Economy, would OCD wipe help? Interests? New OCD idea

Hello all! Such a nice Saturday afternoon, ideal to ask most dangerous question.

What do you think about OCD wipe. There are some hoarders which filled all 100 slots fully up with all kinds of stuff. These hoarders knows no limits, they keep hoarding, thinking about moving to NA to hoard there. Yes, i was really thinking about it.

Then i went to EGS and checked market. Stacks of materials are being sold for 3k credits. One meteorite is 50k. Why would i mine anything, why would i buy anything. I wonder what are traders trading, i doubt there is anything to trade, i sold few EVA boosts for 25k, why would i go through whole pain of POI again to make 25k and spent time on traveling when i can mine gold meteorite on my PvE backyard for 50k?

There are ppl who has upper limit from previous seassons 700k and they are not touching that, instead they keep hoarding more, pure resources are not enough for them, they hoard constructors, cores, combat steel and nothing can stop them. What can new player do against these hoarders, economic giants? They can just keep spawning ships instantly for days.

I dont know it feels like its running without interupting for too long, some of these hoarders kept hoarding from version 1.5.

Im Hoarder, i confess from my sins. I can hoard more, its like sickness consuming me from inside, i cant help my greed.

Is it bad idea to wipe OCDs one day? Lets say everybody will know about that at begining of seasson, everybody will throw in all he hoarded. What are your opinions?

Since people have full ocd they can now pvp if you wipe them then they will spend the next few months filling them again before pvp xD

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Yes, it just feel like…i dont know…i never even need to take out of ocd unless its ammunition to have it quickly avivable, most of the time im just puting in while spawning ships all the time due to bugs.
But im SV pilot so my ships are not 200k iron.

Whole point is probably about Trader faction with nothing to trade, i wonder if somebody sold something, and how much credits he made. Before my post and this one i made 200k while drinking coffe, smoking and cleaning house. Somebody made 12k by selling 4 stacks of something like cobalt maybe in same time. Feels like economy is…no economy.

With recycle you are getting hundrets or thousands of resources just after coreing structure, it all starts to feel a bit weird.

About PvP…thats chapter i dont want to think about, its pure mess, basicly same problems as in 2.0, at least that time one could build under water.

Simply put…if price of stack of material is 3k its obvious that nobody cares about resources at all.



Haha i just hope that Rexxx will read it and before sleep idea of wiping OCD will appear in his head. And next night again. He will know how to do it in time. Im sure :thinking:

Even better mate: I’m prepared and keep it coming


Haha Rexxx dont tell me you wouldnt like to see some thieves secretly stealing from OCD here and there. After introducing limit 50k its quite clear and its probably good thing to do. Maybe to celebrate 10th Seasson?

Its nice to see you back with enough popcorn for all the drama :smiley:

@RexXxuS just my 2 cents on this. One thing that could be interesting is adding some way of being able to steal a slot in a give OCD from one player. Just as an example: Event for SV fight, whoever goes down first the other player picks a number and takes all content of OCD at that number.

Or another idea would be such that whenever you kill a player you get 5% of a random slot in their OCD

this in my mind would create a way for OCD to not be a 100% protected but also not just completely wipe.

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If you wipe OCD, Id probably just quit. You fool… go collect your shizzzz and catch up, stop complaining about it!

I am however in favor of autominers either indestructible and/or a timer before they can be taken out… and/or one pve planet with enough resources for people starting out to use AMs on…

This game doesnt need to be super grindy okay… I can only bring so much out… I dont spawn shit out of thin air over and over if I lose…

K Thanks!


Its not this case, I have those 700k maximums so Im not complaining that much.
While i understand that you invested time into collecting that all, me too. But…let me ask, do you think you will ever use the stuff in your OCD?

Its more about fresh starting over for all, one day, with enough time to really spend all you have. Seassons are nice but its not restart at all, its new playfield. How much time it takes to unpack everything? 2 hours maybe.

And i think you affraid of loosing time, but you would know in advance, you would have like 2 months maybe so for 2 months you will be just spending, no collecting at all probably. So from gameplay view you would be using that time you spend to only play if you could understand, fight or whatever.

Anyway i post it to just see percentage of players, to see if anybody else might have similar feeling so take it easy and have nice Sunday :slight_smile: Well and probably to entertain myself a little and some other guys with popcorn :slight_smile:

best thing would be an big bang of the universe of all bank accounts, OCD all of it, right now i heard people use alt accounts to store even more credits to bring over. it has grown out of control, people aren’t mining anymore. but do we see more pvp bases out there? no, not at all… back in the days, many were living out in the wilderness because of server enforced rules to not have pve planets, those were the good days.

New players have no chance to catch up or even buy things on the market… its all to expensive.



Really nice idea, yeah glad to see it. I dont think OCD is bad thing, i dont know what i would do without it, so i welcome you added some idea of interesting mechanic.

Come on guys its not that bad to talk about OCD its not “N” word :smiley:

Thran :smiley: well I have to say that i see our faction just leaving stuff at battlefield, or, now we take just combat blocks, its basicly…we are not interested in rest. There is not that feeling OH, 7 STACKS OF IRON! When i find 7 stacks of iron I say, hmm but I have enough iron in OCD, i dont need iron.

Now we are a bit like complaining that there is nothing to fight for, no unique loot. Back in the old day we was fighting for resources. You see someone mining, you let him mine, explore rest of planet then you go back to him and kill him. Ppl needs some time to mine for you :smiley:

Well back in the old days, people were actually grinding hard and planning attacks to get more resources to survive the day… i could be without any food or resources, to be able to live i had to take a life…

Well back in old days you had to take life of innocent child to have food Thran. Back in the day you had hands covered in blood, back in the old days, you waited for days near offline protected base, circling around like hawk watching his prey.
Back in the old days you slowly mined inside enemys stronghold, using drill every 5 minutes only to avoid causing too many earthshaking, while covering tunnel with flattening tool to avoid being ambushed from behind, back in a day you was like deadly mole, closing slowly towards enemys nest with only goal, pillage to survive.

And back in old days…

No Thanks, we chose this server because we didn’t want to have to constantly grind new resources every season as I’m sure many others have.

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I see, and i agree with every seasson part. What about every 10 seassons or something? I enjoy how HWS moved from basic society of lonewolfs trying to get rich to megacorporations with unlimited richness, question is will it ever have some end and restart?

So on a more serious note and whoever is interesting in it before we might just implement it someday - here is a start of a next new OCD idea (my other one is for now too complicated… but who knows…)

OCD Prestige Levels

It is not super new but because I recently liked to play this little Android game I realized the potential for it for OCD!

So what that means is similar: you have the option to wipe your whole OCD to reach a higher prestige level in the long run! (for every prestige level you have to full wipe)
Now there are some tricky things to consider but one example (values increasing per prestige wipe):

  • you need at least OCD level 5-7
  • you need at least 70 different items per slot
  • you need at least 50% of the maximum slot amount of items filled

OCD level 5 > 70 different items in slot 1-70 > 25k iron in slot 1, 30k generators in slot 2 and so on

Then you have a button in HWS Connect / a command available: ocd:prestige

If the above criteria are met you will then have for example:

OCD Prestige 1:

  • OCD Level back to 1
  • 5% more item amount for each OCD level
  • +5 more slots per OCD level

OCD Prestige 2:

  • automatic OCD to BP Factory inserter > you define over HWS Connect how much resources you need for your BP Factory ship and it will be moved from OCD to Factory
  • more slots + more amount


OCD Prestige 7:

  • OCD stock market between players
  • daily random super crate with special loot in it
  • sending / trading with other players
  • OCD hacking
  • special OCD missions

Some ideas… nothing set in stone… you get the idea? :slight_smile:

Alright - did my part here :paw_prints:


What about the bank then? thats the main issue i think, with people having 1 billion on diffrent accounts.