Donation: Keep 70m Credits after full wipe (Call me inflation)

Hi sexy Rexy and Co.
Consider if you do not want to revise the 70 million donation. Thanks to GG, the credits are subject to huge inflation. See garages ships that are getting more and more expensive. For this reason alone, this donation should be subject to the same inflation. Please raise the amount to 100-130 million. That’s no money anymore. Or make the limit completely. There were actually times because of the huge interest that no longer exists. Why should hard-earned credits be wiped at all?


War zu faul selbst zu denken deswegen hab ich diesen text durch den google übersetzer gehetzt.
Überlegt euch mal ob ihr nicht die 70 Millionen Donation überarbeiten wollt. Dank GG unterliegen die Credits einer riesigen inflation. Siehe Garagen Schiffe die ständig teurer werden. Allein aus diesem Grund müsste diese Donation derselben inflation unterliegen. Erhöht den Betrag bitte auf 100-130 Millionen. Das ist ja kein geld mehr. Oder macht die Grenze ganz weg. Die gab es ja eigentlich mal wegen den riesiegen Zinsen die es nicht mehr gibt. Warum sollten hart erarbeitete Credits überhaupt gewiped werden?

Pew Pew


Hey greedy steeny,

let me start first that the survey gave me big and good feedback about our donations in general. And I’ll announce that some prices will change soon as well.

GG created some massive Gold values for some people, true. Also something reflected in the survey and also subject to change.

But inflation in general can be always seen in two ways:

  1. credits are hoarded because other prices are too cheap or the offer isn’t there. Why?
  2. you get more and faster gold than you can spend it on. Check.

Additionally, you for example, hoarding couple of 50k+ Gold ingot slots in your OCD, couldn’t care less about any keep donation in first place.
It is so much more complex and it really worries me to create a long term balance. Plain spoken: without an OCD wipe this won’t happen.

OCD is fine, more or less. But the prices of some things are not good. Too cheap for veterans and too expensive for beginner.
We created a big big Economy system on HWS, not even the real world can handle it. So it will be always a work in progress.

Back to the donation topic: if we increase it to 130+ million (obviously I won’t comment on the part why we removed the “keep ALL credits” donation) you exactly do the worst thing: creating an even bigger gap between veterans and beginner.
Again, if I would see from you and other who likes your suggestion an empty Gold OCD, I would think more likely about it, but for now I only see blind greed in it.
Edit: maybe the possibility to store gold in the OCD at all is the main problem here. I will think about it.

In fact it wouldn’t change anything at all in the current state. (don’t mention the pay 2 win aspect of it too) We would need to adjust every price because of that single change alone.
We have set the OCD lvl 6 upgrade price for a reason to 70m credits. To tackle exactly that decision and further late game content.

That is my opinion for the current situation at least.
If we implement soon more things to buy / upgrade we can also talk about that topic again.


Yeah thats the other Prolem I hate it so much to buy and farm gold to storrage in the OCD. And why? Only to get far in the future the OCD LVL that is too highly extremly mega pewpew ultra to expensive :smiley:

Thats the Point. If we could take more credits with us we dont have to store that sucky gold ingots in the OCD!!

The second point is the Bank lvl. We need 135 Million Credits to get as fast as Possible the Bank lvl 5! So there is a differenze of 55 Millionen Credits per Wipe when we only can use 70 Million form the season before! That Differenz I have to store every season in the OCD with gold Ingots. That sucks too. I hate it :smiley: So the reason ist Higher Limit for Donation or cheaper Bank price. I have not the time to farm at the first weeks 55 Million Credits on GG. and after 1 Month its not useful to buy Bank lvl 5.

And with more Credits you wont be better. why? What could I buy me with 500 million credits? Nothing useful to get inbalaced :smiley:

Hmm, maybe buy a dozen garage SV/HV/CV and a bunker on homeworld from the start? A double/triple health and damage SV/HV Is pretty darn useful late in the season, at the start it would be even more useful. Also if gold is “Nothing useful” Why make a thread about keeping more credits/gold? :slight_smile:

you can all of that buy with 70 millions… you dont need 500 millions of it^^

I dont see how this says anything… This acually proves my point. With 500 MIL you could always replace anything, just with interest. Fart garage ships. A poor noob will be dead everytime.

you get the same interest. with 70 million or 500 million when you have eb lvl 5

I’d about everyone else but if gold were taken from the ocd and not being able to store it, I know myself and at least 2 other players that would not continue playing on HWS. The system is fine the way it is I think, if we want the noobs to be on the same playing field as veterans, why have any of the features that have been added? That is what makes HWS unique… You get “rewarded” for continuing to play here. If you take that away, what reason do I really have to keep coming back every season and starting over vs playing a different server? Not trying to attack anyone but trying to explain what I think makes HWS unique.


I dont understand how you fail to see my point… Let me put it this way. If 500MIL is no big deal, WHY do you want it? Or want to store gold at all? Clearly we all think 500MIL would help us to gain an advantage or we would not mine at all, or save up. By limiting us, noobs can catch up. I was that NOOB in this season and now I am almost up with everyone else. I think current limits did pretty well. Though I question just how fast RexXxuS wanted people to be able to earn everything, but I loved this season! (Aside from lag)

I agree 100%. I am looking forward to season 8 thinking “Boy I EARNED SO MUCH to start with!!!”

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BEcause its hard sucky to store gold in OCD with ingots. So its better to take it in form of credits after the wipe!

This is my last reply, ONE thats the whole point of OCD 6-7. TWO you still have not answered my first question. Why is 500 MIL so important to you anyways? If you have everything you want? lol Who cares?

This feature helps new players by giving them more credits for their ingots than if they converted them to coins. It is actually a really good thing.

There is a donation already to eliminate that, keep bank level.

I see so many players with all this money and yet they never bring garage ships into battle, why not? If hoarding credits is your endgame then be happy you won. If PvP is your endgame then you are doing it wrong, buy a full brigade of garage tanks and invade GG with your alliance. I don’t understand the problem here.

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You still need the money the first time to upgrade it.

At the risk of angering literally everyone hoarding gold ingots, I just want to say that I feel the OCD is a bit too generous. Honestly I would do several things different if it were left up to me(though I didn’t say as much in the survey because I’m fairly new to the server)

  1. Modify/Reduce most current values for OCD slots and stack sizes
    Lvl 1: 6 slots; 100 stack
    Lvl 2: 12 slots; 250 stack
    Lvl 3: 25 slots; 500 stack
    Lvl 4: 50 slots; 1,500 stack
    Lvl 5: 80 slots; 5,000 stack
    Lvl 6: 120 slots; 15,000 stack
    Lvl 7: 170 slots; 50,000 stack

  2. Allow only Gold Ore and not Gold Ingots(Gold Ore stack is 1/5 the value of Gold Ingot stack)

  3. Switch Advanced Features for levels 6 and 7 with Change 2 in mind
    PvP seems like less of a sought after feature than the ability to store Gold related items, especially after considering the cooldown times within PvP.

  4. Possibly increasing cooldown times(testing needed)

  5. Adjust the price of each OCD level

The only thing that might be a bad decision would be the swapping the PvP option to level 6, basically it will allow someone to store anything they’ve managed to mine once when they see an incoming PvP threat but then be restricted from accessing the OCD for a good deal of time. Or, from the other end, allow them to pull out a ton of blocks for establishing a beachhead.

Never! You’ll never take my OCD! I’m a hoarder and proud of it!

Honestly, though… I make my money from trading. Those are my trade stores. You’d be eliminating an entire play-style. And regardless of play-style, the reason HWS does well and gets players that stick around is because they can keep their hard-earned materials. Take that away, and membership will die off fast.

Aside from that all, players have paid real-life money for their OCDs with the promise that they would be around eternally. Reneging on the OCD promise is the same as having sold a product under false pretenses. If you got them only with in-game credits then do what you want, but since people have paid the server for a service, I expect they will want the service they were promised in exchange for actual money.

@Supreme_Admiral honestly I think some slight reductions in the amounts per level, along with rearranging advanced features, is a better solution than outright removing the ability to store Gold in the OCD as it seems is a thought from @RexXxus currently. I don’t suggest removal of the OCD, and the changes aren’t all that major. Levels 3-6 might be a bit too much, but the rest aren’t that bad.

Honestly, after you’re able to store Gold I feel that is the main things people are wanting more space for, in order to start the next season with as much as possible. Otherwise most people would just stop at Lvl 5 and have plenty of materials stored for any following season.

Well, I strongly disapprove of changing the terms of a purchased product, especially when anyone (like me) can achieve the same without donating.

@RexXxuS As for removing gold from OCDs all together, all I have to say is this. If you do, you will have 2 options:

  1. Eliminate the donor package to carry 70M
  2. Stop advertising that HSW is not pay-to-win
    At that point, donating would be the only real way to carry money, and HWS WOULD be pay-to-win. You’d also see a LOT more alt-accounts set up to carry even more money, which only furthers pay-to-win. I know you don’t want that…

I said I think about couple of things. Not that I will change something.

I am well aware of things going on on my server, no worry :wink:

There are just two things which are always worrying me the most:

  1. bored players
  2. inflation, which cause bored players

Or my expectations are too high… the survey told me in general I should chill more and stop pushing so hard but well… that is my passion.

Anyways, I think this topic here is done for now.


Not before I get my 10 pence in!

I say burn OCD and wipe it all! All credit… Everything! Muhawahahaha

Just kidding, although that would be awesome I’m sure anarchy would break out and people would be out for blood at this stage of game development.

I see it as besides HWS garage ships and Hws unlockable features credits don’t serve any purpose in the ‘actual’ out of the box game currently

But what if one day… Eleon add something worth spending credits on… Or HWS adds something of that nature.

As a player who had everything I loved the hoarding but a time does come when you really… Have it all. This may not apply to everyone but for me I’ve gone full circle. I remember my first 10 mil… Every day checking my bank balance, playing the market and being smart about making credit (it was harder back in HWS 2 and 3 but god damn it I was proud.

The more credit I had and the more items I threw into OCD the less I had to do and really wanted to do.

In the end I got bored of having it all. I was all about pvp but I lost that feeling of real risk and loss… Without that why bother I thought.

But this is just me, i think I’m addicted to the struggle…i like the idea of having it all but really nothing quite beats the feeling of losing everything. It’s kind of… Liberating.

The issue is, yea I could totally reset it all… But the thought that I would drop to seabed whilst others I started with still sat at the top is hard take. I’d feel wasted… But if we were all chucked overvoard together, well then the struggle to be the best is on again :smiley:

I dream of HWS 1.0… What you say, there has already been a HWS 1.0…

One day Hws has to push that big red button, its alpha… If and when eleon ever fully release is the day I will join the server as a fresh faced Jimmy just like everyone else, and then it will be time to face the beautiful struggle again.

One day :wink: