CV On planet taken by HWS

As the rule 1 CV / base per Person/faction… so is this 1 per person in the faction OR 1 for the entire faction… ?
is it looks it is 1 for the whole faction ?

This was unclear and we left 2 Cv’s on the planet.

Any of these limits are working always the same.
You have
Private and you have Faction.

Private = Your structure is private no matter what
Faction = Your structure is set to faction

So it takes both into account.

If you have 2 private structures there = bad
If you have 2 faction structures there = bad
If you have 1 private and 1 faction = bad
If you have nothing at all there but your teammates = bad

And generally: the warnings -> every 15 minute (5 in total = 45 minutes total time to react) only trigger if one of your faction members or you are online. So there is no-excuse-at-all possible to “I didn’t know”. Since it is your faction, they have to react.

Hope the mechanism is clear now

RexXxuS Pleas help my wy my ship is HWS?

wrong topic but you probably broke the server rule and your ship was seized. I saw dozens and dozens of offenders so these posts don’t surprise me at all.

please read it up here:

Since it is a kind of new I allow a one time change for free. But only in this year.

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