Don't seem to be getting RP after 5.1

My origin is trader, I have an epic pistol in my inventory, and no structures, vehicles, etc… in PvE. Just prior to 5.1, I had 28 RP. I jumped from Trader start to Neptune and thence to deep space. Following 5.1 by some hours (more than four hours, but less than a day) I jumped to Odin orbit and flew to deep space. Today, I jumped back into Neptune orbit and headed off to… yep, deep space. It seems I should be at 42 RP minimum, if I’ve timed everything exactly wrong, 56 RP as the most likely number, and possibly as much as 70RP depending upon how and when the 24 hour cycle is applied. Instead, I’m still at 28 RP. What am I missing? Latest log is attached.Client_170121-100335-99.log (10.4 KB)

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Hi, hope this helps…

Nothing in PVE not even entering PVE in a 24 hour period

Pistol cannot leave your inventory (EVER)

You get 7rp every 24 hours dependent on player time the conditions start to be met.

is NOT per hour ever

Things should work correct if those are met.

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Oh… that clears it up a bit… but also…

can some code like time in PVE < 1 hour in past 24 hour period?

Reason i say this, is that if the [quote=“Achilles, post:2, topic:3991”]
Nothing in PVE not even entering PVE in a 24 hour period
[/quote] is true… for ANYONE to ever get the RP “Bonus”, the are effectively CUT OFF from some major benifits… like Elemental MP, OCD (Can only be used on PVE RP planets, EMP, or donator if im correct here)

That is a bit too strict IMHO…move folks just need to pop in… do a fast trade or something to OCD, but cant now???


Its quiet simple, You want to extra a day then dont even look at PVE…

but if you need to go into PVE for Elemental marketplace then plan it so on a day you get all the PVE things done,

So then 6 days you will get the bonus but have to sacrifice…

it would be soooo easy otherwise, spend all day in PVE then just warp your CV out.

So yea, The daily bonus is for staying out and having nothing in PVE :slight_smile:


So anyone based in the donator systems or sierra nebula are just screwed because the only way in or out is through elemental market?

Also won’t be able to go to black hole…


I had read in the last update log that for as long we don’t have a base in a PVE area, we will receive about 7 reputation points a day… just like that. because we chose to be pvp only. well we didn’t receive the rep points from last day so I was just wondering. is it already active? or is it upcomming? Just wondering.
Thanks in advance!

id say…same applies…you have to decide tactics…

You may not like it but is the way of the universe, is there an alternative…Yes

So your not really ‘screwed’

Is your planet PVE or PVP?

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I’m not asking about the planet. Having to evac of the planet is fine. Not getting RP if you go to the planet to collect autominers is fine. That’s the tradeoff. You want to get the benefits of PvE playfields, pay the price.

My concern is that you have no choice if you want to go to black hole. If you want to go to the new hotbed of PvP activity you have to go through PvE space and lose the RP bonus. How does it make sense that my only option to get to an active PvP zone be to lose the benefits I get from living in PvP space?

If the penalties are going to be this steep, elemental marketplace shouldn’t be a chokepoint to the extent that it is.

The discussion is that if you just jump to EM for seconds and then out it wouldn’t trigger the +7 “nothing in PvE to get RP” bonus?

Let me check with Jascha if this is the case. Don’t think so… this would be a very performance hungry function. I guess it is that you don’t have anything parked in PvE if the funtion triggers

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How does the tracking for origin/rep locked planets work? It seems to check fairly frequently if you are allowed to be there or not, though obviously this solution may not scale up to be practical in a playfield as active as elemental marketplace.

Alright to clear it up for @everyone now:

yesterday there was a fix so from that time the function started to count. But then today the tool crashed once so the function started from the beginning again…

So to get rid of this mess we set it to daily at 9:17AM (german time). Not relative 24 hours anymore.
So if you fulfilled the conditions in 10 hours you get RP.

Regarding PvE: if you just fly through PvE it is fine. Really addressing people parking stuff in pve


Thank you for taking the time to clarify this.

The coding master had to be called on for this one as was not 100% sure, so apologies you just cant camp PVE…The original intention was not even going PVE but the performance calculations would kill it :slight_smile:

So ignore my previous posts :wink:


I’ve missed out on 42 RP despite fulfilling all requirements - not entering PvE/warping with epic. Any chance I could get this added?

Thanks for the discussion on this one guys - This was a hot topic in global today as well.

So we can summarize it for folks looking for the answer and dont follow the conversation, this is how I understand the above and how it changes the posted rule change - Could you please correct the statements that need it so that it’s solid?

Edit:1/22 - update clarity on PVE Visitation and RP Bonus, Epic weapon possession requirements

Reputation Points (RP)
Here we go… the very hot discussed topic about grinding, farming, dying, gaining, lucking Reputation Points. This is how they work in 5.1:

  • Reputation is no longer gained PER HOUR, but once per day (Cycle), around 09:17 am GMT +1 (00:17am PT - midnight).
  • In exchange no longer having to constantly warp and gaining 1 RP per hour, you will now gain 7 RP every day provided the following is true:
  • You warp at least ONE time each Cycle.
  • You have your EPIC weapon on you, in your inventory (backpack or handslot), at all times. (It may NOT leave your inventory, stash in cargo, etc.)
  • AS a BONUS for those willing to forsake the PVE lifestyle, you can earn an ADDITIONAL +7 RP (total of 14 RP rewarded each cycle) by also filling these additional requirements - IMPORTANT:
    • Absolutely NO structures in PVE (auto miners do not count in this rule)
    • You cannot live, rest, camp, hang out, chill or otherwise exist in any PVE Playfield for more than intermediary travel.
      • You can still visit PVE zones like Elemental Marketplace to conduct business and still receive this bonus, however, you cannot stay there.

A NEW Feature: You can now BUY RP
The long announced new super feature starts from now on. Let me introduce: EGS - Elemental Galactic Services! The command to access these services ( egs: ) is only available in specific zones (use “egs:?” for more information).

  • egs:buyrp:X – you can buy “X” RP! The formula is Price = Amount * (RPPrice + (Player Bank + Player Credits) * 0.1).
  • The amount is depended from the location. Easy locations = expensive. Hard to find locations = cheap.
    EGS will grow more and more… stay tuned

– Does this look right??

  • Hops

@Daddystu - I dont think there have been enough cycles to make 42 RP, have there? Assuming you got the bonus based on the revised ruling, that would be 3 days (cycles) and we now know that there was a glitch that added some extra time to the calc when it restarted… Assuming the glitch ate a cycle, or portion of, you might have 2 cycles worth now, or 28 RP. Are you saying you got none? did you take your epic out of your inventory at ANY time?

and there it is… why I commented on this thread … seemed to be a bit of a road bump there and why i suggested…

… regardless of EMP for sale or OCD, Transit Travel, Disconnects, Sitting there AFK whatever. seems reasonable IMHO but 0 out of 24 hours was crazy…

BTW: Is it possible to get an EXACT amount to time defined here and now, cause

… some will consider parking as stopping for more than 1-5 minutes, some as logging out over night, some as living there permanently, etc… Lets stop this before it gets going… set a limit so all are aware :slight_smile:


Excellent case in point there…

hum… everyone i have talked too said it had to be in your hot bar, NOT your backpack/inventory… which is true?

hum… Can we get this confirmed please??? The entire point of the Epic weapon was to act as a “StopGate” for WHEN you gained RP during a warp to “Validate” it for that particular hours jump. SOooo… since we only have to do 1 jump a day… can we PLEASE PLEASE make it so i only need to equip it during at least 1 of those jumps in that 24 our period and not have to worry about it PERMANENTLY reducing my 9 hot bar further to 8?

A) I have gained RP through 3 cycles now and it has been in my BACKBACK, not my hotbar. I can confirm, it doesnt need to be in your hotbar, but please feel free to test for yourself.

B) See Achilles’ quote… yes, sure, he’s been wrong before… but he’s one of the guys who know… So, i’d say unless he says, Oops, it;s a permanent fixture in your inventory… No more stashing it in your safe place for 23 hours and popping in for an hour, warping with your Epic and keeping it in teh safe again. I think point here is, if you want rep, have a spine and earn it by risking your stuff.

IMHO, anyhow.

  • Hops

not what i meant… think by now we all have 10 copies of them. I was really referencing the Hotbar vs. Inventory… hotbar is already limited… but seems you have cleared that up for me now so … GL getting my epic off me :slight_smile: when i “risk” it hehe …


haha no fear! I’m a trader - i used to be one of those guys stashing my loot under a rock!! lol I’m speaking from experience, not a pedestal.