Missing ships :(

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Please help me get these Cv’s back. You told me you touched everything but a day later 2 of them de spawned. Please help

Well I forward this to @Jascha because I reject your request since you don’t read this post.

What CV’s are gone?
Cant help you with no Names/ID’s nothing.

What’s best way to find name and ID’s if I don’t have them? And Rex sorry I didn’t read something? I might have missed it…

Have you ever used HWS Connect???

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He knows how to use rockets and plasma’s Jascha. :slight_smile: Let me help him find his ship info and reply back with all the stuff necessary.

This is probably back when he couldnt get back to his planet (helheim) when he changed his faction name

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Hop is right, I just PVP and help noobs so they can PVP with or against me. I will go on HWS connect right now and get that info. Sorry about this.


If I’m not mistaken it’s named Retro Fit…Ship ID-17335001. the other name I can’t find or remember. I tried looking but it shows no CV’s were despawned during the 9 day period other than this one…I hope this helps!

Sorry the response took forever! Passed out last night after a long hard day of raiding on Saturn hehe (:

Okay I might be wrong about this ship ^ still new to structure cammander. Hop is trying to help me get it figured out!


in talking with Colin, hes most interested in the bigger CV’s deleted on helheim while he couldnt touch them (lock off the planet).

Heres the last ships > 5k blocks with a last touched < 20 days and playfield = helheim.

Name of Structure Structure ID On Playfield E/W position Height position N/S position Lights Triangles Class Powered? Fuel Last visited Device Count Block Count Deleted
2Cold’s Cone 29402025 Helheim 2514 72 965 0 57096 3 FALSE 0 12 13:18 471 8108 TRUE
Small Vessel (SV) 30138030 Helheim 2565 67 954 4 60600 2 FALSE 13134 14 08:48 203 5523 TRUE
Docking Tower 12442050 Helheim -3777 58 474 0 182440 3 FALSE 1246 14 09:32 87 9972 TRUE
Zømbie MkII 17632001 Helheim 2784 50 819 1 210856 4 FALSE 212259 17 13:12 158 18087 TRUE

Okay Hop is correct! He did all the work for me and I’m thankful for that. Still learning lol … Those are the ones I lost I’m pretty sure of. I know for a fact 2Cold’s Cone was one of them! I hope Hop helped! No hurry on the ships, can spawn new ones until then (:

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sorry. But those structures were obviously gone before you told us about the incident and before I touched them.
Since our backup does not go back that far, we cant do much. Sorry.

29402025 is the only structure that was deleted 3 hours before I could touch them. That means you did not visit them already for 9 days at that time. Zombie MKII was already gone 5 days then… thats way to late to let us know.

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Hate to say it but the structure commander is wrong because I faught in space just a couple days ago against Mcprouty and LoT members. I didnt visit it for a week at most and it’s saying 12 days. I can’t remember the names well so it’s hard to tell. I am not trying to get ships for free or something … But okay thanks for the “help” you didn’t touch our stuff when you told me you did because when you said that I was standing there looking at the ships that despawned. Not calling you a liar I’m telling you maybe the structure commander is wrong.

I guess I’m still a noob and learning how to use this. Thanks for the help.

Not a very nice thank you for my help that was more then we usually would do :(. I guess there will be not much support for you next time.
Its nothing wrong here with the structure commander and I DID touch all those structrues, otherwise you would have lost 15 other structures that you did not touch. And those structures i touched did not get deleted.
The touch times of those structures listed are from the game (I’m not looking at your structure commander). That means you did NOT touch them for long. They also did not move at all for long time.

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