Death & Dying

In a game where survival is a factor, Death must deliver a respectable sting.

  • You lose 1 HWS DNA per death
    (You lose HWS DNA only if you are not on a Starter Planet and are Level 25)

  • Upon death, please be aware that your backpack may drop in a dangerous area. If this is the case, try to recover it with your Drone (F5). The removal time for a player’s backpack is currently 25 minutes. Being that this is an alpha game and glitches are always a possibility, you are highly encouraged to retrieve your backpack as soon as possible!

  • Fewer deaths also mean you might have a chance to get on the Kill Board. All PvP deaths are counted, and the more kills and less deaths you have, the higher K-D rate you’ll have.

  • If you die and clicked “Fresh Start” by accident we offer you a friendly feature: