HWS 5.0 - Merry Christmas Announcement

Hey @everyone,

let me write some sentences before the patch content.
The last week was to be honest the most difficult and kind of most unhealthy week for me till now. Not only that couple people pressured me about trivial stuff or serious stuff they also blamed our 5.0 ideas / universe / 5.0 vision without any clue what the heck is going on. That was ridiculous unfair and not cool at all.

To bring it straight to the point: we work with Eleon together so we have insights you don’t even know. For example regarding Origins. 5.0 is very focused on them. You can’t understand it now but give it time and see the high potential it brings. PvP or PvE doesn’t matter. Just check it out for yourself.

Also with the next patch (5.1) so much will change… so much is possible that I fear I will never get sleep. But it addresses a lot of your cries. So keep calm. I told you that a new era began where we really take care of feedback and communicate it with Eleon. (for example HV drilling meteorites)

It is not a generally veto for feedback but 5.0 changed the whole game for Multiplayer. Give it time and come back with feedback before 6.0 hits the day again (even though 6.0 will change a lot again too).

Last but not least I will step back now a bit. Not only due holidays but also to take a rest.
On the one hand I am super proud of Jascha / Achilles and the rest who helping me with this crazy HWS idea but on the other hand I never thought that it is so stressful… so much hater, envy, etc. are out there making my life difficult.

If I look in the future the little HWS idea from me, started in March 2016, isn’t be little anymore and hugging every Get Support Ticket, hugging every cry is not humanly possible anymore for me I’m afraid.
That just means that I will be more strict in referring to the Guide and existent topic. But more importantly you can help yourself within the community!
Because this is something I am especially proud of: the HWS community! You helped us in so many ways, you believed in our vision and supported us over months. A really big thank you to all and I hope you forgive some mistakes we do from time to time. Only together we can build something big and strong.
Thank you!

HWS 5.0 after patch notes

So let me start with the patch notes and addressing the cries from people here and there.

HWS 5.0 Guide


The Guide is finished. You will see a lot of updated content and as promised a very simplified version of rules and laws.

Yes rules hugger out there, there are now some undefined rules. We got rid of them with intention but we thing it the main idea of a helpful, good community is still present. As mentioned earlier: we can’t call the pink elephant in the room all the time because some people are dedicated elephants shooter.

So you miss a rule? Well think yourself before going into the dark. Ask yourself questions if this might be causing damage to the community / to the server in any way. If you hesitating or don’t know the answer just don’t do it! There is no excuse.
Here is the bottom line of everything

Summary: as soon as you enter HWS you enter a big, friendly, helpful, respectful community. Any way you cause damage to these principles can be punished.

PvP vs PvE

As I said with the Origins and new features introduced in 5.0 PvE is overrated. Or at least just at the beginning on a PvP server.
For that reason you have a third HWS 90% PvE server (more about it later). The server is more layout as a story server now. And like in any other campaign / story game you need to play the game couple of hours to achieve something.
Everything else is either Singleplayer (with cheats) or a random other server which don’t care about it. Your choice.

Anyways soon the rotation planets are also counted as PvE regarding OCD. So you have more sneaky options to play the game.

NPC Trader

The last two days it took me over 12 hours to setup every NPC Trader. And still not 100% finished regarding LCD screens and furniture.
So this was ridiculous for me and from now on the donation price for a NPC Trader is 70 €. It needs to stay in balance with the effort I spend for it.

As seen in the Guide there are some limits now:

  • you can’t sell Epic Weapons
  • you can’t sell Auto Miner / -cores
  • you still can’t sell Gold in any way
  • you can max. have 4 NPC Traders per server


Regarding the prices it is now more controlled by me in checking the overall credit distributions of players.


You can now choose if you want your Trader in the pre built Elemental Marketplace station or somewhere else. It is even possible to build it in PvP with an Admin Core (invincible and needs no fuel) but this will add 50-100k credits to the selling package as a protection fee.


Jascha worked furthermore with the API and released a very nice patch today:

You can now interact with the OCD. Just type ocd:put to get the OCD window.

  • ocd:put:all is still working
  • ocd:get maybe coming later
  • illegale items needs to be taken out to be able to close the window again

Further OCD restrictions / reward

To enhance the exploration factor in HWS we now also disallow to put Epic weapons and Auto Miner till you get OCD to level 6.
OCD level 6 and 7 can’t be bought via a donation or in another way. Only through successful trading / hunting.
Good luck!

Origins / Alliances

It was a very long and hard fight and in the end we got the setting to choose if people are per default in alliance within the same origin with others. We thought that this is great! People get better used to the alliances and can play together.
But we failed. It is the same technique as with the Offline Protection. People went ahead and killed people who thought they are “friends”. We don’t want this suspicious / unpredictable / shady gameplay.

From now on people are not allianced with others per default when creating a faction.
You HAVE to actively ask for alliance with the others. Spread the word!

HWS Auto Miner

As we announced they were frozen the whole 4.0 till now. But the time has come… they are awaken again!
This is for helping people living in PvP and need to defend their base 24/7 of course… It is also a more flexible way of playing with resources and support the trading globally for people who are in need

New supply packages

Also seen in the guide but here a quick showcase:





Reputation Points

So as you can see per week you have basically a good startup for getting RP now. Still combined with the change due OCD put you need to take care of your weapons and make these items still very expensive and lucrative for trading!

We also changed the RP lose if you die. Everyone will lose now 1 RP on death.
Keep in mind that the main intention for that were to fist the ammo drainer ( still with success )

People crying about never be able to get RP and play minecraft in the Lagoon Planets?
Let us see

NA scoreboard

  • Rank 1: abrum13 - 64 RP
  • Rank 2: Cookies&Cream - 31 RP
  • Rank 3: Ivanov: 25 RP

EU scoreboard

  • Rank 1: Opiophagus - 26 RP
  • Rank 2: Kadean - 24 RP
  • Rank 3: numsi - 23 RP

And this after only 4 days. Perfectly as intended.

New HWS Connect welcome screen and other HWS Connect improvements

Some of you maybe saw it. We have a better landing page

Hope you like.

  • Other than that a lot change in HWS Connect and more is coming.
  • Global Scan is now implemented and waiting for your big action. Again this is the first integrated gameplay between the game and the server. More of this like interaction with the bank credits and OCD coming in the future

Deposit / POI reset

HV moles are even better now and a reset of deposits and POIs are even more important in 5.1.
So from time to time we start to refill the deposits in the Homeworld system and randomly in other playfields.

POIs however are technically hard to reset and we need first to find a good way for doing it (even automated).
So don’t be sad if you didn’t get some loot from the epic POIs Achilles made. They will be soon fresh and you can try your luck again!
Also don’t worry… more of these coming in the future!

Special thanks

At this place I want to reward and thank 5 players. They are are playing on HWS almost since the beginning and supported us all the time:

  • Robodroner (1426 playhours)
  • RemMak (1328 playhours)
  • sanchous (1196 playhours)
  • zappe21 (1035 playhours)
  • gareth_8000 (1013 playhours)
  • Follow up smudgybear (953 playhours)

Thank you so much guys. Take 1 million credits and 50RP as a thank you!


Let me finish that a lot of other complains and suggestions will be addressed in the future. CSW will be turned on very soon and especially with 5.1 quite a lot will change ( BUT NO, we DON’T WIPE with 5.1 ). For example will Freelancer have a cool possibility to change their origin… and missions and events even more cooler… also HWS Garage and HWS Blackmarket will give you a very awesome new way of playing on HWS… trust me… stay tuned and once again thank you all for your huge support. Not only that NA has 14 donator planets but also that you just play on HWS and enjoy your stay. This means a lot to me and my friends.

Have a merry christmas everyone and take care

Your HWS Team


Merry christmas and thank you for all your constant effort. :gift:

Many Thanks Rex for all the hard work ! you deserve some holidays :smiley:

Merrry Christmas !!

Have a great Christmas and thank you for all your help and support with this fantastic server your time and dedication keeps us all coming back for more.

Have a good and well deserved rest.

Merry Christmas Rex and thanks for all the awsum content! :smiley:

Keep the good work up.

You’re doing amazing work on HWS. I haven’t felt his engaged in a gaming experience for as long as I can remember.

Merry Christmas!

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Thanks for all your efforts. Great dedication and attention to details.

Hi all! For pirates misstated epic weapons in the supply package?!

as far as I can see everyone should get their faction epic weapon in the fa:supply, why?

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Great stuff.

One thing I’m hoping you could clarify about warp points. It used to be fairly easy to tell how close you were to the warp in point because you could make note of how far from the central planet you were when you warped in. The randomization of warp in points makes this impossible now.

I spent a few hours mapping the jump in point from Zeus to Uranus and Odin to Neptune. I’m at work at the moment so I can’t post my shiny 3d scatter plot but what I found is:

  1. The warp in point is definitely and 1.5km by 1.5km by 1.5km bounded cube.

The consequence here is that you can jump in, fly 1.5km to the center of the system and still be in the warp in point. This is bad for PvE players as they can jump in and die to accidental warp camping and this is bad for pirates as we work very hard to follow the letter of the law and don’t want to put further strain on admins by causing additional warp camping accusations that must be investigated. In this particular case, not all press is good press.

  1. Planets are not a consistent size

This makes my life even more difficult. I can’t get my numbers while at work but iirc Uranus has a radius of approximately 1.5km and Neptune a radius of approximately 2 km. This makes gauging how far you in from warp in by using distance from planet inaccurate and useless.

What I learned after plotting these warp in points:

Every single warp in point in the two systems I tested has been bounded between 8.5km and 11.5km from the center of system, aka 0,0,0. This syncs up nicely with the 1.5km^3 box that you stated in the guide.

What I am requesting:

If at all possible I would like a list of the coordinates for all jump points in the HWS universe. Using this information I can clearly, and easily, plot the warp in point exclusion zone which will save everyone some headaches surrounding warp camp boundaries.

Failing that, I would like you to confirm that all jump points are located 10km from the center of the system, aka 0,0,0. This will help paint a picture of the exclusion zone. However, without the exact coordinates the best pirates will be able to do is make sure they are never more than 8.5km from the center of the system in the direction of the warp in system.

But that’s a problem because depending on how far off the warp in point from the base plane of the system, 8.5km can put us in the exclusion zone.

Here’s the math:

For simplicity’s sake, let’s assume two dimensions rather than 3.

Example 1: Warp in point is 10km from the planet on the same plane as it. 10km - 1.5km = 8.5km from the planet. Straightforward stuff.

Example 2: The warp in point is 5km above the 0 plane of the system. We know that the warp in point is a square (remember, we’re in two dimensions). The center of that square is 10km from the planet and it’s 5km up. Pythagorean’s theorem means that the warp in point is 8.66km from the center of the system on the X axis.

sqrt(10^2) = sqrt(x^2 + 5^2)
100 = x^2 + 25
75 = x^2

We know the warp in square is 1.5km by 1.5km. So we can take the edges of the warp in area to be

y= 5 - 1.5 = 3.5km
x = 8.66 - 1.5 = 7.16km

So that’s the boundaries of the warp in at the point closest to the planet. Plug this back into the theorem

sqrt(3.5^2 + 7.16^2) = sqrt(12.25 + 51.27) = 7.97 km.

But I’m 8.5 km from the center of the system. I’m inside the exclusion zone and don’t even know it. It’s the responsibility of the camper to follow the rules but we’re flying blind here.

Planet sizes are different, warp in point locations are different, and actual landing areas are random inside a cube. I have no metrics to base my distance from the warp in point on.

HWS Team and all other players,

Merry Christmas and all the best for 2017,

Thank you for your efforts and the best gaming experience I personally have since I started a few months ago on the server (thank Spud for the introduction on the server :slight_smile: )

RexXus and Jascha and the rest of the HWS team special thanks to you for all the “free” time you put in to this server,
and remember there are more lovers than haters :wink:

may 2017 make this game even better than it already is.


Wildboy (player NA server and PVE EU server )


Since I requested the randomness of warp jumps I can only say that it is a work in progress.

The reason why I still kept the rule in the guide is again because of some people like to exaggerate the game mechanics and building million bases and ships in that area. If I would know that people would just play the game normally than the rule wouldn’t exist. But I learned my lesson.
So yeah I see the problems for you to “follow” the rule now but let’s assume for now that if you warped and move yourself within the 3 minutes towards the center or the opposite then all is good



I forgot to say / another quick info:

CSW is working now 100% (:guardsman: I hope)

The global BA restriction is not 3 - it is 7 now! (to motivate living in PvP)


Merry xmas and thanks for all made on this server.

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Sometimes, best to ignore the constant small complaints. No one is doing what you guys are doing for Empyrion. Thanks for all your efforts.

For Private and Faction??? Or for some one limit?

Why should they???
Shall we wipe yer highness butt while we on it also ?
Get a grip and work for for it!
This part of internet is not curled to you, its about u doing stuff to get stuff.
So get yer thumbs out yer arse and pull your weight to work!

Oh i forgot, Merry X-mas to yall.

It’s in the 5.0 guide for the new fa:supply, the guy was griping about not getting what’s part of the new supply objects, what crawled up your assumptions?