CV countermeasure

Well, seems like config will not be touched in near future and it’s sad. It means dumb propellers are ruling HWS PvP universe.

So, one day you might be caught by this dumb propeller CV and normally its a dead end for you. Most likely it will be some RED guy, cause they pushed the idea of projectiles evasion to HWS. Anyway, if you are in firing range of dumb propeller there are no chances you can get away by moving with S key. Also that guys almost never fight on equal terms, so most likely you will be overwhelmed by some SVs and CVs. If you are single CV no way you can survive CV + SV chase… unless you are super skilled pilot. But I got a solution for you, just watch this short video

So, idea is you are dropping your SV/HV and it acts like a “mine”. You can do it on the fly via undock command in console, no need to stop CV and do it manually. There are 3 possible outcomes:

  1. enemy will see your drop and take evasion maneuver. By doing this he inevitably increase distance to your CV and you got a chance to fly out of range of his guns.
  2. enemy will NOT see your drop and hit it like a wall, which leads to imminent stop. It also let you fly away. We tested that drop in creative and it was the most likely outcome. But we don’t test propeller, we flew straight forward.
  3. enemy will fly into the drop and get stuck there. Its the most handy outcome, cause enemy will be paralyzed for at least 5 minutes. No way you can free yourself quickly out of this. You need to leave your cockpit and do stuff like cb:getshiphere or cb:getshipdown. Needless to say you can just easily destroy your enemy after that. But probability of this outcome is pretty low cause your drop isn’t moving. You can increase chance of stuck by making tricky drop form, like this, for example:

Also enemy’s dumb spinning will increase chance of stuck too.

Just imagine how many salt, tears and cries you can make by capturing the enemy like this. Of cause you will be reported, blamed, called cheater and exploiter and all that stuff some players love to do and do best in PvP instead of playing. They just can’t forgive if you turn out to be a little smarter than them :man_shrugging:

I don’t see any rule violations here. But I warn you: you do this drop ON YOUR OWN RISK.


I don’t see this as any kind of rule breaking tactic, good thinking!

The issue i have with your tactic is using small corner blocks which are almost impossible to see on a SV/HV with solely purpose of blocking and immobilizing your opponents…

that itself don’t break any current rules, but it comes very close to this:

7.2 Do not dock your SV to enemy CVs. Due to bad game mechanics, this will instantly stop a ship and the enemy can’t do anything about it. It’s a worse offense than ramming / tackling.

Considering that your main intention with this is to block and immobilize your opponents without them be able to counteract it or do anything about it (at least not in a timely manner), i don’t think answering to one cheap trick/tactic with another, even worse cheap trick/tactic is a good solution…

Looks like you haven’t really changed much if this is still your main goal on this server…

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LoL, it’s not my issue. Better to remember JVI’s and RED’s bases on GG, which uses floating triangles. Personally I am against it (just because its obviously dumb and unrealistic), in my opinion it should be visual line without breaks at least. But for some unknown reasons its kinda “legal” here, so I just use it.

Absolutely fake news. I’m undocking a vessel, its speed is zero, it has no pilot, its turned off and its like asteroid - it just can’t move. If you have your eyes closed and don’t see where are you going and what are you doing - it’s only your problem.

LoL again, you don’t know me and read me very poor.
First of all, why should I change? Can’t see any reason. I got deal with Rex. I’m playing cause deal is not broken. Part of the deal is to not use exploits on HWS server - easy for me :slight_smile: It’s all you need to know.
Second, my main goal is to have some fun here… since config has changed fun amount dropped a bit below zero in PvP so I’m just not playing, also easy.
Also not a secret I love to read salty topics like this: Rule query : offline protection + landclaim on GG When one side makes a smart move and second just can’t deal with it :slight_smile:

The problem of HWS rules they are not specific at all. Everyone tries to interpret them in their favor. Like you now. So if you’ve invented something like this topic, you need to ask Rex about it, is it legal or not and all that boring stuff… So you can consider this an open question to community.
Personally I don’t need to use this tactics cause I can kill or leave without it, you should know this. It’s primarily for miners, who will be chased by pirates.

  1. floating triangles on a planet base? there is still structural integrity there, so real “floating” is not possible
  2. base blocks are stationary and 3 times as big as SV/HV blocks, especially dropped in front of you while flying at speeds of 100m/s
  3. yes, this type of building is still legal, and as long that is the case, people use it, especially the lowly PVE players/factions, as you like to say…

ok, so you are saying that 20-200m big grey rocks are same as (in this case) 2x2m SV/HV with less then (if my math is right) 0.2x0.2m sized blocks extending outwards in single line? sorry if my eyes are capable of noticing a bit of a difference there…

hmm, according to your own words it’s the most likely outcome, so you know this will happen most of the time…

you are right, i don’t know you, i know only some of your previous aliases you used last few seasons while you war banned…but i can read only what you write and you did write:

this part a bit confusing for me:

so did you change and you don’t use exploits any more or (because you can’t see any reason) you didn’t change and you still use exploits? :wink:
you see, it’s a bit hard to read you good when you write this way…

that is correct, some of the players on this server keep forgetting that this server belongs to Rex and his decisions are only important ones here, no matter what the players may think about it…if one wants to play on this server, he has to accept this…

i think “you read me very poor”, i have said that this doesn’t brake any current rules :grinning:

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Bud, the only confusing thing here is your avatar:


I got no rational explanation why you allowed to have picture with swearing. It’s pure disrespect for all HWS community and every member who chill here.
But if it’s legal and you got it for so long, why don’t you refresh yourself with this scent?

nothing confusing about it “bud”, this is a well known meme…
and this is coming from a person who has another name for drug “Crystal meth” as his forum name…

well, when you talk about respect towards HWS community, then, yeah, sure…
No one did got offended by this meme until now and i do have it for a while…so, if anyone is really so deeply offended by it (you not included, you are triggered by anything/anyone connected to JVI), i will replace it without problem, just a word from Rex or Jascha are enough.

wait, did you just try to tell me to f…k off in a nice way? very subtle :smiley:
i do use it every day, and it works, it does (mostly) keep idiots and a…holes away :wink:

It’s funny that you don’t react on anything else i wrote, instead you attack me over my avatar?
I have expected more from you…

I am done here, there is no point in writing here when you are going off topic…


There is rule (I’m not aware about change) about floating blocks on HV, SV an CV - they are illegal.

Also there is rule about “shielding” vessels, they are also illegal. But I’m not sure whether your “wall” falls under this rule. It is not on me to decide.

So anybody who hits wall with floating blocks shall report it.

Lol, its a solid line of triangle blocks. Go to GG and inspect your bases for same thing.
Maybe you just never been in creative…

Lol again.

Good luck

Learn to read - rule is for SV, HV and CV. Not BA.

Hmm, actually you are right :smiley: Well, another “gray” rule, but who cares?

Happier now?

Yes, much better :slight_smile:
And such rule doesn’t make sense for BA I think, because there is structural integrity.

Sure, floating triangles on BAs are very comfortable. They sit very tight in the air, it holds them well. They are pretty much transparent for turrets behind them and they are hard to aim. Just such as solid cubes, no difference at all :slight_smile:
Interesting fact: when the exploit is beneficial for JVI - its not an exploit :slight_smile:

This is just another unnecessary misconception from Eleon from their Narnia physics world.

Your “interesting fact” is nice, but it has 2 major issues. It’s not interesting and it is not a fact. For my time in JVI (3rd season) no member was banned or punished for using any exploit (or at least I’m not aware of anybody).

Unlike you - banned and punished so many times.

But you are right in 1 thing and I missed it in the first place - triangles as you used them are solid blocks, I didn’t understood it properly, so I do apologize for this misunderstanding.
But anyway I like the second design more.

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Its true. When I was playing in JVI I wasn’t banned and punished at all for my little things… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Oh yeah, of course I’m sorry for that, I was wrong, I will never play in JVI in future, etc.

In my opinion the rule is bad and needs correction, in should be solid visual line. So my triangles are also valid, I guess. I saw that triangle line on ABN tanks I guess… and they still rolling, kinda.

hey now that was an Op4 tank, not an ABN one.

OK, but it’s legal, right?

As far as I know, completely legal to do.

Good… now I need to construct SV drop, find a target and catch it with this method. Sounds like impossible :laughing:

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I’m confused, Op4 faction or Op4 the ABN member?