Elemental Bank BUGGED!

ok heres what happened; collected gold all night, used command eb:cointocr and then we ended up with (minus) debt accounts.
according to rex, its the tax. but heres the proof it cannot be the tax since it costed only 109k according to hws connect.

how much gold we converted into credits and the tax is in the attached picture file.

long story short: we collected around 780k credits - tax 109k = 670k should be in our accounts. but instead; our accounts are in debt:

what rex says, is that for him the case is closed, and he says : “its probably the 5% comission cost of the elemental bank”. well thats annoying and ofc disappointing.

i wanna know you guys opinion on this one.
have fun.

Tbh bud Rex wouldn’t screw you, if there was something wrong he would spot it. Your tax is over 100k per day, how long was that the case prior to mining gold? For all we can see it could be millions of creds of debt, Rex can see all that tho bud

it was 1 day of tax, we moved out to another system after 1 day.
well at first rex said its tax, then he said must be 5% commissin of EB.
i believe he knows he doesnt make sense, but i think he is busy no time to help players in his server. because he still cudnt make any valid explanation where did all that credits go. now last thing he said was. case is closed for him. well if thats the “case” im done with this stupid shit. mining all night no sleep, and you get a - balance. and gm doesnt give your money back. sorry i dont trust this guy anymore…

Why are you parked in orbit on homeworld to mine gold?? land your cv on planet make sure its a cheap cv collect gold and go back home, parking on homeworld with a 400 device ship is going to cost you alot more in tax than your able to mine in a few hours…

It’s strange and something doesn’t quite add up. But I have to stick up for Rex here yeah they are busy the whole of the hws team have their hands full with 6.0 on the horizon, Rex has nothing to gain from your gold or credits and has always felt with things as fairly as possible. Remember rex’s first language isn’t English and sometimes doesn’t quite make sense but thats no reason not to trust him. I’m no admin and cant look into things any further than this post I’m afraid but I’ve played here along time now and the admin team here are pretty much the best I’ve encountered. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion however.

yeah learned it the hard way, but still it shouldnt cost 1 million credits right? :stuck_out_tongue:
my cv costed only 28k credits anyway

depends taxs are crazy… xD

well personally i dont know rex. but its not about ppl. its about spending/wasting your time in a game, and we all know sh!t happens, the important thing for me as a player is, what happens when that happens? how tech guys or admins or gms react to help you in a game/server. in this case, i wasted all night, and plus i have a - balance. and what rex say doesnt make sense. so any player in my position requires a valid explanation or a compensation. its simple. but instead when he says “its because of the EB 5% comission” come on man WTF are you talking about! lol

well if you saw the picture about the tax, then you should know it costed 109k…

Still shows you have 170k of debt bud, remember debt is built up, for me it looks like Rex was trying to tell you it was a combo of debt/tax and the 5% commission too after all that your debt is still 172k, bare in mind debts not just accumulated by yourself anything set to faction can cause you to get debt so even faction members having things in taxable space can cost you :wink:

Is that so? Maybe ask around before accuse me again…

Anyways again:
with case “closed” I mean that you not fully understand how taxes work. Here the link again:

You can’t say “I only pay 109k, why I am 300k in debt?”. Because it is cumulative per member.
Additionally even if you collected together 1million at that night, you paid 5% devided by 3. You had in general not so much money.
And the tax system went around and took from everyone of you the money.

I will skip your hardcore bad language for now.


dude i provide screenshots and prove how much credits i earned that night. what is with you throwing numbers in forums? speak about specific numbers + provide screenshots or dont speak at all! and you already know that we collected those credits total 2 players. what is wrong with you!

ok i got TOTAL 3 players in faction. so 109 x 3 = 327k… we are getting somewhere… where the hell is rest of the money? DO I FREAKIN HAVE TO POST THIS IN FORUMS TO GET AN ANSWER!!!

dude im not gonna ask around about anyone. i dont need to, cuz i already see your not helping. i believe what i see…

you dont have to be a rocket scientist to calculate:
780k (credits earned) - 109k x 3 (members tax) + 172k (my debt) + 50k (probably more, other member debt = 600+k <= where did this money go? freaking simple question and its been 2 days your not giving a valid answer. why waste time?

That’s not how tax works on hws that’s your tax your faction members are different with their own tax and each one including you can run up debt in your factions name which is what is being paid off, clear the remaining 172k worth of debt and your out of the red back into the black.
Wanna point out too cause you seem to think 172k is all the debt you had you are incorrect…It’s what’s left to pay Now!

ok each member is different etc own tax etc.
but that picture above, already tells us info for example:
that ship name PADA1 is my CV: 28k tax
other ship CV Fury: 58k tax
those the only 2 CVs my faction had that day!

COMEON GUYS GET REAL FFS!, how can you make this tax cost 1 mil !?

thats all 2 cvs we got. rest is TINY cv/hvs also seen in that tax list.
how else you gonna calculate the freakin tax?
it says 109k on my screen and SAME! amount of tax on my member screen. we did check taht day!
basicly i am sayin 780k credits are missing + we are in around 200-250k debt.

tou are completly missing the point of the debt! its not what was owed in total you see now its what is owed after the deductions of these crdits the value you see now is what remain of your/ your factions debt! clear that debt and you can play again as normal. how and who accumulated the debt is upto you and your faction to figure out but the whole time you and your faction have played all tax charges that havent been paid accumulate debt. read the guide and understand the tax system, check your tax list daily in structure commander and make sure you have credits to pay! also make sure your faction members are all aware of the tax how it works and where it applies to.

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Your last 2 chances:

  1. calm down!

  2. you forgot to show the real screenshot:

You hadn’t enough money and your mates also not. Even if you only paid 109k the other guys crushed your bank in the debt.

you don’t understand how taxes work.

Only thing what can happen is that the data wasn’t correct displayed in HWS Connect because it needs ~15 minutes to update. If other data got written at that time there was a mis-leading information then.

wow the REAL screen shot!

i dont even know what those numbers mean, wanna share info with us? or wait you were too busy and the case is closed?