CVs built as bases and Peacekeeper 2

So with the big Destiny wipe today I decided to go to Peacekeeper 2 for the first time today to do some crafting in peace. And there’s literally nothing or no one here. Just space. And that got me wondering, why does noone have a CV built here yet as a space base. Is there something that prevents this? (rules i don’t know about maybe?) Because frankly, blue crystals aren’t that hard to get and i’m about to finally have a space farm.

mmm… U see there some water, energy sources? No? oh, its so bad…

Man, if u had ever played on non-breathable planets, u should know: this bases besides gardens, must have 2-3 generators. And where u gonna put it in empty space? I even didnt mention about energy sources… So, there is no conditions for such bases. That why its used only as entrepot, and all gone to PK4 and Destiny.

thats what the market is for. I spend 90% of my time now in pvp space. I buy all my water and air. mine everything else.

If u live in PvP-zone, than why u wonna build Base on PK2 ? )))) But, nwm… Some people love structures in space, mb u one of them…

We did this decision because of you: the community :wink:
Look here!

I came here not so long ago ))))) So I didnt take part in dat vote… ((((

Btw: if people so wonna build in space/orbit, why did Destiny overbuild ? ))))) And where all dat orbit stations?.. I havent seen it yet.