CV Class Limit Discussion


I would like to discuss CV Class Limits in different PvP zones, and get peoples thoughts, input and opinions.

Post your thoughts and preferences, and discuss others thoughts and opinions in a respectful manner. If you can’t do it nicely, then don’t post anything at all.

Class 1 CV Limits

From the number of Class 1 CV fights I have had, I can definitely say they are more enjoyable than larger fights. Not only are you able to quickly spawn a new one, but building a good Class 1 CV takes a lot of skill.

I really enjoy the fact that Eton and Blackhole both have Class 1 Limits. In light of this, I would like to suggest one of the following:

  1. Global Class 1 Limits - Controversial yes, but quicker more enjoyable fights. This means more kills, more RP, more thrills and more loot. It also makes it easier for newer players with less resources to get into the fight.

I have also noticed players camping Homeworld Stargates in Class 5 CVs, and this is likely to discourage new players to risk Homeworld. As all you need is 5 or so Class 5 CVs and you could completely lock down Homeworld Stargates.

Camping Homeworld Class 1 CVs would mean more risk for those players, as it would be easier for newer players to gang up and counter them.

  1. Another option - One Class 3-5 CV in Homeworld Per Alliance Less controversial, but would be helpful is limiting Homeworld to 1 Class 5 CV in Homeworld Per Alliance.

Similar points to above increases risk and makes it easier for newer players to gang up and have a chance against the factions with Class 3 - 5 combat CVs. But with this option alliances can still bring out their larger ‘tank’ ships.

General Points

  1. Quicker fights mean less lag, as ships die and their turrets stop firing it has less strain on the server. Large Class 5 CVs take forever to die, and when you have a larger number of them firing for 60 minutes or longer that has a big strain on the server and lags out the playfield.

  2. Smaller CV limits encourages newer players to join the fight. They can test out their CVs and actually have a chance to win the fight. Yet, when a newer player jumps into the fight and sees a group of 3 - 5 Class 5 CVs they immediately leave, as most realize they don’t stand a chance.

  3. I’m not 100% here, but smaller ships also has less strain on the server as there are less blocks to calculate.

  4. With Class 1 CVs, you will have to make sacrifices in design. You will not be able to make a solid combat CV that does everything. You can build a CV that does everything, but it will have less armor. We will a larger number of model of ships, and that makes the game more interesting.

    1. Class 1 CV Limit Global
    1. 1 Class 5 CV in Homeworld Per Alliance, other limits remain the same.
    1. 1 Class 3 CV in Homeworld Per Alliance, other limits remain the same.
    1. Leave Global Limits as they are

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Personally, I love the idea of Class 1 CVs globally:

  1. It will encourage newer players to join PvP.
  2. I enjoy the excitement of knowing that I can die easier
  3. I enjoy the excitement of knowing that I will get RP/Kills/Loot, since you can’t really kill Class 5 CVs unless the pilot makes a HUGE error or lag happens.

This is a horrible idea we’ve discussed already.
My vote is no change. Class 5 was an improvement already and satisfied performance requirements.


There’s quite a big difference from class 1 to class 5 fights. Saying you prefer class 1 fights, is like me saying SV is better than CV. It’s just opinion.

I’d also definitely say leave them as they are.


class 5 is great and all but there is never risk involved. ship is so big as soon as shield go down you have plenty of time to just warp away unless you plan to fight to the death. at least with a class 1 you take the risk of getting blown away even when trying to warp. now dont get me wrong i love my class 5 but ill never fly it or even make one becuase its not worth it. Just my opinion <3

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I said why I prefer Class 1 CV fights. I completely understand there is a HUGE difference between Class 1 and Class 5, that’s why I listed out why I enjoy Class 1 CV fights.

Why do you enjoy Class 5 CV fights? Why would you prefer we stick to Class 5 CVs for Homeworld?

I don’t like class 5 fights. But some others do, and we can’t just change stuff because some don’t like it and some do. You have to think about the fact that some others might actually enjoy class 5 fights.


Hey Zack,

Never discussed why it’s a horrible idea, you just stated that you prefer them. If you gave out points, I apologize, but I don’t remember them.

Why do you think going down to Class 1 or even Class 3 CVs is not a good idea. What benefit is there to staying with Class 5s? I listed a number of reasons why Class 1 are good, and I listed my personal preferences as well.

We can’t discuss things if you just state that it’s a horrible idea without saying why you think that.

I believe the limits should be left as they are. people should be aware of the risk associated with a pvp area and adjust accordingly. homeworld is the only class 5 but the others are class 7 or 1. so I honestly feel like this post is kinda a agenda thing



Evereytime I look here there’s another post bringing up a non issue… seriously!


Absolutely! That’s why we are having a discussion on it. The point is to hear why and what people enjoy about Class 5 CV fights. Are the reasons why people enjoy Class 5 CV fights outweigh the benefits?

Also, if people enjoy Class 5 CV fights, then there is no issue to making some areas Class 5 and others 1 or 3 for the benefits I stated.

This is already the way it is.

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Building a good class 1 cv involves insane amount of minmaxing which will probably just discourage newer player from venturing into pvp. They will spawn their class 2 Nomad from workshop, try to mine in pvp, get warnings then leave at once.

As a separate point, currently good svs eat class 1 cvs for breakfast. While it’s good for Eton or Black hole, it will hurt the current balance.


True that, I’m also adding an option to the poll to just reduce Homeworld to Class 1 CVs, that’ll help with those factions just sitting camping Stargates in Class 5 CVs.

Just so you know. Poles on this forum are 100% useless, unless they’re posted oficially by RexXxuS or Jascha. 99.99% of players have no idea this exists.

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There are supergates for svs only. And you can leave pvp sectors not only from homeworld space. If you get camped, it’s your problem. It’s insanely easy in this game to run from the fight, even if you are not a good player. Damage calculation and lagshots work in favor of running player.

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It might or might not, but it is a fact that Class 5 CVs definitely discourage players from venturing into PvP. That’s why there are also poll options for just one Class 3 or 5 CV per alliance.

I’ve seen Class 1 CVs murdering SVs fairly easily, at least on a 1v1 or a 2v1. That said, I enjoy seeing 4 or 5 SVs gang up on a CV it’s a nice tactic.

This season, a single SV built right, can slaughter a class one CV.

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Yes, there are. It is easy to run if you want, but if a larger alliance wanted to they could still lock down the SV supergate.

That said, just because it’s easy to run doesn’t encourage newer players from joining PvP.

Citation please?

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