Dont know if possible but an idea

A LONG time back I played a game called Jumpgate which had a very interesting system for pvp that would (if implementable) work very well for this server.

System as follows.

Players can choose either “military” or “Civillian” status that can be changed at cetain stations/planets ie Ele market.

Military players would get RP (or a reward of some sort) for killing other Military from other factions(of different origin)
However if a mil player kills a civ they get a penalty or a bounty on their heads which reduces over time in pvp space.

Civs may only kill players with a bounty or those of pirate faction without penalty or they get a bounty (or penalty similar to a rouge mil pilot)

Pirates can kill anyone anyware in pvp space.

I see a lot of salt in game due to origin “team kiling” that this would help to avoid (as long as all origin pilots used the ally system for now as only way to stop auto hostile)

This would not stop true pvp where ppl looking for fights will find them and may even encourage ppl to try pvp when they see a fat bounty on a nearby ship.

I know this relies on people using ally but maybe there is a way for server to set all origin races as ally by default (i doubt it but maybe) meaning going “rouge” is a concious decision made by ending the alliance manually.

Text wall complete :slight_smile:


thanks for the idea!
Well sadly this was already our road we went through… little reminder story:

So this is not going to work in reality.

But as soon as we can check with the API if Player X killed Player Y we can start to give automatic boosts / bounty rewards / penalty, etc.