Docking a SV onto an enemy CV so he can't move

So as a fact?

It’s sucks that a SV can stop a CV from moving but on the other hand it’s cool that pirates can do a ‘boarding’ party now.

  1. I like being able to do a boarding party.
  2. There should be a proper boarding mechanic.

Let’s discuss a scenario though:

I fly my SV over to an unmanned CV that has a HUGE blind spot in it’s back and fly inside. I try to go outside and then promptly die from heatstroke, and can’t recover my SV because of that, it’s 500 degrees in that part of space. Enemy comes back and tries to fly his CV away but can’t because I’m stuck in him and he loses his CV.

Does that suck - yes it does. Was it done on purpose… no.

Should it be an exploit? No, because the only way this happens is if you leave your CV unmanned and an enemy can get his SV on it without it being annihilated. It requires a bit of luck, circumstance and the right combination of factors, and can only really happen when a CV isn’t moving so I don’t think it should be classified as an exploit.

Just my thoughts on what happened :slight_smile: and my perspective.



I see what happened, makes sense what happened, the hangar doors lately refuse to close on their own.

I would love to see some kind of boarding mechanic into the game, I think the game would be amazing if somehow your ship got frozen to a spot and the enemy could latch onto a door and board your ship (in that case, vice versa even 0.0 ) Only thing I could see would be what stops someone from “sinking” a ship rather than boarding it and killing the crew when its frozen?

I think you just simply found something that when on purpose can be an abusive move, but really good to know anyways, to avoid doing, the more you know.

I mean, Eleon implemented collision into the game, not sure if they did this intentionally or not though. If we could do a ‘tractor’ beam thing that’d be cool and in my perspective this is the same thing as a tractor beam.

The problem though Zed was that I had to blow up the hanger bay in order to get inside, and thus lost atmosphere that’s why I couldn’t stay alive - maybe if they made actual items that generated the atmo field rather than attaching them to doors?

Come on Ranzeth, for as much combined pvp experience as the players in your faction have and as smart as I know you are at the finer mechanics of this game, I find it hard to believe that you claim to not know of this, even admitting that there was no point to flying an SV in to EVA as you die instantly in that system.

Regardless of if it was intentional or not, after you were told in global that your SV docking completely bugged out the CV, you guys still chose to take advantage it and shoot up the ship instead of showing some kind of restraint. That is basically exploiting. A 500 ingot SV shouldn’t be able to completely disable a 200k ingot CV just by touching it.

Just because you can abuse a bug, doesn’t mean you should keep doing it after you knew.


I maintain that it’s not a bug it’s a feature.

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Really… a “Feature”??? I guess i missed that in the 6.0 patch notes, you know … the part where oh… lets say a Tie-Fighter with a broken docking clamp makes it so that a Star Destroyer could not move or jump to light speed? (to put in in classic Star Wars reference)

Sure the idea of “Boarding Parties” is a cool one… but its not in the game, just like shields, warp interdiction, and a ton of other cool things… yet. I think everyone knows about the stupid hangar bay door “bug” and i say bug cause yes… its on HWS and even Eelon bug forums. “Keeping the door shut” is not an answer, yes you blow off the hangar bay door anyways (so makes no real difference, and I did see your backpack in one of the screenshots I saw… but myself and booyah and many others also knew about the “undocked ship, cant move” bug, and when we are pointing the exploit finger at you in global, maybe then it would have been a better choice to back off and sort it out so no one gets accused at all? or at least give the guy a chance instead of pounding and coring a ship he was inside trying to escape in but couldn’t cause of this glitch. All that had to be done was to move the SV, he would have faced you or ran, no fault on either side at that point IMHO.

Details of the bug itself, ok sure, we cant prove you guys did it intentionally or even knew about it, but lets keep it as clean as possible and be civil to each other. It’s one thing to catch someone with their pants down "Yes, bad call to leave the ship alone even if only for 5 minutes on Booyah’s part, but when you know the guy is hard stuck… at that point its just grieving really.


Combat in this game has always been wonky such as crazy gun limits in 3.0 and before and center of ship turret targeting in 4.0 which let you build invincible ships unless they were donged.

Learn to embrace the gimmicks. It’s the only way to play imo.

  1. We didn’t exploit anything ‘after we knew’, it was said in Global after we had taken the vessel that it was a bug.

  2. Rex has said “Pirates don’t follow any rules”, that’s not to say we are going to go around exploiting, but that statement does imply he has no issue with us being tricky lil devils.

  3. Having an EVA boost would have made it worst as it’s the heat that kills you in that space not colde.

  4. My SV has a space that I can stand in when I get out of the cockpit, but for some stupid reason when I got out it chose to merge me into my SV, so I wasn’t able to stay in my pressurized zone and that’s what killed me.

No one intentionally did anything.

Here’s food for thought for you too, if I flew a SV around you and it got cored and by accident ended up ramming into your ship the same ‘bug’ would happen.

In ‘real life’ having a massive SV floating haphazardly in your docking bay would rip a massive breach in your hull when you tried to move as it’d probably tear a hole in it, so there are also consequences to moving with undocked vessels in your ship - maybe that’s why Eleon put a ‘safety feature’ so that you can’t move while there’s undocked SVs inside :wink:

Either way, as I stated this was not done intentionally. My death logs are proof of that.

On the other hand, as I pointed out before this is only possible if you are at a complete standstill. Had your CV been moving this never would have happened so I maintain it’s fair because you weren’t even guarding your CV at the time, and had you been the situation would have played out completely different.

Well, we are pirates it would be against our RP to give someone a break like that. That said you designed a CV with a huge design flaw that made it possible for us to get into your hanger.

  1. I don’t think having a SV sitting in your docking bay should stop it from moving, there should be an in-game mechanic for it. Because there isn’t one, I’m with Xanif on it being a ‘feature’ because it allows pirates to capture vessels in the right situation.

  2. People can point fingers all they want, we intend to play and enjoy the game. Our RP is pirates, pirates capture ships, this gives us a legitimate way of capturing CVs that are not moving and left unattended.

I can’t emphasis this enough - this only works if the CV is standing still. It’s basically begging for a pirate to come along. I mean sure we’d have cored it in a few more minutes anyway, but if Boo had been able to fly it he would have just warped away.

Maybe if targeting warp cores was a feature in the game?

  1. Backing off to sort things out? We were in PvP space, and had we backed off, waited and engaged when ‘things had been sorted out’. We would have been facing at least Two NFA or Op4 vessels since someone leaked into global chat where we were.

After we captured your vessel 2 or 3 of their vessels show up, and then 5 minutes after that another 3 or 4 showed up. Unfortunately, in PvP space once your on a course of action you need to see it through to completion and get out of there or be prepared for more action.

The game has needed an interdiction feature and a use for SVs since 4.0 when CVs got buffed.

It’s finally here. It’s about time an SV poses a threat to a CV. I think you really should embrace it as it adds so much more depth to the game.

Or we can all agree that it’s an exploit - but then you can never ever again whine about RAT running from a fight - because right here, right now there is a way you can stop people from running if we agree that it’s fair game.

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Cheap Exploit used by scrubs.
Not unexpected to see RAT lined up here to defend it.

Grabbing another CV with one designed for the task. I see that as a legitimate
PvP tactic that’s abit more realistic. Using a SV that has no where near the mass
of a CV and is faster than a CV is exploiting a game bug. That Sv should be obliterated
the moment it tried.

Readers of this should keep in mind Ranzeth was once a member of a faction that was
banned for exploiting. So his justification of this bug exploit is a sign he hasn’t changed
his character and his words should be taken with a grain of salt.

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I didn’t know that we assigned guilt by association on HWS.

RAT at this point is a pile of various former PvP factions…so I’m not sure what point you are trying to make anyway.

Well. Other than that you’re salty and hate RAT.


This thread has gone from good to great.


This is an accurate statement. I am surprised to see people defending an exploit as a “feature.” How laughable! I guess buried turrets were a features too since the devs didn’t prevent us from doing it! You are projecting what we all would LIKE as a feature on to a clear exploit. When the devs come up with with ship-to-ship boarding mechanics I’m sure they would announce it! This is an exploit pure and simple @RexXxuS

The voices in my head are reading, at least half of this conversation, in the voice of the Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons.


What possible explanation could there be for such a fantastically stupid game design choice as “You can’t move if there is an SV in your hangar” if not for boarding?

It’s makes zero sense outside of the scope of PvP.

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It’s not a bug or an exploit.
Read Eleon’s bug report threads. They have stated it’s a feature already and that you can’t move CV’s until all vessels inside are docked.

If you happened to take a CV into PVP space that allowed someone to do that to you, you asked for it. Period.


It’s a feature implemented for PvE to keep player’s (particularly new ones) from losing ships they thought were docked given some of the issues docking already has.

From a PvP aspect it would be exploiting, because in no way did Eleon intentionally add in a feature that completely locks down a CV with that sort of simplicity.

With that logic, you could sled a CV and take victory simply by grounding them w/ 10 blocks, and that’s intended.

While it may have been an intended feature to one extent to fix a specific issue, it’s byproduct is not intended, especially given the bugs surrounding it.

Clearly exploitative behavior, and unless you can show me where Eleon states that they did, in fact, INTEND, for the SV-CV docking change to be used in PvP as a method of disabling CV movement in that manner… my argument stands.


Really? Are you sure? A few months ago I’d have told you that they would never have given you the ability to have turrets shoot turrets - but here we are.

Fact is that it’s a feature they added. It’s not some strange bug or abuse of some undocumented mechanic or playfield geometry or hexedited BPs.

This is a feature that was intentionally added and as far as I can tell it’s working as intended.

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Really? The implemented an SV rooting a CV as a favor to PvE players?

Eleon is not that myopic.

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