Happy New Year announcement

Hey @everyone,

no surprise, I am back from holiday and I am thankful @Jascha and @Achilles helped me out.

During my mini trip I got some new ideas which will coming soon™ … it will address RP gain… Hunter missions and more.
More importantly some changes will apply now addressing some issues I saw over the last week:

Starter Planets

People laughed about the “missing” Noob Protection rule in HWS 4.0. Large factions and veterans came back and raided the Starter Planets so new people got no chance in placing Auto Miners or capture a POI.
We try to implement soon an automatic way to not allow such players to return at all. It is just not good for the whole universe balance.
For now the new rule applied that you only can have 1 CV on the Starter Planets and Outpost. Either private or in faction.

How it works

You have
Private and you have Faction.

Private = Your structure is private no matter what
Faction = Your structure is set to faction

So it takes both into account.

If you have 2 private structures there = bad
If you have 2 faction structures there = bad
If you have 1 private and 1 faction = bad
If you have nothing at all there but your teammates = bad

And generally: the warnings -> every 15 minute (5 in total = 75 minutes total time to react) only trigger if one of your faction members or you are online. So there is no-excuse-at-all possible to “I didn’t know”. Since it is your faction, they have to react.

Smaller ships / bases are mostly destroyed after some time. Bigger structures are seized.
The fee of the seized structures are DEVICES * BLOCKS credits to get them back.

Reset of Deposits and POIs

With that said people started to complain about the wipe time in general. That they are working or sleeping at that time and we should delay it to another time/day. That is of course not so easy and redundant because it is always a bad time for someone.
The second request were randomly spawned POIs.
So the times will stay as they are and random POIs are also not really possible because the Seed is always fixed. I don’t want to risk problems because some people saying the seed per playfield is bugged.

Instead and solving the problem more easily: random times will be applied to the Deposit + POI resets. Nobody will know when and where the reset will happen but they will happen.

If you are settled in PvP make sure to have defenses against Drones because they will spawn again.
If you built underground bases near Deposits they might be refilled and you must drill them out again.


  • on frequent visited playfields the reset will be more often applied.
  • especially for 5.1 this allows us to change playfields perfectly for upcoming changes

The end is coming…

Nevertheless… happy new year to everyone and we are excited to see how HWS will perform in 2017.
Again I never thought that my little crazy idea will become so popular and successful.
Thanks to all of you - really! :slight_smile:

Your HWS Team


[quote=“RexXxuS, post:1, topic:3239”]
The end is coming…
[/quote] i love it!

Happy new year.

I like the random times. Then large factions can’t really time it and raid them all before someone else can. I just hope that my base that is like 50m away from a deposit does not get deleted :stuck_out_tongue:

Does this also apply to the PVE server?

Totally agree that once you leave you should not be mining on starter planets or even do POI’s. Those should be for the new players. That being said, I hope we still get the option to visit space and maybe even potentially land for small period of time. Sometimes it’s nice to be able to give a hand to people and also visit the market.

Midnight update

HWS PvE server is now also live on HWS Connect!

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Yes, it will be nice to have starter planets meant only for starting out as new players, or players that had to reset. Seeing big factions show up and put down tons of mining drones on every ore deposit and loot every POI an hour after planet reset was very annoying.

HAppy new year! Please explain. We can have only 1 structure on planet (CV or Base) and no matter private of faction it is? Or 1 CV 1 BA?

Hi Admins,
Donator here, i don’t brag about it and don’t regret helping a little for the server and may hlp you running the server again, don’t get me wrong its just My 2 cents about the current formula of the server :

-If you want us to leave Starter Planet, you should set the 1st Faction planet to PVE… of course with strict limitations about BA/CV. In 4.0x the learning curve was better ( you could say easier ), but now with ppl from your own Origins able to shoot each other, there is almost no point to plant a base in the 1st faction planet… its better to warp out just before the wipe and come back right after in the starter to farm, thus making the life of newbies harder. The 1st faction planet should serve at a stepping stone before going for the RP limited planets and pvp fighting (as most i really don’t like the current RP system, but i saw that you have something coming so i’ll don’t speak about it ).
The Newbies who just come out of starters, are just butchered once they get to Neptune per exemple ( if you are of trader origin ) then they just quit the server… loosing all your little ressources you gained after a week of farming the second you enter Neptune is no fun. Again the 1st faction planet SHOULD be a stepping stone ( orbit and moon should be pvp like it was on 4.0x but if you don’t have at least a little place to rest its too stressfull )
Again, this could be achieved by a limitation of BA and CV parking ( like only 1 BA per player/faction even if set to private/public with limited blocks and devices ).
I’m a member of a huge multi-gaming French community ( FrogSwarm ) counting 300+ ppl with many EVE online and world of tanks Vets, we try to get some of our ppl into the game but right now, the server is absolutely not user friendly in my opinion, and we already lost players who woud have come and become donator right away. We started Traders, we actually can’t do our jobs, the point 6 ( hws story ) of the Guide have become irrevelant with the current setup.
I hope you don’t get my post as a whiney non-constructive wall of text, but i like the game, i like HWS, you have so much potential, and iam become afraid of the way the server have taken, the PVPVE was great ( of course not perfect it had to be tweaked ).Then again i thx you for your work on this server and hope you may read or maybe consider some of my points.

sry for my english, im french.

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What origin did you select? And did you ally with other people in your origin?

So with the update that made alliances not automatic within a faction, you have to make sure you are allied with atleast the larger factions of your origin before you come to the origin planet from the starter. Also try to avoid coming the last few hours before the wip,e because the pirates of the server know that there will be a flood of people fleeing the apocalypse, and wait along the path to the planet. There is currently a base and CV limit in place (see the original post of this thread), so the origin planet is likely to have loads of people, but will atleast not be littered with them for the most part. If you are playing on the NA server, make sure you ally with LoT, we can make sure you get safely to the planet atleast. It is up to you to send alliance requests regularly to other factions in your origin, I have been making sure that no faction is refusing these requests, traders in particular there is NO reason to do so.
Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

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Does this mean only 1 CV/BA on the actual planets but you can still bring more than 1 CV into the orbit? Or does that count for orbit as well?

What do you mean by this statement? teammates count as a CV/BA?

Just to clarify, this means the playfields themselves aren’t wiping, just the Deposit/POI only? (didn’t know you could do that). Also what will be the frequency of the wipes, once per week?