Deleted Ships (Incorrect "touch" timer)

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What happened:
=> Had a few ships get deleted. The timer said they were not touched for 18 days, though this is not correct. All were flown on the same day as these:

Player(s) with issue:
=> TheState

=> NA

Time (cb:time):
=> N/A

=> Stella

Structure Name(s):

  • State
  • For you state
  • lucky 4
  • 1

Structure ID(s):

  • 112123
  • 12692575
  • 13412678
  • 13416679

How can we help you now:
=> I’d like to get these restored. It’s up to you whether to charge me or not for these. I’m not sure why they were not considered “touched” as I went through and made sure everything was, knowing I would be away for a while. I never verified that they were “touched” after doing so, so that part is on me.

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you have to make sure to literaly touch them.
I checked the logs and non of those ships moved at all or where touched. So as far as I can see all dates shown are correct.
They where all touched at the same time, but 17 days ago

Sadly this ship is already out of our backup. I could restore it manually but thats a lot of work an it would have to be worth it (so no warp sled or whatsoever).

The cost would be 25,5m and 3 RP

I restored the 3 that were possible and charged 15m and 3 RP.
Hope thats ok.

That’s why I said there might be a bit of an issue with the system as all were touched on the same day. I went into all of them, toggled power, hit P, and undocked/restocked. So none should have been deleted.

But anyway, thank you

It could very well be that you touched them before the tool registered that you were in game, or you might have been experiencing desync at the time and it didn’t register.

I’ve also noticed that if I jump into a cockpit without actually touching blocks first that it doesn’t register. I don’t think being in the cockpit counts as touched unless you physically touched blocks on the way in or out.

This is why I always wait a couple minutes afterwards to make sure that it updated on connect.

The touched timer is a game function. So the tool does not really do anything.
But the cockpit point sounds logical. Sadly the game has a wired way of counting if it was touched :frowning:

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