer:
we see the problems and the faction restricted planets / tax system is not done yet. For now people who didn’t pay have nothing to fear. Soon the ships will be gone, then you will see a lot of “Where is my ship. WTF. Restore CV - Get Support” topics popping up.
This also means RP will be adjusted and the overall detail tuning here and there.
That is how it is. Or call it real life.

About donator planets.
As you said Eleon Auto Miner are flooding Ores right now and although on donator planets you can’t have rare resources and overall only small deposit sizes this stacks up.
If we would see that gaining more Ores would lead to overall “win” situations in this game we would address this more. But since the main reason for these planets are save from other trolls and just build peacefully we don’t see this.
They are like faction planets, so nothing new and not called p2w. Pirates cant be on Trader planet. Same like this.
It is more like the other donation packages: your playtime will be gifted a bit.
P2W the normal case would be “buy 1 million credits for 10 dollar” or so. As you might see we do not sell credits and never will.

And even if Thranir is a carebear crying all the time, the universe with all finished features is back to the roots. Sadly we didn’t have time - again - to make everything ready on the start. Otherwise it would be a selfmanaged system where every permanent PvE planet would cost a lot of credits and with that not get overpopulated.
The fact that they need go out for rare resources would make it all PvP in the long run.

But we are working on it and since this is an integrated HWS feature now we polish this more and more over time.

Thanks for your thoughts and discussion.
If I have overseen something, let me know.


Even though donator planets do not give any kind of serious advantage (no combat advantage), they still do give one (more safe ore = more trade = more credits), and one that can only be obtained through real money. Even the common iron ore can be sold/traded for credits. I make roughly 20-70k credits with iron and copper ore sales a day and I’m not even seriously trading (yet).

Then shouldn’t we add an exclusive-OR to auto-mining on donator planets and faction planets (players choice)? If the difference is so small anyway, then those donators won’t mind not being allowed to mine on either one right? This would make it 100% fair again.

And even if Thranir is a carebear
That must be the biggest insult possible to thranir :wink:

But where is the difference between a Trader and a Pirate? They won’t call themselves pay to win faction either or?
It is something they need to build up first. But I see your point.

We can turn on / off, adjust the HWS Auto Miner. But since the Eleon Auto Miners are an item everyone can build it is hard to track them / disallow them.
But such an exclusive-OR would be helpful.
Will think about a way or check the statistics who is selling what on the market etc.

Wait for Thranirs answer then you know if it was true or not.

I am not an carebear clearly, i have only my stuff in pvp, i have my mainbase 2000 meters from an planet in pvp, if thats not hardcore then tell me… but you do not encourage people to pvp with the loss of credits and rp at the time, you guys did have an good credit tax system at the launch of this new world but then super nerfed it because someone complained.

To me the difference between pay2win and not pay2win is where paying-players can get an advantage (no matter how small) over non-paying-players that is not obtainable through unpaid-play regardless of how much they grind.

So the free lvl5 OCD for 10$ is NOT pay2win. The free packages are not pay2win not even if you put them on the market because they can be grinded.
But the private-pve-donator-planet that allows you to place extra safe autominers is pay2win because this small advantage can ONLY be obtained through payment. Sure they can get resources through other means but they can never ever get the same safe ore/hour compared to those donators placing them at a very slight disadvantage when competing on the market. It’s not exactly the end of the world but… It’s not correct either. It’s 33-50% more safe ore/hour.

I agree regarding the autominer, and when you let other factions get the same benefits without donating and having access to these donator planet, so lets say 3 donator planets and all those factions are allies and allowed into the planets, just imagine all that ore…
because i am pretty sure those who donated take their fair share for letting this people in aswell…

and others mmorpg i have seen has these cashshops, but they made it so even those who dont pay have the chance to get those items by hard labour, donator planets is not something you get for free or even by hard labour.

In regards to the donator planets and the issue where people think it is a case of ‘pay to win’ there is a simple fix.

going forward you must have at least 250 hours of server playtime before you can buy your own planet.

At this point i assure you that the basic resources are not a problem to come by, i don’t ever have to mine again regardless of AM from the hours i’ve put it, and the credit i have.

So that solves ‘Pay to win’ as you have to play A LOT and then also, pay A LOT.

Perhaps to stop low level players being given an easy ride on donator planets, you can only allow upto 5 factions on the planet total, or, everyone on the planet.

I do agree with the great Thranir the troll on tax though :wink:

The original system made it so only players that had committed time to server could have the luxury, but through crying this is now so anyone can live there.

Maybe looking to the future, Faction planets are PVP and you basically have 1 planet that is called ‘Paradise X’ you can only enter it when you reach a certain amount of play time, and then OFC still pay taxes. Open to any faction, but the long standing community basically, will be nice to chat to neighbors i know not mr 1 hour server time :wink:

So maybe 350 hours, and then tax on top. People can cry all they want, but joe bloggs who has spent 2 hours on the server can’t say much, is that a worthy reward for the long standing community members :slight_smile:

That sounds great and fit in my overall “playhours” currency system. I will implement from now on that you need at least 300 playhours to be able to buy a donator planet.

Further milestones regarding the playhours coming too. The donator packages are “done” if you have 100 playhours.
Planets = 300 playhours and a new big big HWS feature coming soon… can’t spoiler right now…

About tax I have to be honest: Jascha is more friendly than me :wink: I am more the tryhard guy, he more the welcome-noobs-guy.
But I think the mistake was clear: the faction planets should have been “opened” later on. If some RP points are earned. I think this will be implemented in HWS 5.0. You also need to have some RP to be able to land and live there.

So right now it is obvious that even Jascha will nerf this paradise again.
In combination with Vebers formula that the more structures you have there, the more expensive it will be and some new adjustments these planets just have to be expensive.

As soon as the stability of HWS is back and the nasty bugs are gone we can move on - I am afraid.

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So far I haven’t had any issues finding PvP and that’s without fighting on gold planet. As far as donator planets giving an unfair resource advantage, maybe. But if it does it’s only to a limited extent. Without the ability to automine sathium safely you still hit a pretty significant resource bottleneck that requires a large time investment in manual mining to actually utilize the resources you can automine on donator planets.

As far as the resources gained after victory being next to none I vehemently disagree. Salvaging the wrecks of our kills for their base materials provides my faction with an absurd amount of combat steel, pentaxit, and fuel packs and considering the fact that we don’t live on a PvE planet and we don’t use the market, losing RP and credits is a non-factor for us.

PvP is alive and well. If you do it right, that is.

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Speaking as someone with a donator planet. We sometimes can’t even be bothered to get our ores from the donator planet. We get a better yield of critical resources from the faction world rather than donator planet.

Why did we get it then? Mainly as a safety net for a worst case scenario and ultimately because we don’t mind throwing money at this server - but it’s hardly what fuels our fleet production at this point. Maybe one day we’ll actually build a base there - or build anything at all there.

In terms of resources - our bottle neck is Sathium and there is no safe place to automine it - and you cannot put it on a donator world. Sooo it doesn’t matter how much iron and other commons we can get when it all sells for .1 credit anyway.

If Donator planets could get us Sathium we’d probably have bought all we could and THAT would indeed be horribly pay to win.


So xanif if pvp is so active why have not my base been attacked for weeks now? and its open to display in middle of space next to an planet evryone can see it= because people dont wanna lose rp points so they intend to avoid an siege.