HWS 10.X Economy Update!

Hello again HWS Community!

Its been a really interesting several weeks of conversation. Thanks to everyone who participated in the poll I posted and for the new voting that you all contributed as the season came to a close.

I’m excited about the work and thought that has gone in to the economy and I’m excited to announce the changes as well as share a bit more about where we’re at on projects we’re not yet ready to implement. A huge special thanks to Hayawen (will tag in final post) for his help.

As a reminder, the overrideing theme is encouraging active play. So many of you from so many different seasons tell me stories of having to go out into the HWS universe and EARN what you got initially. My goal is to continue to


  • Dynamic Pricing will be implemented on the HWS Traders
  • Adjust the bank
  • Nerf the deconstructor
  • HWS Trader Adjustments

Not Yet Live/In Process

  • Dynamic pricing on in game traders
  • Loot tables implemented for certain EGS missions and POIs to increase their value and standardize results for players
  • Test a change to the way RP is earned through RP bases on PvP playfields by moving an RP base to the System instead of on planet.
  • Add a market processing fee

Dynamic Pricing
Dynamic pricing means the prices that the game offers to sell and buy items is based on activity from the player market. Our goal is to ensure that the economy is consistent across the different places items can be acquired from and to ensure that the economy is primarily player driven. This change will have a heavy impact on the economy and will take several weeks of monitoring due to how the process will start. We will not know how its really working at first since it will take time for everyone to get used to how this mechanic works so please resist the urge to make a snap judgement in the early days of implementation.

Specifically, when HWS Trader packages are built, the actual sale price will now be set by the dynamic price calculation. The calculation will be a closely guarded secret and has built in methods for resisting blatant price manipulation by highly coordinated players. It is a new game mechanic for players looking to have an economic focused HWS experience while ensuring that everyday players are able to participate fairly.

I will be closely monitoring this system as we get it up and running. Please let me know directly if you see anything that looks off.

The Bank
The bank and its interest has been the most discussed and debated item each time the economy is brought up. I am certain that it is impossible to make a change to the bank that will make everyone happy so I’m going to do my best with this and will keep an eye on it as well. I want to assure everyone that I did multiple revisions on the new bank numbers from extremely drastic to barely noticeable. At the end of the day we’re changing a lot in the economy so I decided to go with a modest change for now. Again, thanks to everyone who has given input on this.

The bank provides value to players in 2 ways. 1. It gives daily interest and 2. It allows players to carry money between seasons. In exchange for those 2 benefits it requires 3 things. 1. Money for the upgrade, 2. Money that gets “frozen” in order to achieve interest and 3. RP. As I try to balance the economy towards players getting out and actively earning, one of the biggest issues is the motivation to do so since there is so much money continually made available to active players. However, we also have less active players who just login occasionally and collect their interest and do 1 or 2 things in game. I want to make sure that HWS is still a place where those players are welcome and feel like they can participate in they activity they want to focus on.

To ensure I got this change right, in addition to looking into how much money a player can earn per hour while active, I also looked into the common costs of PvP activities like building a warship and supplying it with ammo. I have tried to ensure that if all anyone wants to do is login and buy what they need to get into a PvP fight that they will still be able to do that, while players looking to grow and increase their Bank/OCD levels or gain meaningful reserves of money will need to actively play the game in some way.

Overall, Daily max interest is coming down, the cost of some of the upgrades is coming down a bit, and the amount of money that has to be kept in reserve is also coming down. Less daily interest, but also less cash tied up.

Here is a table of the new bank levels. Thanks to @Dr.Dark for the template I used to do this:


Deconstructor Nerf
The deconstructor is important to new players and advanced players who need to reorganize their inventory to be more useful for whatever they’re working on. A single player should not need more than a couple of them available to them to handle this. The problem we have run into is that massive deconstructing farms were built, mostly to handle HWS Trader packs that were selling advanced components for much less than their component parts were worth. To prevent players from buying HWS Trader packs, deconstructing them, and relisting the parts we have decided to nerf the deconstructor so only 50% of the item’s value is returned.

HWS Traders
HWS Trader prices are discussed above but in addition to dynamic pricing, rare ores and ingots can no longer be placed in HWS Trader packages.

I am taking responsibility for these changes so if something about the economy doesn’t look right, please reach out. I am very greatful to those of you who have spent time with me on discord calls and given your feedback in the forums. We’ll keep working on this in order to make the game as fun as we can for everyone.

Looking forward to seeing you all out there!


Not happy with this. More to come when i get my thought together. I like to play the game of seeing how much money and items I can store and carry over. I pay real money to support this server so I can play the way I want to play. Each season there are cut backs. I am getting upset more and more about this. I look for ways to spend real money to support HWS. I should be allowed to play the game the way I want to play with the setup that HWS has created that made me want to invest my time and money in this community. Theses changes need to stop. Not everyone can play games hours a day every day. Some people have jobs, family,and a life to live. If anything you should be rewarded for being a long term member of the community. These EB changes are short sighted and will hurt the long term health of HWS.


Talk about a sucker punch to the community for the new season. Players have paid for carryover should be grandfathered in for that interest. I didn’t pay for carryover this time and i’m glad I didn’t. Interest is dead. Mission accomplished. Game or not, changing my rates with real money involved is ridiculous and a dictatorship on the economy.


I look forward to seeing how these, and the changes to shields and weapons, plays out. For me, the most fun of a game is the improvisation and adaptation. Let’s see how it plays out before we whine too much.


Change is always very scary. We are all creatures of habit and do not like it when things change. However, don’t look at change as a bad thing. Think of it as evolution. Changes are made to evolve the experience. Doing the same thing over and over again can get stale very quickly. While I personally don’t like the idea of the decon nerf as I built my recycle center for ships not resource exploit. I am willing to adjust the way I play to keep the exploits to a minimum. HWS crew has put a lot of time into making these decisions to keep the server alive and stable. The universe evolves, we have to evolve as well. Those wanting to stay in the past usually will be left behind :frowning:


One of my server donations this season was keep EB level. I do feel like the benefit was misrepresented, and that these numbers should have come in before the sale. I may have changed which package I donated for. Maybe.

That being said, it was a server donation, not a purchase of goods or services. I was giving money to help support the server, the keep EB level was just a bonus. Thank you to the HWS team for your hard work.

I am going to miss the interest level I worked to get, there have been a number of nerfs and “Buffs” to EB, but as it stands I do not see it as a particularly strong feature right now. It works well with my playstyle (I did a ridiculous amount of mining and built my economy so I would not have PVE ever again) but I can see how it May reduce player interaction/exploration. Dav1d has already said he is open to feedback and possible changes after playing things out in the current state for awhile. Hate it or love it, it is good that we have a few active admins now, and ones that are open to the community. My initial impression on interest is not great, but maybe it is the right move.


For once, I’ll agree with Cardboard. If I had known this change was coming, I would have spent my money differently for the end of season.

I am interested in how this all plays out, but personally, it’s a little off-putting.


Hey guys,

I’ve spent the last 5 hours almost straight skipping dinner on voice chat with a lot of you talking through this more now that we’ve released the numbers. I am hoping to hit a couple more faction discords tomorrow as well.

Thank you for taking all that time to continue to give your feedback and hear me out on the amount of work and thought that went into this. We all want a better economy overall and I hope we achieve that. If our assumptions are wrong or we’re missing something we’ll keep making the changes we need to accomplish that goal.

I sincerely appreciate you guys being willing to give it a shot. :+1:

Also if you’re a solo player or want to make sure I hear your input as well please reach out on discord. I’m down to talk HWS eco.


I didnt played the last 2 seasons but i kept the EB level 9. Honestly with those numbers is not anymore worth to keep the Eb level.
These numbers are ok if the eb level was kept for free trought seasons like autominers and ocd.


Not happy with severe reduction in interest levels.

After buyng up to eb lvl 6 both servers and donation to carry lvls (wont happen again) across season on both servers – expecting 4 mil daily interest, very dissappointed with this outcome.

Spent much time setting this up in past season. Also, paid last season cr cost to surprise, get this seasons lower cost and interest return bank level. Yea, not at all happy with this bait and switch.

How about a refund on all the cr I spent over and above what it now costs to get to eb 6?

@h1myname1sdav1d Feeling a bit “screwed” here. About 4 weeks ago was eb 3 on eu and 1 on na. That’s a lot of creds and real dollars should have spent elsewhere. You successfully “flatlined” my enthusiasm for this season. Result is will spend less time in pvp – cant afford to pvp. All equals less time in game.

With 4 mill in daily interest, I was planning to spend more time in pvp, actually pvp’ing, could afford losses — was.

I have no desire to grind more, in space dominated by mega-factions, to serve simply as cannon fodder and resource bag for those who turn up in dozens to kill one.

Whenever nerfing something, you need to grandfather in, or do something to compensate those hurt by these decisions.

Once again, sends message of why bother striving to obtain something on server, will just be taken away.

Making it harder to get resources, much less credits to buy resources, inflation of ammo prices along with everything else… isn’t necessarily going to get players out looking more for resources.

Reduced activity may be the result.

Make pvp more expensive and time consuming for a few moments of pvp — will not increase pvp.

Be cautious — all that may remain are mega pvp factions/alliances and pve’rs. The middle is getting squeezed.


It feels like the upgrade cost do not coincide with the interest anymore. The point where it gets useless to invest in a certain bank level comes way earlier than before, time wise. From there on it will cost more than you can get in return.
Last season the balance between cost and reward was much better. You could argue if it was too much free credits, sure, but by only cutting the interest and not adjusting the cost accordingly you just created a very unrewarding and illogical mechanism, especially for new players. Unless you buy a bank upgrade you will not have a fun time with this new system.

If your only goal was to prevent players from enlisting too much stuff that comes out of the HWS Traders you could have just fixed the god damn HWS traders. Instead you punished everyone who’s out looting components or trying to store value inside their OCD with a 50% penalty, making great mechanics of the game more and more redundant.

I’m not happy with these changes at all. It feels like commercial interests weighted more than the need to balance the game. Which, to a certain degree, I get. You need to earn money, otherwise none of us could play on this server. But doing it this way feels sloppy and uncreative. I regret paying to keep my bank level, tbh.

I love this server and it’s community. So I hope you see this as passionate, constructive criticism and not as flaming for the sake of flaming :slight_smile:


PS: I want space chicken, so I can get the mass production of eggs going. Making the medical industry great again.



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+1 to that level keeping. I’ve checked return of investment up to eb5 - at best, counted dynamically, it will be close to 80-90 days, when season is roughly 90 days. Clearly it’s better just buy inglots on market and store in OCD in terms of money transfer, because money gain is meh and not worth even the hassle of ECC journey. It’s money trap now, without any clear statement about that.
I’ve always thought all EGS services are primarly for keeping our gains thorugh time, making inevitable wipes not as hard and grindy as they could be. It’s huge advantage of that server above all else for me, especially when you don’t play much and often, having even weeks of ‘stalling’ with daily login only for rewards.

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Not happy with this Change and might not being buying different supporter packages now . Less money for HWS now i guess


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Who is this “everyone”?

I can’t handle change!

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ahh the memes of change…

Great, keep on ridiculing our concerns with memes and empty pseudo moral. Since you bring up evolution, you surely know how the system works, right? Nature is only so good at engineering because it has time for millions of iterations to sort out all the failing developments. It’s why 99% of all species have gone extinct by now.
I’d welcome factual debate over this BS.