Empty parking spots in the garage

I agree 100% that there should be some kind of commission for garage ships, and some kind of survival of the fittest for each category (Lowest sales is replaced with a new ship when submitted). I think that would drive better submissions and set a solid bar for quality.

I also agree with 1%-5% (I lean towards 1%), or perhaps an RP kickback. Something. I don’t build garage ships, but I appreciate the insane amount of detail and time that goes into the top submissions. I just don’t have that talent/patience. 30 hours is 1000$ of a medium skilled persons time, that is substantial, but 10% seems heavy given the direction of reducing global server wealth.

Also your definition of fact is spotty. (I think someone said 11)

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my point is simply this. more time and effort is involved in building a ship worthy to be hosted in the garage. time spent out of HWS, out of real life making real money. i can guarantee that garage ship sales pare in comparison to the very useful HWS Traders. the cost of filling the garage is much more than the cost of the trader. am i saying nerf the trader kickbacks? absolutely not. im am saying increase the incentive for filling the garage with more ships. the more product available, the more players would purchase. in turn increasing the desire to improve existing ships to get more sales. also offer feedback to the builders for new ideas. make the garage a bigger aspect if the game to see more creativity is my only goal here.


RP for every sold ship sounds good, i think RP would fit better instead Credits.
I wonder why you compare a donation option with the Garage, i dont see any connection between the traders and the ships. If you want to nerf the Traders, open a Thread about this. If you want to make people richer, give them 10% but i think thats a bad Idea.


The kickback is the connection. reward vs effort. HWS Trader 49.00 euro = 4-6 hours labor in the workforce depending on the industry, community and such. 50% payout for each purchase. Garage ship build = required 30+ of in game time away from HWS and anything that will make money in real life. 0% payout for each purchase.

we have factions that strictly PVP, Explore, or Trade. why not have factions who’s main financial source is ship builds? if there is more incentive to make ships, there will be more ships to buy. if there are more ships to buy, there will be more ships bought. i don’t see the issue. the more variety, the more spent.

Y’all right, leave it alone. I know for a fact every time I fly by I don’t see anything worth buying season after season. Long term players with money to spend but nothing to spend it on. Love it, content wut evs… pirates get a discount on pvp ships lmao just make hws pve great again

No, no, no, no, and no. There should be no “Reward” for posting ships into the garage other than one handed out by RexXxus or Ju, period. Adding in any sort of “Cash kick-back” is a pretty damn dumb idea. How many times has Rex/David made a comment about trying to force inflation down? Between the “Interest Nerf” and the “Economy Update”, they’re trying to remove the amount of money circulating and cut down on “Inactive Cash Gains”, those being inactive cash gains, and this is adding another one into the mix. How would this interact with the Patreon discount on Garage Ships? Would the builder get paid less, or would the server just add more money into the economy, instead of taking it out?

If a garage ship sells, let’s say 30 times in a season, which is a likely figure for the Flatline along with the Blood Debt, That means (Based on @Bob’s 10% Figure) that a the creator is going to make: 51 MIllion from the Flatline, and 42 Million on the Blood Debt. That money is purely passive income with nothing done other than build the ship, which frankly, isn’t too hard. I see people in here complaining, despite every submission they had be the literal definition of a cube and/or a box.

Also, I thought the one of the main “Rewards” from the garage was to see your own ship, your creation, flying around and being used by others. That, along with the rewards from the HWS Garage Contest, and being given one of your own ships one time.

Also, I’ll try and keep this civil, but with RexXxuS’s new voting system in the Forums, why are ya’ll so against it? I personally believe it would be similar to this thread, and a good show of who want it/who don’t.


I own a HWS Trader and i dont use it to make a credits, i use it to support the community. My offer only costs 190000 Credits, you can calculate how much i make.

I agree that the builders of the Garage Ships should get something else then only their own ship, as above already mentioned, it shouldnt be credits.

When you build a ship for HWS, you should do it for two reasons:

  • Leaving a mark on the server. I am always proud when i see other people flying my ship.
  • Do it for the community. Everybody enjoys good ships.

The amount of denseness is unbelievable

you’d think how long you plebs sit at the market for all day you would understand better business

I agree, it should be to make the server better, not just to earn creds

I don’t support it because I think we need more income sources per say, I think that it could drive more high quality garage submissions. I would love to see some major competition to stay in the garage, even a leaderboard for ship sales. I don’t buy a lot of ships, but maybe that would change with a little more competition.

Maybe none of it would pan out that way, we are just discussing ideas, Bob seems to have a lot of suggestions that are at the very least worth discussion.


Lmao 50 mil a season n spend it on wut… eb lul u want to bring money out of ppls pocket but us rich folks will just horde it til it’s worth spending… like Eton gate use is worth it cause I get to pvp most times… n it’s only 10k so I ain’t breaking the bank. But with who’s in here talking n wanting a poll I already kno the answer… just ban abn n make hws pvpve just pve. :rofl:

Ya’ll act like it’s funny but I’m looking at the same thing from this side of the fence. Ya’ll are all agreeing, I can’t get much of a word in edge-wise. Especially not with Bush calling me a “pleb” when I didn’t make any troll/hateful statements towards any of ya’ll.


Problem is they won’t discuss… even without a payback that idea of keeping it fresh n competitive is a good idea imo. Shrugs* watches popcorn pop* :popcorn:

if new players create new appealing ship worth 50 million lets say and it becomes popular and sells 2 in a day id say he has done a great service for the server by creating a new money sink and pulling 100 million out of the economy why would it be so ludacris for him to get a 10% kick back for the individual that is not game breaking income… just options id like to see the garage full some day but i have been on HWS for 3-4 seasons now and have never seen more than 33% of the garage full at any given time

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And this differs from the HWS Trader how?

Now I don’t resort to calling other’s ideas are “pretty damn dumb” but I will say this is purely a misinformed statement. Building the ship requires so much more than a donation. If you have one approved then you know the time and pain invested. I am not degrading the trader at all. They are very helpful but require money not time. Money can always be made but time can only be spent. Which is more valuable to you?

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A 10% kickback is way too much, more like 1% is more than enough.

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use your brain do some math please

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What is math? I count in letters.


i dont doubt that