Empyrion 6.4 released! Little HWS update

Hey @everyone,

Empyrion got released to version 6.4:

Meteorites on starters

This is finally the fix patch for our long and big meteorite spawn problem.
Before only ~20 meteorites were available on planets. Now we have up to 40.
Additionally I adjusted all starter planets to spawn meteorites always now (independent from the treshold) and set an automatic “garbage collector”. So after ~15 minutes the just falled meteorite will disappear again so new ones can fall again.
This should provide a consistent resource amount of everything for you.
Maybe the numbers need to adjust over time. Will observe it

Ju adjustment

Because some people were talking about Gold on Ju I realized that this was not 100% intentional. The implemention of so many PvE planets should not grant Gold on a perma PvE planet at all.
Even though I set the spawn time to very high Gold should only be gained by high risk = high reward mentality.

CSW and other feedback

We are still heavily working on CSW and hopefully the Devs can jump on the train asap to fix the most problematic things.

As a teaser:
We are working on a first major HWS Connect improvement (after the community chat features) that you can send your OCD content over the website from one server to another.
This will be a massive technical feature but also a great CSW feature for you we hope!

Turret / Block / Gun limits were at the moment discussed. We will observe it along the way and see if a change is needed.

Stay tuned.

Your HWS Team


CSW improvements sound awesome!

Due to the Ju YAML edit, are we going to loose our Mini-structures again?

Nope, that was a silent patch, done with a restart

Awesome to hear, thanks sir!

RexXxuS, will the counter restart if someone is actively mining a meteorite, or can it disappear whilst you are mining? Also, I was playing on the HWS NA server last night (between 7:30p and 10p U.S. EST) . I am on the starter planet while my faction member is on vacation, will be leaving soon. Anyway, the only resources falling were Iron, Copper, and Cobalt. Shouldn’t others be falling when planetary resources are below 10%? Will this patch address that?

Pretty sure the sudden change from warm to cold, resulting in death makes the playfield very difficult. Will there still be gold?

Ju can still be 78 degrees pretty commonly, I don’t think that constitutes a very difficult planet, the drops at night and during cold/heat waves make it difficult for unprepared peoples sure, but it’s not a very difficult planet at all, there are not even any predators.

Not tested yet how good Devs implemented it but I fear so.

  • So after a restart meteorites will fall after 3 minutes
  • Then all the time after 9 minutes
  • And the one which felt down will be removed after 15 minutes

That is all legacy. Don’t bother. All new now.

I didn’t touch any weather or so. Just the Gold meteorite.

@everyone keep reading please:

I was saying that because of the sudden temperature shifts, that the planet is fairly difficult, especially when you must work outside, and that there aren’t any POI’s to farm for loot to make living there easier.

Thanks. Looking forward to playing this evening.

@RexXxuS thanks for all the awesome work. Glad to be supporting you server :slight_smile:

I’d like Just to be harder. (Even though I already nearly die there with my 1 EVA Boost)! Can you add some grizzly and mean predators? The cold isn’t a huge risk, even if you only have 1 EVA equipped like me… As long as you only go out in the 4 - 4 minute bracket each day.

If you did that, perhaps the gold metiorite could come back for a very occasional visit!?