Donator planet glitch

i live on hellhiem; my faction war is allowed on the planet; several other members go there no problem; however for some reason when i enter the planet get a warning saying my faction isn’t allowed, even though it is; and its just me not other members of the faction. a day later this happened to the owner of the planet too who is in a different faction. it has almost been 7 days and my stuff might despawn soon; i need help urgently.

DO request one of your faction mates to visit the structures for you while this matter is sorted out…

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private bases to keep faction base limit flush but ill try

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non faction mates can visit structures.


I am one of the owners to Helheim and would love for this to be fixed. I am not able to access helheim as well as some others. Please help fix this so we can continue to use our donator planet. Thank you.

Like Utred said, we haven’t been able to go visit our stuff and I have a base with about 5-10 mill worth of stuff in it as well as a couple brand new Cv’s and would hate to lose that much stuff over something so simple. So again, PLEASE contact me as soon as possible and we can get this resolved. Thank you so much !!

I recommend taking turns flying down with throwaway sv,s and jumping on vital things. Atleast thatll keep em alive.

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Alright hopefully that helps out thanks man

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Should work again. If you have the problem agian let us know.
I touched all structures that were not touched for 6 or more days. So you are save.



Also, for what it’s worth, the last touched goes for any touch - be it by the owner or some random guy.

I had a starter charity base for weeks after they locked vets from starter because it was so frequently used, it never despawned till the wipe happened. (Now I can get 14 RP a day, yay!).

For future reference, anyhow. Anyone can touch your stuff and keep it alive. :wink:

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:yum: Also we saw the same thing with our starter aid station lol.

i just went there and got booted; it has not been fixed; got there as i was dying of O2; died; spawned in area and was on margetha and then got teleported out but i had already gotten my final warning on hellhiem

Sorry got time now to look into this topic.

This is wrong. Who said it?
I need verification from the planet owner that the faction “War” is allowed on Helheim. Maybe I missed the action to do it but I doubt it. So currently “War” is not allowed on that planet.
You will get warped out from that planet.

That is technically also wrong. H86 is allowed on that planet since the beginning. You can of course land on that planet.

I really don’t know why you got to Magrathea but that is also wrong. Only possible if a public medic station is there or you lost your ship there but even then it is a different playfield.

Weird but check the conditions above first.

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war was renamed from WKN; subsequently obsey left war and restarted a new wkn; the new wkn is allowed; the members of war(previously wkn) areallowed and still have access; except for me

but he cannot; he gets the warning and warped just as i do; it has to be character specific since other war memebrs retained their ability to enter and use the planet

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I think Jascha had fixed it for everyone, sorry I should have told you Rex. He came in game and it was working for me so I’m not 100% sure who all is affected right now

i am still effected :frowning:

Rex this is only slightly related, but it is noteworthy. We are still seeing consistantly that if you jetpack into Auctoria, you wind up falling into Crimson instead a little over half the time.

once again i still can NOT get on the planet; i will try again when i get back in the morning; please fix this

@Utred listen please: nobody from a faction “War” can enter the planet Helheim!
WKN is still allowed if you thought that would be the case.

Since the owner of Helheim don’t complain here I will allow War now.
Next time communicate it with me properly and don’t assume that you are allowed. A faction name change is important.