Economy Utility Tool

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I’ve made a small spreadsheets for HWS which you can use to find out pretty much anything about your economy. I use it myself and thought, a lot of others might too.


Economy Utility Tool 2.0! (W.I.P)


Changes (Version: 1.05)
  1. Fixed: Daily Interest: Part was showing wrong values.
  2. Fixed: Big mistake from my side. Needed for more interest, when upgrading EB values were wrong. Since nobody reported it, and i didn’t notice it took me long to fix.
  3. Removed NA part, and renamed the pages Calculator, and Values. It’s too difficult for me to have 2 servers in one sheet. If you want this, you can just download 2 tools, and have one for EU and one for NA.
  4. Fixed issue with people not having access to some values which i hid away.

How to Download

1. Go to this Spreadsheet
2. Go to the top left corner, and press Files - Download As - and then whatever extension you like. I’d suggest .xml which is Excel. I suggest you use Google Drive, as that was what this tool was made for, and you might experienced more bugs outside Google Drive.
3. Now you’ve just gotta export it somewhere. If you downloaded as .xml you can either use Excel, or upload it to Google Drive.
4. Now you have it installed, but it’ll give you a bunch of errors. To make it work, you need to go to file -> options -> formulas -> check enable iterative calculation --> maximum iterations 10 , maximum change 1
If that doesn’t work, try editing one field. That should make the sheets recalculate stuff, so it’ll work.

How to use it

1. If you want 70% of it to work, you’ve just got to fill 3 cells. Current credits, EB Level, Reputation/RP. These are the 3 things you need, for most things to work. When you’ve filled those 3 things, you can see on the right, how much cash you will have in the future, how much you’ll earn and Much more!

Else than that everything should be pretty self explaining. Though if you have any questions feel free to ask.



Some things might be a little difficult to understand, so if you have issues please read everything below.


Goals are really advanced, and if you look on the screenshots it says that " Item 1 " is my goal, and costs 30 million, but goal is 55? This is because the Economy Utility Tool, want’s you to stay at Max interest which is 25mil for EB lvl 5. Also if you have no goal, please write “None” in the box, since it will say Error overwise.

Yellow Cells:

These are the only once you can, or is allowed to edit. If you edit anything besides yellow cells, you risk breaking a lot of stuff, since most depends on other values.

Current Credits:

Sadly you can’t copy your credits directly from HWS Connect to the Economy Utility Tool. If you do you’ll get a number like this " 50 000 000 ". The spreadsheets doesn’t understand the space’es so you’ll have to edit it to “50000000”

If you have Anymore questions feel free to ask @Dr.Dark. Also if you have a suggestion, tell me, and i’ll consider implementing it.