CV turned into other faction

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What happened: My September turned from private into other faction. Now showing red to me at pve playfield. Also, in my structures, showing at CSW and I already moved it to Peacekeeper west. Picture below.
Player(s) with issue: AndreMR
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): 08/03 12:00
Playfield: Peacekeeper West
Structure Name(s): Maisep
Structure ID(s): 39363665
How can we help you now: Turned my CV back to me

Hello @AndreMR

hmm regarding our tool it is still set to you. (private)

When did it happen? After CSW?

I hope not, because @Jascha is in vacation for 2 weeks :frowning_face:

Yep, after CSW. Well, let’s see what happens after 5PM…

CV is gone now from my HWS connect structure. But my alien ship is still there by my base at Peacekeeper West.

Ah, another ID.
Ok, I have set it to your Faction now.

I don’t know if it worked due DSL so please let me know and ping me as soon as you are online + near the structure

No good. Sorry for this man.

ID 39915702 as in the picture

Ok, stay in game until I set it to you then. Don’t logout

Had the same issue with another player last night. At alien core, try to retake the ship. Same way you use the alien core in the first place

I’m on now.

Thanks dQgnflua. It’s close to my base and it’s not firing at it. I don’t want to mess with this alien core transfer for now but I’ll keep in mind.

Ok, is it your faction now?

It is. Thanks!!

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