Donation Path Forward (Planets/Systems)

There’s been quite a bit of discussion regarding the purchase of a system and all the planets in that system, as well as the upcoming changes, and how that system will be handled in the future. Can you please provide us with some details on how this is actually going to work going forward?

Specifically, can you answer the following:
Will there be planets (or systems) that people won’t be allowed to enter, and only members of the purchasing faction will be allowed to enter and establish a base on?

Will the resources currently on those planets remain unchanged?

I imagine that based on the answer to those two questions, there may be some follow on questions.

Thanks for a great server, looking forward to your response.

yeah i interested aswell, i heard an certain faction would get an planet and make it full pve, and only have their faction on it, seems kinda too powerful to have such options to choose from if the main galaxy is pvp, for me its an gamebreaker.

kinda unbalance the world by alot, now we will have those people that cant be touched and still roam around the galaxy and kill people.

Hey Woodchuck,

thanks for your questions.
Some informations are provided already in the card. Just click on the “i” (information) for it.

Custom planets will be put there (red circle):

They choose right or left.

This was still my answer even though Jascha needs to code it. So he has the final word about it. In my assumption it is similar to the current “Pirates don’t belong to PvE” system. So we want to build that (for the faction planets needed anyway).
People can then tell me how they want their planet.
As you can read in the card there are some limitations though like only common resources, orbit is pvp and so on.

This is of course something I don’t want at all. In the first place this donation package is a true support for our high cost for the servers but still a great opportunity for your gameplay.
They can choose that it is PvE but regarding the universe “every PvE planet has their taxes”.
4.0 will bring quite a lot of new stuff so we might see how we adjust this regarding the custom planets like OP for example.

However if we see it is abused we will step in of course.

Well Zappe told me that his faction would get an perma pve planet, and only his faction was allowed on it, seems like pretty much game breaking, when they have an whole planet for themself and noone can go there haha.

The distance in 4 to the planets will be greater from the looks of it.

My hunter faction will have a base on hunter planet for NPC (if possible) and a Harvest farm for food. The rent idea is awesome. I’ll be paying about 250k a day to have that which I love, it’s finally a way to nerf all the money in the game and stop overcrowding. Defo more role play

As for my area of operations I will be completely based in pvp, I will have bases on a planet. All built and ready to defend from the likes of you thranir ;).

All my CV/SV will be in space. Ppl won’t be able to hide in pve unless they literally just want to farm…no quick 25 pentax warp like now.

Everyone keeps most of the important stuff in OCD anyway. For me pvp is about losing CV/SV…I mean I’m sure after I’ve spent 3 hours prepping my bases in 4.0 with ammo etc to find the next time i logged in someone has used an exploit or a sneaky way to defeat the bases…for what? There won’t be any amazing loot in there, there has been no pvp fight?

The pvp community loses credibility with offline raiding imo. No skill involved, I know you hate OP thranir but I would build an empire on pvp if I had it. Then if you or sw&p came to attack then 1. I Could defend and 2.if I lose I will actually lose alot…in a non frustrating way which means my response will be…

That’s pvp for you :slight_smile:

I’m literally only interested in PVP but it has to be in the right way, I don’t mean my terms I mean…if you destroyed my base fair and square when I’m offline that’s cool also,that would be down to me not building proper but so many pvp players moan about op and stuff being exploited but literally so many will exploit in destroying bases…how many bases do you see in pvp atm?? None…Why?

1.Forced to build underground to have any chance…that’s as bad as offline reading, how boring…

2.Base will 85% be unfairly ammo drained or taken down by exploit

  1. You need 1,000,000 ammo boxes which take 1,000,000 hours to fill. (To try save when offline)

For all the hate OP positives 100% out way negatives without it imo.

I’m a pvp player and I’d like to see more pvp players agree on this cos the game should be fun, it’s about winning and losing not being king and destroying easy targets over and over. How many ships you lost to all those unoccupied bases you destroy thranir? My bet…0

Think about it thranir how many people will forget to log in or can’t in 24 hours…you will definitely see alot more bases and be able to still take down offline 24 hours is so little. I go away with work for 3 days every few weeks…I can’t log on then, Mark my base if it’s too hard to beat lol and then keep checking up and one day bam!!! You get your chance and destroy everything I have…you get the awesome smug feeling I regret work haha


Yes thranir. I am doing this to get people like you not being able to use any exploit or ships with 1 million guns on it to take down my base. It could be nice to be able to defend bases but with the game as it is now there is no other way then settling down in pve.

I have tryed bases in pvp and due to the fact that i dont want to dig anymore its impossible to defend bases.

When limits will be done in pvp i will come back to space. without limits its no meaning.

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Here’s an odd scenario: What happens if too many people buy planets? Like, if you never change the planets that are named that people pay for then in theory if enough people buy them there won’t be any more planets for sale.

To be honest I never thought that people would buy planets. Maybe I need to increase the price :wink:

But well technically it is better to have more planets in one orbit than having planets spread in different orbits. Currently we have 7 planets in one orbit and all is good. So “too many planets” won’t be reached so easy.
If I understand you correctly.

I am going to Necro this topic - so now that you guys have your planets - do you think it was worth it?

I am having a tough time figuring out why people bought them given that they offer no real functionality over faction planets given that they are taxed at the same rate.

The benefits of having your own planet is as follows
1, you can chose who can enter it
2, SO for example:- only your faction is allowed in you can then make sure that
2.1 not too many bases are build so less cores less lag, less problems
3, you can stop them bring a cv to the planet hence causing less lag
4. you trust the people there not to cause trouble like grefing.
5. you know that if you leave certain things on public it will not be taken by a stray faction.
6. you keep the poi’s so new members can kill the alians as they spawn and level up without despaning the poi’s.
7. The faction are free to do what they want withing the faction rules.
The List Goes On…!

Yeah but you get taxed on everything just like Faction planets - so what’s the point?

There isn’t a single base on Pirateplanet as nobody wants to build anything there as they’d need to pay tax on it.

So what’s the point? Nobody breaks your autominers? That’ll be fixed in 4.1 anyway.

Do you actually have a planet?

So what if we have to pay the tax the game has too much gold floting around it needs to back into the game in oder for the game to work.

I own Magrathea and Magramal in Neopalis West. I bought them back in 3.2-ish mostly to provide a safe place for our non-pvpers (our wives) to build and sprawl in while enjoying the safety of PvE. Second reason was to support the efforts of Rex/Jas since this isn’t their day job, just their hobby and time is money.

Was it worth it? As far as game balance goes, there’s no advantage to it. The low 0.5 gravity sure is fun to hop around in though :smiley: Donator planets still pay full taxes, only hold small common ore resources, random mobs etc. I did request for my planets to have NO POIs since they were one of the major contributions to lag in 3.X.

I still feel that my purchases are worth it to have a no/low-lag playfield to fart around on.

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Did you guys actually build anything there? What do you guys even use them for?

Well, we did, and then got hit with about ~90mil in taxes yesterday. So we broke almost everything down until our faction can build back up some RP (we just switched back to HbH from LHI since lawless generate 0 RP and would make it wholly unaffordable.)

Yes , can several factions be allowed on 1 planet or maybe even a system if thats allowed ?
… a few of us are wanting to pool our funds and buy a planet/system also please ?


multiple specific factions can be allowed on one planet.
On NA no planet are available anymore though.

WOW … that was sold out fast… it’s only been a few days :frowning: you may want to let others know also ?

any chance we could share a planet ? or can you not say who bought the other planets on NA ?


Everyone can see it

Well you can ask the others if it is ok for them. Or make alliance with them. If you enter planets in Neoplais East / West you get a warning with the faction tag it belongs to :wink:

No problem.
Yes, I have never thought that this would happen, really. But we had to limit to 10 to keep server stability playfield amount wise. In HWS 5.0 I will consider this more detailed.