Dead Farm on CV

After a number of successful harvests and continued optimal conditions, all my plants have suddenly died. 100 grow plots worth.

Do plants have a life span now?

Please report this on the official Eleon forum as this is a Alpha game bug and not related to HWS I’m afraid.

Look like hunting may have to be back in fashion for a little while… Or buy your food from an npc trader, there is a cafeteria in the egs hospital in elemental capital and also a pizza shop.

I guess you want a farm but we cant do much about this apart from report it until it is fixed as it may happen again.

The other possibility is that there was a breach in the Hull.

Through damage or multi tooling something.


No hull breaches, or tooling. No changes from when last harvested except that I left the playfield briefly.

Posted as bug report on official forums.

From what I heard plants now have a lifespan and if you do not harvest them in time, they die. Even if conditions are good. I haven’t tried it myself yet my OCD supplies me with years of food still.

That is untrue. Plants don’t have a perish timer, only the harvested crop from them does.

There is going around a big bug thread about this.

We strongly ask for more info such as:

  1. Playfield change > plants are dead if you come back?
  2. You change something in the base / CV (add, remove blocks, lights, etc) > plants are instant dead
  3. Server Restart > plants dead?

I just had this happen to me in my base. I have a feeling it is happening when no one is in the playfield.

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Number 1. I briefly left the playfield. Thats the only change.

Hi @RexXxuS

Just happened to me in our starter base on trader T2 NA server!

Power on base was on. walked out and back in within a few mins, all plants dead!
Tried to replant but died almost as I placed them!

Client_170611-121310-42.log (28.1 KB)
Client_170611-115245-89.log (22.6 KB)

Just happened to me again. I was in the middle of placing more plants in preexisting crop plots. I placed a plant and instantly every single plant died. Can’t really grow anything atm if everything is going to keep dying.

Couldn’t have happened top a better person @Mysterioso :wink:

Seriously. Cause I know you know how to troubleshoot it with Rex and all lol.

Ok My issue I think was sliding doors. The O2 containers had .4 Rads that seems to leak in when we walked by and the grav gen changed the temp when it’s slider opened.

I heard that there is a bug where if you make any additions or changes to your structure after you spawn the BP, plants die. Try a separate base for a farm and make no changes.

And please check if it still happens with the update today. Thanks

It hasnt happened since the update Jascha and hasnt happened on migration to the new server.

It also hasnt happened after amending structure or after leaving the playfield.

Hopefully thats the last we’ll see of it. I have now replanted all my 100 grow plots and with careful husbandry my crops are flourishing.

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